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Losing social democracy. Reflections on the erosion of a paradigmatic case of social democracy

Jenny Andersson
David J. Bailey; Jean-Michel De Waele; Fabien Escalona; Mathieu Vieira. European social democracy during the global economic crisis, Manchester University Press, pp.116 - 131, 2014, 9780719091957
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Author meets critics

Jenny Andersson
Social Science History Conference (Round Table around the book The Library and the Workshop), Nov 2012, Vancouver, Canada
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Arctic Futures. Expectations, Interests, Claims, and the Making of Arctic Territory

Jenny Andersson
Jens Beckert; Richard Bronk. Uncertain futures: imaginaries, narratives, and calculation in the economy, Oxford University Press, pp.83 - 203, 2018, 9780198820802
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Socializing Capital, Capitalizing the Social: Contemporary Social Democracy and the Knowledge Economy

Jenny Andersson
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The Great Future Debate and the Struggle for the World

Jenny Andersson
American Historical Review, 2012, 5 (117), pp.1411-1430
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Between Growth and Security : Swedish Social Democracy from a Strong Society to a Third Way

Jenny Andersson
Manchester University Press, pp.160, 2006, Critical labour movement studies, 9780719074394
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Futurepol, prediction comme savoir d’Etat

Jenny Andersson
Séminaire de recherche de Triangle, Dec 2012, ENS Lyon, France
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Nordic Nostalgia and Nordic Light. The Swedish Model as Utopia in European Political History in the 20th Century

Jenny Andersson
European Social Science History Conference, Feb 2007, Lisbonne, Portugal
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La Suède comme utopie et dystopie du bien-être

Jenny Andersson
Médias et société du bien-être, Nov 2008, INA et IHTP, Paris, France
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Prediction and social choice. Daniel Bell and future research

Jenny Andersson
Nicolas Guilhot; Daniel Bessner. The Decisionist Imagination: Sovereignty, Social Science, and Democracy in the Twentieth Century, Berghahn Books, 2018, 9781785339158
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Not without a future

Jenny Andersson
Henning Meyer; Jonathan Rutherford. The future of European social democracy, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.166 - 186, 2011, 9780230290938
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The Impact of Nonequilibrium Conditions in Lung Surfactant: Structure and Composition Gradients in Multilamellar Films

Jenny Andersson , Kevin Roger , Marcus Larsson , Emma Sparr
ACS Central Science, 2018, 4 (10), pp.1315-1325. ⟨10.1021/acscentsci.8b00362⟩
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L’Etat social – coût ou investissement

Jenny Andersson
Historisk tidsskrift, 2007, 2, pp.401 - 404
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Images of Sweden and the Nordic Countries

Mary Hilson , Jenny Andersson
Scandinavian Journal of History, 34, Routlege, 2009
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Arbete som rättighet eller plikt

Jenny Andersson
Forskning & Framsteg, 2007, 6, pp.24 - 28
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Kunskap som kritik. Ett perspektiv på det sena 1960-talets och 1980-talets kritik av den starka staten

Jenny Andersson
Bo Rothstein; Lotta Vahlne Westerhäll. Bortom den starka staten, SNS Förlag, 2005, 9789171509901
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The Struggle for the Long-Term in Transnational Science and Politics: Forging the Future

Jenny Andersson , Egle Rindzeviciute
Jenny Andersson; Egle Rindzeviciute. Routledge, pp.256, 2015, Routledge Approaches to History, 9781138858534
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Gouverner le « long terme ». La prospective et la production bureaucratique des futurs en France

Jenny Andersson , Pauline Prat
Gouvernement & action publique, 2015, 3 (3), pp.9 - 29. ⟨10.3917/gap.153.0009⟩
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Disciplining the future. The post war attempts to create a future discipline

Jenny Andersson
The post war history of the social sciences, Dec 2011, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
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Social democracy and the people

Jenny Andersson
Council for European Studies, Apr 2010, Montréal, Canada
Conference papers hal-02365698v1

La troisième voie et l’économie du savoir

Jenny Andersson
Sociale démocratie et capitalisme, May 2010, Fondation Jean Jaurès, France
Conference papers hal-02365703v1

Towards a political history of the future (Keynote lecture)

Jenny Andersson
Finnish Academy and Finnish Society of History, Oct 2012, Helsinki, Finland
Conference papers hal-02365680v1

A Model of Welfare Capitalism?: Perspectives on the Swedish Model, Then and Now

Jenny Andersson
Jon Pierre. The Oxford Handbook of Swedish Politics, Oxford University Press, pp.563 - 577, 2015, 9780199665679
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That Very Big Computer Known as Human Civilisation - Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow

Jenny Andersson
Archives Européennes de Sociologie / European Journal of Sociology, 2018, 59 (3), pp.429-434. ⟨10.1017/S0003975618000267⟩
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Humans of the world unite

Jenny Andersson
The Political Quarterly, 2018, 89 (3), pp.512-514. ⟨10.1111/1467-923X.12535⟩
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Från Brandt och Kreisky till Blair och Brown. Den tredje vägens konstellationer och Sverigebilden

Jenny Andersson
Arbetarhistoria, 2008, 125, pp.21 - 28
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Choosing futures. Alva Myrdal and the construction of Swedish futures studies 1967-1972

Jenny Andersson
International Review of Social History, 2006, 51 (2), pp.277 - 295
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Planning the Future of World Markets: the OECD’s Interfuturs Project

Jenny Andersson
Michel Christian; Sandrine Kott; Ondrej Matejka. Planning in Cold War Europe, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, pp.315 - 344, 2018, 9783110707960
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La situation dans les pays scandinaves à la lumière des élections au Danemark et en Norvège

Jenny Andersson
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-01069513v1

Beyond Utopia? The Knowledge Society and the Third Way

Jenny Andersson
Exploring the Utopian Impulse, Peter Lang, pp.355 - 374, 2008, 9783039109135
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