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Social Companion Robots to Reduce Isolation: A Perception Change Due to COVID-19

Moojan Ghafurian , Colin Ellard , Kerstin Dautenhahn
18th IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT), Aug 2021, Bari, Italy. pp.43-63, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-85616-8_4⟩
Conference papers hal-04196848v1
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Elliptic Curve Point Scalar Multiplication Combining Yao's Algorithm and Double Bases

Nicolas Méloni , M. A. Hasan
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2009- 11th international workshop, Sep 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland. pp.304--316, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-04138-9_22⟩
Conference papers hal-01279431v1
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Low Space Complexity Multiplication over Binary Fields with Dickson Polynomial Representation

Anwar Hasan , Christophe Negre
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2011, 60 (4), pp.602-607. ⟨10.1109/TC.2010.132⟩
Journal articles hal-00813621v1
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Energy and Throughput Optimization of Wireless Mesh Networks with Continuous Power Control

Anis Ouni , Hervé Rivano , Fabrice Valois , Catherine Rosenberg
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2015, 14 (2), pp.1131-1142. ⟨10.1109/TWC.2014.2364815⟩
Journal articles hal-01085013v1
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The Brewing Storm in Cloud Gaming: A Measurement Study on Cloud to End-User Latency

Sharon Choy , Bernard Wong , Gwendal Simon , Catherine Rosenberg
NetGames 2012: The 11th ACM Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games, Nov 2012, Venise, Italy. ⟨10.1109/NetGames.2012.6404024⟩
Conference papers hal-00786278v1
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Mobility Prediction Based Neighborhood Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Xu Li , Nathalie Mitton , David Simplot-Ryl
10th IFIP Networking Conference (NETWORKING), May 2011, Valencia, Spain. pp.241-253, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-20757-0_19⟩
Conference papers inria-00598976v1

Rigorous Performance Evaluation of Self-Stabilization Using Probabilistic Model Checking

Narges Fallahi , Borzoo Bonakdarpour , Sébastien Tixeuil
International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, Sep 2013, Braga, Portugal. pp.153-162, ⟨10.1109/SRDS.2013.24⟩
Conference papers hal-00930109v1

EPPA: An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Aggregation Scheme for Secure Smart Grid Communications

Rongxing Lu , Xiaohui Liang , Xu Li , Xiaodong Lin , Xuemin Shen
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2012, 23 (9), pp.1621--1631. ⟨10.1109/TPDS.2012.86⟩
Journal articles hal-00669350v1

Side-Channel Attack against Classic McEliece when loading the Goppa Polynomial.

Boly Seck , Pierre-Louis Cayrel , Vlad-Florin Dragoi , Idy Diop , Morgan Barbier , et al.
Africacrypt, Jul 2023, Sousse (Tunisie), France
Conference papers hal-04138792v1

A LSTM Approach to Detection of Autonomous Vehicle Hijacking

Naman Singh Negi , Naman Negi , Ons Jelassi , Stéphan Clémençon , Sebastian Fischmeister
5th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (VEHITS 2019), May 2019, Heraklion, Greece. pp.475-482, ⟨10.5220/0007726004750482⟩
Conference papers hal-02461824v1
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On the Use of Wide Channels in WiFi Networks

Saber Malekmohammadi , Catherine Rosenberg , Razvan Stanica
LCN 2019 - 44th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, Oct 2019, Osnabruck, Germany. pp.1-4
Conference papers hal-02336041v1
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The Joule heating problem in silver nanowire transparent electrodes

H. H. Khaligh , L. Xu , Alireza Khosropour , Alexandra Madeira , M. Romano , et al.
Nanotechnology, 2017, 28 (42), pp.425703. ⟨10.1088/1361-6528/aa7f34⟩
Journal articles hal-01630585v1
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Montgomery reduction within the context of residue number system arithmetic

Jean-Claude Bajard , Julien Eynard , Nabil Merkiche
Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, 2018, 8 (3), pp.189-200. ⟨10.1007/s13389-017-0154-9⟩
Journal articles hal-01494547v1

Panchromatic photoinitiators for radical, cationic and thiol-ene polymerization reactions: a search in the diketopyrrolopyrrole or indigo dye series

Jing Zhang , Nicolas Zivic , Frederic Dumur , Chang Guo , Yuning Li , et al.
Materials Today Communications, 2015, 4, pp.101-108. ⟨10.1016/j.mtcomm.2015.06.007⟩
Journal articles hal-01406528v1
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An Improved Multi-Level Framework for Force-Directed Placement

Kristofer Vorwerk , Andrew Kennings
DATE'05, Mar 2005, Munich, Germany. pp.902-907
Conference papers hal-00181233v1

DCFR: A Novel Double Cost Function based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Anfeng Liu , Ju Ren , Xu Li , Zhigang Chen , Xuemin Shen
ICC 2012 - IEEE International Conference on Communications, Jun 2012, Ottawa, Canada. pp.323-327, ⟨10.1109/ICC.2012.6364228⟩
Conference papers hal-00669492v1

SEER: A Secure and Efficient Service Review System for Service-oriented Mobile Social Networks

Xiaohui Liang , Xu Li , Rongxing Lu , Xiaodong Lin , Xuemin Shen
The 32nd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), Jun 2012, Macau, China
Conference papers hal-00667647v1
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Towards a Generic Infrastructure for Framework-Specific Integrated Development Environment Extensions

Herman Lee , Michal Antkiewicz , Krzysztof Czarnecki
Domain-Specific Program Development, 2008, Nashville, United States. pp.6
Conference papers hal-00350266v1

Improved Area-Time Trade-offs for Field Multiplication using Optimal Normal Bases

Jithra Adikari , Ayad Barsoum , Anwar Hasan , Ashkan Hosseinzadeh Namin , Christophe Negre
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2013, 62 (1), pp.193-199. ⟨10.1109/TC.2011.198⟩
Journal articles hal-00813784v1

A framework for automated distributed implementation of component-based models

Borzoo Bonakdarpour , Marius Bozga , Mohamad Jaber , Jean Quilbeuf , Joseph Sifakis
Distributed Computing, 2012, 25 (5), pp.383-409. ⟨10.1007/s00446-012-0168-6⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00877995v1

Guiding the Selection of Processing Additives for Increasing the Efficiency of Bulk Heterojunction Polymeric Solar Cells

Uyxing Vongsaysy , Bertrand Pavageau , Guillaume Wantz , Dario M. Bassani , Laurent Servant , et al.
Advanced Energy Materials, 2013, pp.10.1002/aenm.201300752. ⟨10.1002/aenm.201300752⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00987519v1

PReFilter: A Privacy-preserving Relay Filtering Scheme for Delay Tolerant Networks

Rongxing Lu , Xiaodong Lin , Tom Luan , Xiaohui Liang , Xu Li , et al.
The 31st IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Mar 2012, Orlando, United States
Conference papers hal-00664315v1

Improved Three-Way Split Formulas for Binary Polynomial and Toeplitz Matrix Vector Products

Murat Cenk , Christophe Negre , Anwar Hasan
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2013, 62 (7), pp.1345-1361. ⟨10.1109/TC.2012.96⟩
Journal articles hal-00839945v1

Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Second Research Roadmap

Rogério de Lemos , Holger Giese , Hausi A. Muller , Mary Shaw , Jesper Andersson , et al.
De Lemos, Rogério and Giese, Holger and Müller, Hausi and Shaw, Mary. Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems, 7475, Springer, pp.1-26, 2013, Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, 978-3-642-35812-8. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-35813-5_1⟩
Book sections inria-00638157v1
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On Statistical Timing Analysis with Inter- and Intra-Die Variations

Hratch Mangassarian , Mohab Anis
DATE'05, Mar 2005, Munich, Germany. pp.132-137
Conference papers hal-00181506v1

Improved Three-Way Split Formulas for Binary Polynomial Multiplication

Murat Cenk , Christophe Negre , Anwar Hasan
SAC: Selected Areas in Cryptography, Aug 2011, Toronto, Canada. pp.384-398, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-28496-0_23⟩
Conference papers hal-00813666v1

User-centric discretized delivery of rate-adaptive live streams in underprovisioned CDN networks

Jiayi Liu , Catherine Rosenberg , Gwendal Simon , Géraldine Texier
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2014, 32 (4), pp.706 - 718. ⟨10.1109/JSAC.2014.140404⟩
Journal articles hal-01056859v1

Experience and Perspectives in QBF-Based Formal Verification

Marco Benedetti , Hratch Mangassarian
Journal on Satisfiability, Boolean Modeling and Computation (JSAT), 2008, 5, pp.133-191
Journal articles hal-00466766v1
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Light Induced Metastability in Thin Nanocrystalline Silicon Films

Marius Bauza , N P Mandal , Arman Ahnood , Andrei Sazonov , Arokia Nathan
Philosophical Magazine, 2009, 89 (28-30), pp.2531-2539. ⟨10.1080/14786430902933845⟩
Journal articles hal-00519086v1
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A Fast Algorithm for Multi-Machine Scheduling Problems with Jobs of Equal Processing Times

Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz , Claude-Guy Quimper
Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS2011), Mar 2011, Dortmund, Germany. pp.380-391
Conference papers hal-00573624v1