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Estimating Visual Comfort in Stereoscopic Displays Using Electroencephalography: A Proof-of-Concept

Jérémy Frey , Aurélien Appriou , Fabien Lotte , Martin Hachet
15th Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT), Sep 2015, Bamberg, Germany. pp.354-362, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-22723-8_28⟩
Conference papers hal-01157890v1

Quand la réalité virtuelle rencontre les surfaces tactiles

Martin Hachet
Other publications hal-00804154v1

Interaction in Large-Display VR Environments

Martin Hachet , Jean-Baptiste de La Rivière , Pascal Guitton
Proceedings of Virtual Concept, 2003, France. pp.électronique
Conference papers hal-00308242v1

The Interaction Table: a New Input Device Designed for Interaction in Immersive Large Display Environments

Martin Hachet , Pascal Guitton
Proc. of Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments, Barcelone, May 2002, Spain. pp.189--196
Conference papers hal-00308243v1

Jump and Refine for Rapid Pointing on Mobile Phones

Martin Hachet , Joachim Pouderoux , F. Tyndiuk , Pascal Guitton
CHI 2007 Notes Conference Proceedings, 2007, United States. pp.167--170
Conference papers hal-00308245v1

Using Virtual Reality for New Clowns

Martin Hachet , Pascal Guitton
Proceedings of International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, 2003, France. pp.211--219
Conference papers hal-00308247v1

A Collaborative Interface for IllusionHole using a Control-Ring and Mice

Martin Hachet , R. Watanabe , Y. Kitamura
Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) -Technote-, + One page (Japanese) in Proc. of the 2006 IEICE General Conference, 2006, Japan. pp.66-68
Conference papers hal-00308250v1

The {CAT} for efficient {2D} and {3D} interaction as an alternative to mouse adaptations

Martin Hachet , Pascal Guitton , Patrick Reuter , F. Tyndiuk
Proceedings of ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST'03), 2003, Japan. pp.205-212
Conference papers hal-00308253v1
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Interactive Generation and Modification of Cutaway Illustrations for Polygonal Models

Sebastian Knödel , Martin Hachet , Pascal Guitton
Preprints, Working Papers, ... inria-00392710v1

Art et Informatique : fertilisation croisée

Martin Hachet
Scientific blog post hal-01955175v1
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Tangible Viewports: Getting Out of Flatland in Desktop Environments

Renaud Gervais , Joan Sol Roo , Martin Hachet
TEI'16, Feb 2016, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-01215502v1
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Being an Avatar "for Real": a Survey on Virtual Embodiment in Augmented Reality

Adélaïde Genay , Anatole Lécuyer , Martin Hachet
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2021, pp.1 - 20. ⟨10.1109/tvcg.2021.3099290⟩
Journal articles hal-03320680v1
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The Good, the Bad and the Hacked: Creative Coding on Objects

Renaud Gervais , Jérémy Laviole , Asier Marzo , Martin Hachet
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Work-in-Progress, Feb 2014, Munich, Germany. 2014, TEI WiP
Poster communications hal-01096299v1
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A Survey of Interaction Techniques for Interactive 3D Environments

Jacek Jankowski , Martin Hachet
Eurographics 2013 - STAR, May 2013, Girona, Spain
Conference papers hal-00789413v1
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Demo: Spatial augmented reality for physical drawing

Jérémy Laviole , Martin Hachet
Adjunct proceedings of the 25th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology, ACM, Oct 2012, Cambridge, MA, United States. pp.9-10, ⟨10.1145/2380296.2380302⟩
Conference papers hal-00724118v1

Interacting with the past" - Special Issue of Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage

Martin Hachet , Matteo Dellepiane
ACM, 7, pp.000, 2014, 2
Books hal-01015965v1
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Inclusive Adaptation of Existing Board Games for Gamers with and without Visual Impairments using a Spatial Augmented Reality Framework for Touch Detection and Audio Feedback

Thevin Lauren , Nicolas Rodier , Bernard Oriola , Martin Hachet , Christophe Jouffrais , et al.
Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction , 2021, 5 (ISS), ⟨10.1145/3488550⟩
Journal articles hal-03405986v1
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HOBIT. Un concept innovant pour la transformation des pratiques pédagogiques en physique

Bruno Bousquet , Lionel Canioni , Jean-Paul Guillet , Stéphanie Fleck , Erwan Normand , et al.
Reflets de la Physique, 2022, 73, pp.36-39. ⟨10.1051/refdp/202273036⟩
Journal articles hal-03783053v1

Mockup Builder: 3D Modeling On and Above the Surface

Bruno de Araujo , Géry Casiez , Joaquim Jorge , Martin Hachet
Computers and Graphics, 2013, 37 (3), pp.165-178. ⟨10.1016/j.cag.2012.12.005⟩
Journal articles hal-00795343v1
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Assessing the Zone of Comfort in Stereoscopic Displays using EEG

Jérémy Frey , Léonard Pommereau , Fabien Lotte , Martin Hachet
CHI '14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Apr 2014, Toronto, Canada. pp.2041-2046, ⟨10.1145/2559206.2581191⟩
Conference papers hal-00982782v1
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SyMAPse: Design and Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Map

Julia Chatain , Anke Brock , Martin Hachet
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-01266202v1

Camera Viewpoint Control with the {Interaction Table}

Martin Hachet , Patrick Reuter , Pascal Guitton
Proceedings of Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC 2003), 2003, France. pp.41--47
Conference papers hal-00308254v1

ScrutiCam : Camera Manipulation Technique for 3D Objects Inspection

Fabrice Decle , Martin Hachet , Pascal Guitton
3DUI 2009, Mar 2009, Lafayette, LA,, United States. pp.00-00
Conference papers hal-00354354v1

Enhancing the Mapping between Real and Virtual World on Mobile Devices through efficient Rendering

Sebastian Knoedel , Martin Hachet , Pascal Guitton
Mixed Reality User Interfaces 2007 (IEEE VR Workshop), Mar 2007, Charlotte, United States
Conference papers inria-00355222v1
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Outdoor Augmented Reality: State of the Art and Issues

Imane Zendjebil , Fakhr-Eddine Ababsa , Jean-Yves Didier , Jacques Vairon , Luc Frauciel , et al.
10th ACM/IEEE Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC 2008), Apr 2008, Laval, France. pp.177--187
Conference papers hal-00339480v1
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BCI Research at Inria Bordeaux: making BCI designs usable outside the lab

Fabien Lotte , Florian Larrue , Martin Hachet
International BCI meeting, Jun 2013, Asilomar, United States
Conference papers hal-00802403v1

Interaction Techniques for Interactive 3D Web Environments

Jacek Jankowski , Martin Hachet
Web3D, Jun 2013, San Sebastian, Spain
Conference papers hal-00821895v1
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Evaluating Controls for a Point and Shoot Mobile Game: Augmented Reality, Tilt and Touch

Asier Marzo , Benoît Bossavit , Martin Hachet
ISMAR - MASH'D [short paper], Sep 2014, Munich, Germany
Conference papers hal-01006422v1
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How Well Can We Learn With Standard BCI Training Approaches? A Pilot Study.

Camille Jeunet , Alison Cellard , Sriram Subramanian , Martin Hachet , Bernard N'Kaoua , et al.
6th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference, Sep 2014, Graz, Austria
Conference papers hal-01052692v1

Proceedings of 3DUI 2011, IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces

Joseph Laviola , Martin Hachet , Mark Billinghurst
J. LaViola, M.Hachet, M. Billinghurst. IEEE, pp.150, 2011, ⟨10.1109/3DUI.2011.5759206⟩
Books inria-00612500v1