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The Documentational Approach to Didactics (DAD) aims to study teachers’ professional development through their interactions with their resources for/from teaching. It has been introduced in the French community of didactics of mathematics in 2007 (Gueudet & Trouche 2008, 2009), then extended at an international level (Gueudet, Pepin & Trouche 2012). It has been proposed in 2018 as a new entry for the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education (Trouche, Gueudet & Pepin 2020). This entry has been updated in 2020 (link for accessing this updated version).

The DAD-Multilingual project (2020-2021) aims to gather and confront the translations of this English updated version towards several languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian). The set of these translations constitute a collection in the French HAL Open-Archive.

This project has several goals:

The first goal has been achieved in November 2020. Next step: using this material (translation and associated reflections) for reaching the following goals!

The actors of this project

The project involves three editors, authors of the DAD entry (Luc TroucheGhislaine Gueudet and Birgit Pepin), a scientific committee, and, for each language, (at least) a translator and a reviewer.

The scientific committee is composed of: Jill Adler, Michèle ArtigueNicolas Balacheff, Rongjin Huang, Janine Remillard, and Kenneth Ruthven.

Most of the translators and reviewers have participated in the development of the approach, particularly within the work of the International Re(s)source 2018 conference (Gitirana et al. 2018), and the book issued from this conference (Trouche, Gueudet & Pepin 2019). 

The translators: Hussein Sabra (Arabic), Chongyang Wang (Chinese), Ghislaine GueudetLuc Trouche (French), Birgit Pepin (German), Giorgos Psycharis (Greek), Michal Tabach (Hebrew), Katalin Gosztonyi (Hungarian), Michela Maschietto (Italian), Takeshi Miyakawa (Japanese), Iveta Kohanova and Øistein Gjøvik (Norwegian), Katiane Rocha and Cibelle Assis (Portuguese), Ulises Salinas-Hernández (Spanish), Burcu Nur Basturk (Turkish) and Maryna Rafalska (Ukrainian).

The reviewers: Jehad Alshwaikh (Arabic), Binyan Xu (Chinese), Gilles Aldon (French), Sebastian Rezat (German), Chronis Kynigos (Greek), Tommy Dreyfus (Hebrew), Eszter Varga (Hungarian), Monica Panero (Italian), Yusuke Shinno (Japanese), Svein Arne Sikko (Norwegian), Sonia Igliori (Portuguese), Ana Isabel Sacristan (Spanish), Menekşe Seden Tapan Broutin (Turkish) and Tetyana Pidhorna (Ukrainian).

The structure of this website

This website proposes:


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