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The Signals and Systems Laboratory (L2S), created in 1974, is a joint research unit of CNRS, CentraleSupélec, and Paris-Saclay University (UMR 8506). Research at L2S focuses on fundamental and applied mathematical aspects of control theory, signal and image processing, and information and communication theory.

Interdisciplinary themes related to life and health sciences, future industry, and digital developments in energy occupy an essential place. Researchers are divided into three clusters: control and systems, signal processing and statistics, networks and telecommunications.

 The « Control and Systems" cluster addresses analysis, modeling, and control problems in fields ranging from biology to electrical engineering. Methodological developments include hybrid systems, delay systems, and predictive control, with a particular emphasis on non-linear systems.


- The "Signals and Statistics" cluster is interested in the statistical modeling of information contained in data that can be massive, heterogeneous, temporally, and spatially correlated, as well as in the optimal planning of experiments and the resolution of inverse problems. The work is motivated by issues in various sectors such as health, non-destructive testing, remote sensing, and astrophysics.


- The "Telecomunications and Networks" cluster develops tools for communications, derived from information theory, game theory, stochastic geometry, and information geometry, taking into account the constraints imposed by network protocols. Application areas include wireless networks, vehicle networks, and energy networks.


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