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Functional connectivity changes differ in early and late-onset alzheimer's disease

Natalina Gour , Olivier Felician , Mira Didic , Lejla Koric , Claude Gueriot et al.
Human Brain Mapping, 2014, 35 (7), pp.2978-2994. ⟨10.1002/hbm.22379⟩
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Alien Hand, Restless Brain: Salience Network and Interhemispheric Connectivity Disruption Parallel Emergence and Extinction of Diagonistic Dyspraxia

Ben Ridley , Marion Beltramone , Jonathan Wirsich , Arnaud Le Troter , Eve Tramoni et al.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2016, 10, pp.307. ⟨10.3389/fnhum.2016.00307⟩
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Tract-specific and age-related variations of the spinal cord microstructure: a multi-parametric MRI study using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and inhomogeneous magnetization transfer (ihMT)

Manuel Taso , Olivier M. Girard , Guillaume Duhamel , Arnaud Le Troter , Thorsten Feiweier et al.
NMR in Biomedicine, 2016, 29 (6), pp.817--832. ⟨10.1002/nbm.3530⟩
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Improvement of spasticity following intermittent theta burst stimulation in multiple sclerosis is associated with modulation of resting-state functional connectivity of the primary motor cortices

Clémence Boutière , Caroline Rey , W Zaaraoui , Arnaud Le Troter , Audrey Rico et al.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 2017, 23 (6), pp.855-863. ⟨10.1177/1352458516661640⟩
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High-resolution multi-parametric quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of the human cervical spinal cord at 7T

Aurélien Massire , Manuel Taso , Pierre Besson , Maxime Guye , Jean-Philippe Ranjeva et al.
NeuroImage, 2016, 143, pp.58--69. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.08.055⟩
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Imaging haemodynamic changes related to seizures: comparison of EEG-based general linear model, independent component analysis of fMRI and intracranial EEG

R. C. Thornton , R. Rodionov , H. Laufs , S. Vulliemoz , A. Vaudano et al.
NeuroImage, 2010, 53 (1), pp.196-205. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.05.064⟩
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Assessment of proximal femur microarchitecture using ultra-high field MRI at 7 Tesla

D. Guenoun , Martine Pithioux , J.-C. Souplet , S. Guis , T. Le Corroller et al.
Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging, 2020, 101 (1), pp.45-53. ⟨10.1016/j.diii.2019.06.013⟩
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Multicenter Validation of a Deep Learning Detection Algorithm for Focal Cortical Dysplasia

Ravnoor Singh Gill , Hyo-Min Lee , Benoit Caldairou , Seok-Jun Hong , Carmen Barba et al.
Neurology, 2021, 97 (16), pp.e1571-e1582. ⟨10.1212/WNL.0000000000012698⟩
Journal articles hal-03501247v1

Connectivity strength, time lag structure and the epilepsy network in resting-state fMRI

S. Kathleen Bandt , Pierre Besson , Ben Ridley , Francesca Pizzo , Romain Carron et al.
Neuroimage-Clinical, 2019, 24, pp.102035. ⟨10.1016/j.nicl.2019.102035⟩
Journal articles hal-03499622v1

Intramuscular variability and sex difference in diffusion properties and 3D architecture of human lower leg muscles assessed with ultra-high-field diffusion tensor imaging and tractography

Alexandre Fouré , Augustin C. Ogier , Arnaud Le Troter , Christophe A Vilmen , Thorsten Feiweier et al.
International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), Jun 2018, Paris, France
Poster communications hal-02000548v1

Tuning Blipped CAIPIRINHA for simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) balanced SSFP cardiac imaging

Zakarya Bentatou , Stanislas Rapacchi , Thomas Troalen , Maxime Guye , Monique Bernard et al.
Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 27, May 2019, Montreal, Canada. pp.2016
Conference papers hal-02344543v1

Semiautomatic detection of myocardial contours in order to investigate normal values of the left ventricular trabeculated mass using MRI

Stéphanie Bricq , Julien Frandon , Monique Bernard , Maxime Guye , Laetitia Marcadet et al.
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2016, 43 (6), pp.1398-1406. ⟨10.1002/jmri.25113⟩
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Quantitative Brain Sodium MRI Depicts Corticospinal Impairment in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Aude-Marie Grapperon , Ben Ridley , Annie Verschueren , Adil Maarouf , Sylviane Confort-Gouny et al.
Radiology, 2019, 292 (2), pp.422-428. ⟨10.1148/radiol.2019182276⟩
Journal articles hal-02305965v1

Fat fraction distribution in lower limb muscles of patients with CMT1A : A quantitative MRI study

Joachim Bas , Augustin C. Ogier , Arnaud Le Troter , Emilien Delmont , Benjamin Leporq et al.
Neurology, 2020
Journal articles hal-03741483v1
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On the influence of prior information evaluated by fully Bayesian criteria in a personalized whole-brain model of epilepsy spread

Meysam Hashemi , Anirudh N Vattikonda , Viktor Sip , Sandra Diaz-Pier , Alexander Peyser et al.
PLoS Computational Biology, 2021, 17 (7), pp.e1009129. ⟨10.1371/journal.pcbi.1009129⟩
Journal articles hal-03310886v1
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Automatic segmentation of deep grey nuclei using a high‐resolution 7T magnetic resonance imaging atlas—Quantification of T1 values in healthy volunteers

Gilles Brun , Benoit Testud , Olivier M Girard , Pierre Lehmann , Ludovic de Rochefort et al.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 2022, ⟨10.1111/ejn.15575⟩
Journal articles hal-03516689v1
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A Motion Correction Strategy for Multi-Contrast based 3D parametric imaging: Application to Inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer (ihMT)

Lucas Soustelle , Julien Lamy , Arnaud Le Troter , Andreea Hertanu , Maxime Guye et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-03429549v1
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Dynamic 23Na MRI - A non-invasive window on neuroglial-vascular mechanisms underlying brain function

Mark Bydder , W Zaaraoui , Ben Ridley , Manon Soubrier , Marie Bertinetti et al.
NeuroImage, 2019, 184, pp.771-780. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2018.09.071⟩
Journal articles hal-02059518v1
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Localization and quantification of intramuscular damage using statistical parametric mapping and skeletal muscle parcellation

Alexandre Fouré , Arnaud Le Troter , Maxime Guye , Jean-Pierre Mattei , David Bendahan et al.
Scientific Reports, 2015, 5 (1), pp.18580. ⟨10.1038/srep18580⟩
Journal articles hal-01414356v1

Individual brain structure and modelling predict seizure propagation

Timothée Proix , Fabrice Bartolomei , Maxime Guye , Viktor Jirsa
Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 2017, 140 (3), pp.641--654. ⟨10.1093/brain/awx004⟩
Journal articles hal-01657966v1

Anatomic consistencies across epilepsies: a stereotactic-EEG informed high-resolution structural connectivity study

Pierre Besson , Sarah Kathleen Bandt , Timothée Proix , Stanislas Lagarde , Viktor Jirsa et al.
Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 2017, 140 (10), pp.2639--2652. ⟨10.1093/brain/awx181⟩
Journal articles hal-01657937v1

Metabolic counterparts of sodium accumulation in multiple sclerosis: A whole brain (23)Na-MRI and fast (1)H-MRSI study

Maxime Donadieu , Yann Le Fur , Adil Maarouf , Soraya Gherib , Ben Ridley et al.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 2017, pp.1352458517736146. ⟨10.1177/1352458517736146⟩
Journal articles hal-01657948v1

Altered Relationship Between Heart Rate Variability and fMRI-Based Functional Connectivity in People With Epilepsy

Michalis Kassinopoulos , Ronald Harper , Maxime Guye , Louis Lemieux , Beate Diehl et al.
Frontiers in Neurology, 2021, 12, ⟨10.3389/fneur.2021.671890⟩
Journal articles hal-03501141v1

Entorhinal cortex involvement in human mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: an electrophysiologic and volumetric study

Fabrice Bartolomei , M. Khalil , F. Wendling , A. Sontheimer , J. Regis et al.
Epilepsia, 2005, 46 (5), pp.677-687. ⟨10.1111/j.1528-1167.2005.43804.x⟩
Journal articles hal-00092630v1
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Simultaneous Intracranial EEG-fMRI Shows Inter-Modality Correlation in Time-Resolved Connectivity Within Normal Areas but Not Within Epileptic Regions

Ben Ridley , Jonathan Wirsich , Gaelle Bettus , Roman Rodionov , Teresa Murta et al.
Brain Topography: a Journal of Cerebral Function and Dynamics, 2017, 30 (5), pp.639-655. ⟨10.1007/s10548-017-0551-5⟩
Journal articles hal-01617575v1
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New brain lesions with no impact on physical disability can impact cognition in early multiple sclerosis: A ten-year longitudinal study

D. Wybrecht , F. Reuter , F. Pariollaud , W Zaaraoui , A. Le Troter et al.
PLoS ONE, 2017, 12 (11), pp.e0184650. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0184650⟩
Journal articles hal-01657953v1

Assessment of neuronal dysfunction in benign multiple sclerosis: a sodium MRI study

Adil Maarouf , Soraya Gherib , Patrick Viout , Maxime Guye , Bertrand Audoin et al.
Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 25, 2017, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.2532
Conference papers hal-01784679v1

Volume measurements of individual muscles in human quadriceps femoris using atlas-based segmentation approaches

Arnaud Le Troter , Alexandre Foure , Maxime Guye , Sylviane Confort-Gouny , Jean-Pierre Mattei et al.
Magma (New York, N.Y.), 2016, 29 (2), pp.245--257. ⟨10.1007/s10334-016-0535-6⟩
Journal articles hal-01425522v1

[Isolated autobiographical amnesia: A neurological basis?]

Olivier Felician , E. Tramoni , E. Barbeau , Fabrice Bartolomei , Maxime Guye et al.
Revue Neurologique, 2009, 165 (5), pp.449-59. ⟨10.1016/j.neurol.2008.11.013⟩
Journal articles hal-00402068v1

Basal functional connectivity within the anterior temporal network is associated with performance on declarative memory tasks.

Natalina Gour , Jean-Philippe Ranjeva , Mathieu Ceccaldi , Sylviane Confort-Gouny , Emmanuel Barbeau et al.
NeuroImage, 2011, 58 (2), pp.687-97. ⟨10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.05.090⟩
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