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Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Session I: 

08:30–08:45 Welcome remarks

08:45–09:45 Keynote talk by Thomas Moscibroda. System Algorithms in the Cloud and Big Data

09:45–10:05 Benjamin Fish, Jeremy Kun, Ádám D. Lelkes, Lev Reyzin and Gyorgy Turan. On the Computational Complexity of MapReduce

Session II: 

10:30–10:50 Christoph Lenzen and Joel Rybicki. Efficient Counting with Optimal Resilience

10:50–11:10 Seth Gilbert and Calvin Newport. The Computational Power of Beeps

11:10–11:30 Rachid Guerraoui and Alexandre Maurer. Byzantine Fireflies

11:30–11:50 Oksana Denysyuk and Philipp Woelfel. Wait-Freedom is Harder than Lock-Freedom under Strong Linearizability

11:50–12:10 Hagit Attiya, Hyun Chul Chung, Faith Ellen, Saptaparni Kumar and Jennifer Welch. Simulating a Shared Register in an Asynchronous System that Never Stops Changing

Session III: 

13:30–13:50 Yukiko Yamauchi, Taichi Uehara, Shuji Kijima and Masafumi Yamashita. Plane Formation by Synchronous Mobile Robots in the Three Dimensional Euclidean Space

13:50–14:10 Jérémie Chalopin, Emmanuel Godard and Antoine Naudin. Anonymous Graph Exploration with Binoculars

14:10–14:30 Jérémie Chalopin, Shantanu Das, Pawel Gawrychowski, Adrian Kosowski, Arnaud Labourel and Przemysław Uznański. Lock-in Problem for Parallel Rotor-router Walks

14:30–14:50 Hillel Avni, Eliezer Levy and Avi Mendelson. Hardware Transactions in a Nonvolatile Memory

14:50–15:10 Maya Arbel, Guy Golan-Gueta, Eshcar Hillel and Idit Keidar. Towards Automatic Lock Removal for Scalable Synchronization

15:10–15:30 Leander Jehl, Roman Vitenberg and Hein Meling. SmartMerge: A New Approach to Reconfiguration for Atomic Storage

Brief Annoucement Session I:

16:00–16:06 Dominik Kaaser, Frederik Mallmann-Trenn and Emanuele Natale. Brief Announcement: On the Voting Time of the Deterministic Majority Process

16:06–16:12 Sebastian Daum, Fabian Kuhn and Yannic Maus. Brief Announcement: Rumor Spreading with Bounded In-Degree

16:12–16:18  Artur Menc, Dominik Pająk and Przemysław Uznański. Brief Announcement: On the power of one bit: How to explore a graph when you cannot backtrack?

16:18–16:24 Li Ning, Dongxiao Yu, Yong Zhang, Yuexuan Wang, Francis Lau and Shengzhong Feng. Brief Announcement: Uniform Information Exchange in Multi-channel Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

16:24–16:30 Shlomi Dolev, Chryssis Georgiou, Ioannis Marcoullis and Elad Schiller. Brief Announcement: Self-Stabilizing Virtual Synchrony

16:30–16:36 Anna Dornhaus, Nancy Lynch, Tsvetomira Radeva and Hsin-Hao Su. Brief Announcement: Distributed Task Allocation in Ant Colonies

Session IV:

16:36–16:56 Dan Alistarh, Justin Kopinsky, Petr Kuznetsov, Srivatsan Ravi and Nir Shavit. Inherent Limitations of Hybrid Transactional Memory

16:56–17:16 Joel Gibson and Vincent Gramoli. Why Non-Blocking Operations Could Be Selfish

17:16–17:36 Wenjia Ruan and Michael Spear. Hybrid Transactional Memory Revisited

17:36–17:56 Petr Kuznetsov and Srivatsan Ravi. Grasping the Gap between Blocking and Non-Blocking Transactional Memories

18:00–18:45 Business Meeting


Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Session V:  

08:30–08:50 Colin Cooper, Tomasz Radzik, Robert Elsässer, Takeharu Shiraga and Nicolás Rivera. Fast consensus for voting on general expander graphs

08:50–09:10 Jochen Seidel, Jara Uitto and Roger Wattenhofer. Randomness vs. Time in Anonymous Networks

09:10–09:30 John Augustine, Gopal Pandurangan and Peter Robinson. Fast Byzantine Leader Election in Dynamic Networks

09:30–09:50 Yuezhou Lv and Thomas Moscibroda. Local Information in Influence Networks (Best Student Paper Award

09:50–10:00 Spotlight session – Flash introduction of posters

10:00–11:00 Poster & coffee session

Session VI: 

11:00–11:20 Keren Censor-Hillel, Erez Kantor, Nancy Lynch and Merav Parter. Computing in Additive Networks with Bounded-Information Codes

11:20–11:40 Sebastian Daum and Fabian Kuhn. Tight Bounds for MIS in Multichannel Radio Networks

11:40–12:00 Erez Kantor, Zvi Lotker, Merav Parter and David Peleg. Nonuniform SINR+Voroni Diagrams are Effectively Uniform

Session VII: 

13:15–13:35 Kfir Lev-Ari, Gregory Chockler and Idit Keidar. A Constructive Approach for Proving Data Structures’ Linearizability

13:35–13:55 Nir Hemed, Noam Rinetzky and Viktor Vafeiadis. Modular Verification of Concurrency-Aware Linearizability

13:55–14:15 Andrea Cerone, Alexey Gotsman and Hongseok Yang. Transaction Chopping for Parallel Snapshot Isolation

14:15–14:35 Yehuda Afek, Alexander Matveev, Oscar R Moll and Nir Shavit. Amalgamated Lock-Elision

14:35–14:55 Ahmed Hassan, Roberto Palmieri and Binoy Ravindran. Transactional Interference-less Balanced Tree

14:55–15:15 Aras Atalar, Paul Renaud-Goud and Philippas Tsigas. Analyzing the Performance of Lock-Free Data Structures: A Conflict-based Model

15:30–19:00 Excursion 

19:00–22:00 Banquet

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Session VIII: 

08:30–09:30 Keynote talk by Michael Ben-Or (Hebrew University) Quantum Distributed Computing

09:30–09:50 Rati Gelashvili. On the Optimal Space Complexity of Consensus for Anonymous Processes (Best paper award)

Brief Announcements session II:

10:15–10:21 Vincent Gramoli, Petr Kuznetsov, Srivatsan Ravi and Shang Di. Brief Announcement: A Concurrency-Optimal List-Based Set

10:21–10:27 Alex Kogan and Yossi Lev. Brief Announcement: HTM-Assisted Combining

10:27–10:33 Pedro Ramalhete and Andreia Correia. Brief Announcement: Left-Right: A Concurrency Control Technique with Wait-Free Population Oblivious Reads

10:33–10:39 Leqi Zhu. Brief Announcement: Tight Space Bounds for Memoryless Anonymous Consensus

10:39–10:45 Claire Capdevielle, Colette Johnen, Petr Kuznetsov and Alessia Milani. Brief Announcement: On the Uncontended Complexity of Anonymous Consensus

10:45–10:51 Bouzid Zohir, Michel Raynal and Sutra Pierre. Brief Announcement: Anonymous Obstruction-free (n,k)-Set Agreement with n-k+1 Atomic Read/Write Registers

10:51–10:57 Trevor Brown. Brief Announcement: Faster Data Structures in Transactional Memory using Three Paths

10:57–11:03 Gregory Chockler, Dan Dobre, Alexander Shraer and Alexander Spiegelman. Brief Announcement: Space Bounds for Reliable Multi-Writer Data Store: Inherent Cost of Read/Write Primitives 

Session IX: 

11:05–11:25 Yael Tauman Kalai and Ilan Komargodski. Compressing Communication in Distributed Protocols 

11:25–11:45 George Giakkoupis, Rachid Guerraoui, Arnaud Jégou, Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Nupur Mittal. Privacy-Conscious Information Diffusion in Social Networks 

11:45–12:05 Juan A. Garay, Björn Tackmann and Vassilis Zikas. Fair Distributed Computation of Reactive Functions

Session X: 

13:20–13:40 Michael Dinitz, Jeremy Fineman, Seth Gilbert and Calvin Newport. Smoothed Analysis of Dynamic Networks

13:40–14:00 Keerti Choudhary, Surender Baswana and Liam Roditty. Fault Tolerant Reachability for Directed Graphs

14:00–14:20 Laurent Feuilloley, Juho Hirvonen and Jukka Suomela. Locally Optimal Load Balancing

14:20–14:40 Magnus M. Halldorsson and Christian Konrad. Distributed Large Independent Sets in One Round On Bounded Independence Graphs

14:40–15:00 Armando Castañeda, Sergio Rajsbaum and Michel Raynal. Specifying Concurrent Problems: Beyond Linearizability

15:00–15:20 Eric Goubault, Samuel Mimram and Christine Tasson. From Geometric Semantics to Asynchronous Computability

Session XI: 

15:45–16:05 David Doty and David Soloveichik. Stable leader election in population protocols requires linear time

16:05–16:25 Joffroy Beauquier, Janna Burman, Simon Clavière and Devan Sohier. Space-Optimal Counting in Population Protocols 

16:25–16:45 Eli Gafni and Dahlia Malkhi. Elastic Configuration Maintenance via a Parsimonious Speculating Snapshot Solution