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Utility Function for Semantic Video Content Adaptation

Vanessa El Khoury , Nadia Bennani , David Coquil
Masters and Doctoral Colloquium(MDC) in conjunction with IIWAS2010, Nov 2010, Paris, France. pp.921-924, ⟨10.1145/1967486.1967649⟩
Conference papers hal-01381557v1

Contact-Based Adaptive Granularity for Scalable Video Transmission in Opportunistic Networks

Merza Klaghstan , Nadia Bennani , David Coquil , Harald Kosch , Lionel Brunie et al.
IWCMC(10th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference), Aug 2014, Nicosi- Cyprus, Cyprus. pp.773-778, ⟨10.1109/IWCMC.2014.6906454⟩
Conference papers hal-01271730v1
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Efficient Worker Selection Through History-based Learning in Crowdsourcing

Tarek Awwad , Nadia Bennani , Konstantin Ziegler , Veronika Rehn Sonigo , Lionel Brunie et al.
Computer Software and Applications Conference COMPSAC, IEEE, Jul 2017, Turin, Italy. pp.923-928, ⟨10.1109/COMPSAC.2017.275⟩
Conference papers hal-01567896v1

Performance Evaluation for CReaM: User-Centric Replication Model

Zeina Torbey , Nadia Bennani , David Coquil , Lionel Brunie
11éme Conference Internationale sur les Nouvelles Technologies de la Repartition, May 2011, Paris, France. pp.1-8, ⟨10.1109/NOTERE.2011.5957994⟩
Conference papers hal-01354404v1
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Personalization vs. Privacy in Big Data Analysis

Benjamin Habegger , Omar Hasan , Lionel Brunie , Nadia Bennani , Harald Kosch et al.
International Journal of Big Data, 2014, pp.25-35
Journal articles hal-01270826v1

A User-Profile-Oriented Mediation Architecture for Very Large DataBases in Dynamic Inter-Grid Context

Nadia Bennani , Julien Gossa , Ny Haingo Andrianarisoa
Second International Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing (3PGIC-2008), Mar 2008, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, Spain. pp.375-380, ⟨10.1109/CISIS.2008.79⟩
Conference papers hal-01531281v1

User Centric Replication Approach to Maintain Data Availability in MANET

Zeina Torbey , Nadia Bennani , David Coquil , Lionel Brunie
4th International Conference on MOBILe Wireless MiddleWARE, Operating Systems, and Applications, Jun 2011, London, United Kingdom. pp.195-208, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-30607-5_18⟩
Conference papers hal-01354435v1

G-Profile: a Multi-application Personalization System

Marco Viviani , Nadia Bennani , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond
Atelier ERATSI(Evolution, Réutilisation, Adaptation et Traçabilité des Systèmes d'Information),en conjonction avec la conférence INFORSID, May 2010, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-01381489v1
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Intelligent integration of heterogeneous data for answering analytics queries in multi-cloud environments

Genoveva Vargas-Solar , Chirine Ghedira-Guegan , Nadia Bennani
6th International workshop on Data Analytics solutions for Real-LIfe APplications (DARLI-AP), EDBT/ICDT, U. Edimburgh, Mar 2022, Edimburgh, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-03680832v1
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SLA-Guided Data Integration on Cloud Environments

Nadia Bennani , Chirine Ghedira-Guegan , Martin A. Musicante , Genoveva Vargas-Solar
CLOUD, Jun 2014, Alaska, United States. pp.934-935, ⟨10.1109/CLOUD.2014.130⟩
Conference papers hal-01006238v1

Privacy in Big Data

Benjamin Habegger , Omar Hasan , Cerqueus Thomas , Lionel Brunie , Nadia Bennani et al.
Big Data: Storage, Sharing, and Security , Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2016, Privacy in Big Data. Benjamin Habegger, Omar Hasan, Thomas Cerqueus, Lionel Brunie, Nadia Bennani, Harald Kosch, and Ernesto Damiani. Big Data: Storage, Sharing, and Security. Taylor & Francis, CRC Press. May 2016. [PDF]
Book sections hal-01535812v1

Adnosco: trace user data for the user

Nadia Bennani , Fabien Duchateau , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond , Philippe Lamarre
inforsid : XXXIIème congrès INformatique des ORganisations et Systèmes d'Information de Décision, May 2014, lYON, France. pp.147-163
Conference papers hal-01271921v1

Distributed Key Management in Dynamic Outsourced Databases : a Trie-Based Approach

Vanessa El Khoury , Nadia Bennani , Aris M Ouksel
1st International Conference on Advances in Databases, Knowledge, and Data Applications (DBKDA09), Mar 2009, Cancun, Mexico. pp.56-61, ⟨10.1109/DBKDA.2009.31⟩
Conference papers hal-01437617v1

G-Profile: A Hybrid Solution for Extended Identity Management in the Field of Personalized Service Provision

Marco Viviani , Nadia Bennani , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond
Information Resources Management Journal, 2012, 3, 25, pp.61-77. ⟨10.4018/irmj.2012070103⟩
Journal articles hal-01352992v1

CReaM: User-Centric Replication Model for Mobile Environments

Zeina Torbey , Nadia Bennani , David Coquil , Lionel Brunie
International Workshop on "Mobile P2P Data Management, Security and Trust (M-PDMST 2010)" in conjuction with the 11th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2010), May 2010, Kansas City, United States. pp.348-353, ⟨10.1109/MDM.2010.50⟩
Conference papers hal-01381455v1

A Survey on User Modeling in Multi-Application Environments

Marco Viviani , Nadia Bennani , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond
The Third International Conference on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services CENTRIC'10, Aug 2010, Nice, France. pp.111-116, ⟨10.1109/CENTRIC.2010.30⟩
Conference papers hal-01381484v1
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Towards a Distributed Inference Detection System in a Multi-Database Context

Sad Rafik , Paul Lachat , Nadia Bennani , Veronika Rehn-Sonigo
14th IEEE International Workshop on Security Aspects in Processes and Services Engineering (SAPSE 2022), Jun 2022, Torino, Italy. pp.1550-1554, ⟨10.1109/COMPSAC54236.2022.00246⟩
Conference papers hal-03784599v1

Multi-application Personalization: Data Propagation Evaluation on a Real-life Search Query Log

Marco Viviani , Nadia Bennani , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond , Lyes Limam , David Coquil et al.
6th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems Technologies-Complex Environment Engineering, Jun 2012, Campione, Italy. pp.1-6, ⟨10.1109/DEST.2012.6227917⟩
Conference papers hal-01352989v1
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Adnosco : gérez les données que vous diffusez !

Nadia Bennani , Emmanuel Gaude , Előd Egyed-Zsigmond , Philippe Lamarre
Catherine Faron-Zucker. IC - 25èmes Journées francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances, May 2014, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Journées francophones d Ingénierie des Connaissances, pp.287-290, 2014
Poster communications hal-01016020v1

A Discussion of Privacy Challenges in User Profiling with Big Data Techniques: The EEXCESS Use Case

Omar Hasan , Benjamin Habegger , Lionel Brunie , Nadia Bennani , Ernesto Damiani et al.
IEEE 2nd International Congress on Big Data, Jun 2013, Santa Clara, CA, United States. pp.25-30, ⟨10.1109/BigData.Congress.2013.13⟩
Conference papers hal-01339203v1

Worker Selection Impact On Aggregation Techniques In Crowdsourcing: An Experimental Study

Tarek Awwad , Nadia Bennani , Veronika Rehn Sonigo , Harald Kosch , Lionel Brunie et al.
[Research Report] INSA LYON; LIRIS UMR 5205. 2021
Reports hal-03240676v1
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Apprivoiser l'hétérogénéité en informatique 1ère année

Nadia Bennani , Sylvie Cazalens , Vincent Cheutet , Claire Leschi , Odyssée Merveille et al.
COLLOQINSA 2021 - 7e Colloque pédagogie et formation, May 2021, Valenciennes, France. pp.1-6
Conference papers hal-03230531v1

Self organizing inter-grids virtual organization

Sabrina Zefouni , Nadia Bennani , Julien Gossa
Atelier GEDSIP- En conjonction avec la conférence INFORSID09, May 2009, Toulouse, France. pp.53-62
Conference papers hal-01437711v1

Multi-application Personalization using G-Profile

Marco Viviani , Nadia Bennani , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond
IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems, 2011, 2, 6
Journal articles hal-01354431v1

Adnosco : gérez les données que vous diffusez ! (démonstration)

Nadia Bennani , Emmanuel Gaude , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond , Philippe Lamarre
IC : Journées Francophones d'Ingenierie des Connaissances, May 2014, Clermont-Ferrand, France. pp.287-290
Conference papers hal-01271914v1

BALCON: BAckward Loss Concealment Mechanism for Scalable Video Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks

Nadia Bennani , Lionel Brunie , Harald Kosch , David Coquil , Merza Klaghstan et al.
IEEE International Symposium on Personal and Indoor Mobile Radio Conference, Sep 2016, Valencia, Spain. pp.1-7
Conference papers hal-01331265v1

Toward cloud-based key management for outsourced databases

Nadia Bennani , Ernesto Damiani , Stelvio Cimato
The 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Security Aspects of Process and Services Engineering in conjunction with COMPSAC2010, Jul 2010, Séoul, South Korea. pp.232-236, ⟨10.1109/COMPSACW.2010.47⟩
Conference papers hal-01381474v1

Personalized vIdeo Adaptation Framework (PIAF): High-Level Semantics Adaptation

Vanessa El Khoury , David Coquil , Nadia Bennani , Lionel Brunie
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2012, pp.1-42. ⟨10.1007/s11042-012-1225-7⟩
Journal articles hal-01353062v1

CoFFee: Cooperative and InFrastructure-Free Peer-To-Peer System for VANET

Talar Atechian , Zeina Torbey , Nadia Bennani , Lionel Brunie
9th International Conference on ITS Telecommunication, Oct 2009, Lille, France. pp.510-515, ⟨10.1109/ITST.2009.5399300⟩
Conference papers hal-01437759v1

Multi-application Profile Updates Propagation: a Semantic Layer to improve Mapping between Applications

Nadia Bennani , Max Chevalier , Elod Egyed-Zsigmond , Gilles Hubert , Marco Viviani et al.
International Workshop on Interoperability of User Profiles in Multi-Application Web Environments in conjunction with the WWW2012, Apr 2012, Lyon, France. pp.949-958, ⟨10.1145/2187980.2188228⟩
Conference papers hal-01352979v1