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About the elongation at break of unfilled natural rubber elastomers

F. Grasland , L. Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , J. Caillard , R. Schach et al.
Polymer, 2019, 169, pp.195-206. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2019.02.032⟩
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Monte Carlo Study of Rubber Elasticity on the Basis of Finsler Geometry Modeling

Hiroshi Koibuchi , Chrystelle Bernard , Jean-Marc Chenal , Gildas Diguet , Gaël Sebald et al.
Symmetry, 2019, 11 (9), pp.1124. ⟨10.3390/sym11091124⟩
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Amorphous phase modulus and micro-macro scale relationship in polyethylene via in situ SAXS and WAXS

B. Xiong , O. Lame , J.-M. Chenal , C. Rochas , Roland Seguela et al.
Macromolecules, 2015, 48 (7), pp.2149-2160. ⟨10.1021/acs.macromol.5b00181⟩
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Linear Rheology of Bis-Urea Functionalized Supramolecular Poly(butylacrylate)s: Part I – Weak Stickers

X Callies , C Fonteneau , C Véchambre , S. Pensec , J.-M. Chenal et al.
Polymer, 2015, 69, pp.233-240. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2014.12.053⟩
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Critical stress and thermal activation of crystal plasticity in polyethylene: Influence of crystal microstructure and chain topology

B. Xiong , O. Lame , J.-M. Chenal , Y. Men , Roland Seguela et al.
Polymer, 2017, 118, pp.192-200. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2017.05.011⟩
Journal articles hal-01804259v1

Temperature-Microstructure Mapping of the Initiation of the Plastic Deformation Processes in Polyethylene via In Situ WAXS and SAXS

B. Xiong , O. Lame , J.-M. Chenal , C. Rochas , Roland Seguela et al.
Macromolecules, 2015, 48 (15), pp.5267-5275. ⟨10.1021/acs.macromol.5b01258⟩
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Electrical and mechanical percolation in graphene-latex nanocomposites

Amélie Noël , Jenny Faucheu , J.-M. Chenal , Jean-Paul Viricelle , Elodie Bourgeat-Lami et al.
Polymer, 2014, 55 (20), pp.5140-5145. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2014.08.025⟩
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Consequences of thermo-oxidative ageing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of blends of polyethylenes with different butene contents

Geraldine Rapp , Jonathan Tireau , Pierre-Olivier Bussiere , J.-M. Chenal , Jean-Luc Gardette et al.
Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2022, 204, pp.110121. ⟨10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2022.110121⟩
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Organic-inorganic composites for bone substitute and bone repair applications: concepts, first results and potentialities

Marianna Peroglio , Nathalie Ginsac , Jérome Chevalier , Laurent Gremillard , Sylvain Meille et al.
JA 2013 - JOURNEES ANNUELLES DE LA SF2M 2013 / SF2M ANNUAL MEETING 2013, 2013, 17 AVE DU HOGGAR PARC D ACTIVITES COUTABOEUF BP 112, F-91944 CEDEX A, France. ⟨10.1051/matecconf/20130704013⟩
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Complex dependence on the elastically active chains density of the strain induced crystallization of vulcanized natural rubbers, from low to high strain rate

Nicolas Candau , Laurent Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , Catherine Gauthier , Etienne Munch et al.
Polymer, 2016, 97, pp.158-166. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2016.05.020⟩
Journal articles hal-01804523v1

Entanglements in interpenetrating polymer networks evidenced by simple physico-chemical investigation

J.-M. Chenal , J.M. Widmaier
Polymer, 2005, pp.671-675
Journal articles hal-00436839v1

Poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) Microspheres for the Encapsulation and Controlled Release of Heparin

Alexandre Monnier , Nida Sheibat-Othman , J.-M. Chenal , Amilton Martins Dos Santos , Hatem Fessi et al.
Journal of Colloid Science and Biotechnology, 2016, 5 (1, SI), pp.100-108. ⟨10.1166/jcsb.2016.1133⟩
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Durability of silica aerogels dedicated to superinsulation measured under hygrothermal conditions

B. Chal , G. Foray , B. Yrieix , K. Masenelli-Varlot , L. Roiban et al.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2018, 272, pp.61-69. ⟨10.1016/j.micromeso.2018.05.047⟩
Journal articles hal-01916292v1

Small strain behavior of polyethylene: In situ SAXS measurements

Sandrine Humbert , O. Lame , J.-M. Chenal , C. Rochas , G. Vigier et al.
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2010, pp.1535-1542
Journal articles hal-00499328v1

Influence of the rubbery phase on the crystallinity and thermomechanical properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/elastomer blends

P.S. Calvão , J.-M. Chenal , C. Gauthier , N.R. Demarquette , A.M. dos Santos et al.
Polymer international, 2010, 59 (6), pp.851-858. ⟨10.1002/pi.2799⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01813939v1
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About thermo-oxidative ageing at moderate temperature of conventionally vulcanized natural rubber

F. Grasland , L. Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , R. Schach
Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2019, 161, pp.74-84. ⟨10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2018.12.029⟩
Journal articles hal-02405462v1
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Electromechanical properties of ferroelectric polymers: Finsler geometry modeling and a Monte Carlo study

V. Egorov , O. Maksimova , H. Koibuchi , C. Bernard , Jean-Marc Chenal et al.
Physics Letters A, 2021, 396, pp.127230. ⟨10.1016/j.physleta.2021.127230⟩
Journal articles hal-03265515v1

Nanostructured silica used in super-insulation materials (SIM), hygrothermal ageing followed by sorption characterizations

B. Chal , B. Yrieix , L. Roiban , K. Masenelli-Varlot , J.-M. Chenal et al.
Energy and Buildings, 2019, 183, pp.626-638. ⟨10.1016/j.enbuild.2018.11.044⟩
Journal articles hal-02405473v1
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Characteristic-time of strain induced crystallization of crosslinked natural rubber

Nicolas Candau , Laurent Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , Catherine Gauthier , José Ferreira et al.
Polymer, 2012, 53 (13), pp.1423-1464. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2012.04.027⟩
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Compared abilities of filled and unfilled natural rubbers to crystallize in a large strain rate domain

N. Candau , Laurent Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , C. Gauthier , E. Munch et al.
Composites Science and Technology, 2015, 108, pp.9-15. ⟨10.1016/j.compscitech.2014.12.014⟩
Journal articles hal-01804716v1

Composites organiques‐inorganiques pour la substitution et la réparation osseuse: concepts, premiers résultats et potentialités

Marianna Peroglio , Nathalie Ginsac , Jérome Chevalier , Laurent Gremillard , Sylvain Meille et al.
MATEC Web of Conferences, 2013, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.04013
Conference papers hal-01670845v1

Bioactivity modulation of Bioglass ® powder by thermal treatment

M. Magallanes-Perdomo , Sylvain Meille , J.-M. Chenal , E. Pacard , Jérome Chevalier et al.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2012, 32 (11), pp.2765-2775. ⟨10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2012.03.018⟩
Journal articles hal-01834933v1

Understanding the mechanical and biodegradation behaviour of poly(hydroxybutyrate)/rubber blends in relation to their morphology

P.S. Calvão , J.-M. Chenal , C. Gauthier , N.R. Demarquette , A. Bogner et al.
Polymer international, 2012, 61 (3), pp.434-441. ⟨10.1002/pi.3211⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01834908v1

Effect of ageing and annealing on the mechanical behaviour and biodegradability of a poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(ethylene-co-methyl-acrylate-co-glycidyl-methacrylate)blend

R.S. Kurusu , N.R. Demarquette , C. Gauthier , J.-M. Chenal
Polymer international, 2014, 63 (6), pp.1085-1093. ⟨10.1002/pi.4616⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01808023v1

New insights into the cold crystallization of filled natural rubber

J.-M. Chenal , Laurent Chazeau , Y. Bomal , Catherine Gauthier
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2007, pp.955-962
Journal articles hal-00434169v1
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Crystalline microstructure and mechanical properties of crosslinked EPDM aged under gamma irradiation

Emilie Planès , Laurent Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , Gérard Vigier , Thomas Stuhldreier et al.
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2010, 48 (2), pp.97-105. ⟨10.1002/polb.21848⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00486968v1
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Mechanical properties of nanostructured films with an ultralow volume fraction of hard phase

Marion Chenal , Cyril Véchambre , J.-M. Chenal , Laurent Chazeau , Vincent Humblot et al.
Polymer, 2017, 109, pp.187-196. ⟨10.1016/j.polymer.2016.12.043⟩
Journal articles hal-01421077v1
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Tailored microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposite films made from polyacrylic/LDH hybrid latexes synthesized by RAFT-mediated emulsion polymerization

Florent Dalmas , Samuel Pearson , Baptiste Gary , J.-M. Chenal , Elodie Bourgeat-Lami et al.
Polymer Chemistry, 2018, 9 (19), pp.2590 - 2600. ⟨10.1039/C8PY00268A⟩
Journal articles hal-01826571v1
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Elastocaloric properties of thermoplastic polyurethane

Gildas Coativy , Hiba Haissoune , Laurence Seveyrat , Gaël Sebald , Laurent Chazeau et al.
Applied Physics Letters, 2020, 117 (19), pp.193903. ⟨10.1063/5.0023520⟩
Journal articles hal-03205385v1
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About the Influence of Materials Parameters on the Ultimate and Fatigue Properties of Elastomers

Laurent Chazeau , J.-M. Chenal , C. Gauthier , J. Kallungal , J. Caillard et al.
Fatigue Crack Growth in Rubber Materials, 286, Springer International Publishing, pp.297-329, 2020, Advances in Polymer Science, ⟨10.1007/12_2020_80⟩
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