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Bell's inequality violation experiments are becoming increasingly popular in the practical teaching of undergraduate and master's degree students. Bell's parameter S is obtained from 16 polarization correlation measurements performed on entangled photons pairs. We first report here a detailed analysis of the uncertainty u(S) of Bell's parameter taking into account coincidence count statistics and errors in polarizers' orientation. We show using both computational modeling and experimental measurement that the actual sequence of the polarizer settings has an unexpected and strong influence on the error budget. This result may also be relevant to measurements in other settings in which errors in parameters may have non-random effects in the measurement.

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Attosecond Ultrafast nonlinear optics Coherent pulse propagation CHLORINE AZIDE NO2 Gauss sums Coherent Transient Wave packet interferences Spin-orbit precession Transitoires cohérents ClN3 Quantum dots CYCLIC-N-3 Coherent Transients Boîte quantique semiconductrice Excited states sodium Femtosecond pulses Diamond nanotip Pump-probe Number theory Ultraviolet Génération d'harmoniques d'ordre élevé Mise en forme d'impulsion Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy Contrôle spatio-temporel Azoture de chlore Femtochemistry Femtoseconde Factorization Coherent control Factorisation Quantum path interferences Diffractive optical element Expérience pompe-sonde Femtosecond 4230Kq Interférences de chemins quantiques Caractérisation complète Cold Molecules 4225Ja Emission par champ froid Cold molecules ATOMS Expériences pompe-sonde Photoémission Velocity map imaging Impulsions à dérive de fréquence Dynamique moléculaire 7960Jv Rabi oscillations ENERGY AOPDF 4265Ky XUV Molecular dynamics Bell's inequality Attoseconde Femtosecond lasers Cold field emission Characterisation Autocorrelation function Adiabatic rapid passage ALIGNED MOLECULES CHARGE-TRANSFER Femtosecond pulse Extreme ultraviolet Mise en forme d'impulsions Ultrashort lasers Azulene Chlorine azide Femtosecond spectroscopy Couplage spatio-temporel Coherent transients Contrôle cohérent Rubidium atom Chirped pulses Oscillations de Rabi Caractérisation Chirp modulation rotational states quantum theory energy level crossing laser beams dissociation Anharmonicity Atom-photon collisions Champ fort Photoemission 7867Pt 4265Re Pulse shaping Passage adiabatique rapide Half revival Ultrashort pulses Quantum state measurement C2H2 Echantillon multidiffusant Femtosecond laser Caractérisation spatio-temporelle Acétylène Chirped laser pulses Optical Parametric Amplifier Complete characterization CIN3 ELEMENTAL FRACTIONATION


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