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Axenic culture and biosynthesis of secondary compounds in lichen symbiotic fungi, the Parmeliaceae

E. M. Diaz , J. C. Zamora , C. Ruibal , P. K. Divakar , N. Gonzalez-Benitez et al.
Symbiosis, 2020, 82 (1-2), pp.79-93. ⟨10.1007/s13199-020-00719-3⟩
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Inhibitory Effects of Secondary Metabolites from the Lichen Stereocaulon evolutum on Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B

Thi Huyen Vu , Olivier Delalande , Claudia Lalli , Stefanie Reider , Solenn Ferron et al.
Planta Medica, 2021, 87 (09), pp.701-708. ⟨10.1055/a-1334-4480⟩
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Depsides: Lichen Metabolites Active against Hepatitis C Virus.

Thi Huyen Vu , Anne-Cécile Le Lamer , Claudia Lalli , Joël Boustie , Michel Samson et al.
PLoS ONE, 2015, 10 (3), pp.e0120405. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0120405⟩
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NMR reassignment of stictic acid isolated from a Sumatran lichen Stereocaulon montagneanum (Stereocaulaceae) with superoxide anion scavenging activities

Friardi Ismed , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Isabelle Rouaud , Solenn Ferron , Amri Bakhtiar et al.
Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung C, 2017, 72 (1-2), pp.55-62. ⟨10.1515/znc-2016-0148⟩
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Stictic acid derivatives from the lichen Usnea articulata and their antioxidant activities

Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Sophie Tomasi , John A. Elix , Aurélie Bernard , Isabelle Rouaud et al.
Journal of Natural Products, 2007, 70, pp.1218-1220. ⟨10.1021/np070145k⟩
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Stability of oral liquid preparations of methylergometrine

K. Marigny , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , F. Aubin , G. Burgot
Pharmazie, 2006, 61, pp.701-705
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Comprehensive Lichenometabolomic Exploration of Ramalina conduplicans Vain Using UPLC-Q-ToF-MS/MS: An Identification of Free Radical Scavenging and Anti-Hyperglycemic Constituents

Tatapudi Kiran Kumar , Bandi Siva , Ajay Anand , Komati Anusha , Satish Mohabe et al.
Molecules, 2022, 27 (19), pp.6720. ⟨10.3390/molecules27196720⟩
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Enquête sur la survenue d’intoxications après l’utilisation d’huiles essentielles, comparaison avec les données du CAP d’Angers (2017-2018)

Fanny Noury , Perrine Mazetier , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat
Annales Pharmaceutiques Françaises, 2022, ⟨10.1016/j.pharma.2022.08.015⟩
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Lichen-derived compounds show potential for central nervous system therapeutics

R.G. Reddy , L. Veeraval , S. Maitra , M. Chollet-Krugler , S. Tomasi et al.
Phytomedicine, 2016, 23 (12), pp.1527--1534. ⟨10.1016/j.phymed.2016.08.010⟩
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Phytochemical investigation, antinociceptive activity and cytotoxicity of crude extracts of Calea uniflora Less.

Vanessa Nicolau Rodrigues-Torres , Jéssica Deluca Machado , Luan de Souza Ramos , Renato Paghan , Jacqueline Kautz et al.
Journal of medicinal plants research, 2016, 10 (39), pp.695-704. ⟨10.5897/JMPR2016.6094⟩
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Specialized Metabolites of the Lichen Vulpicida pinastri Act as Photoprotective Agents

Béatrice Legouin , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Solenn Ferron , Isabelle Rouaud , Pierre Le Pogam et al.
Molecules, 2017, 22 (7), pp.1162. ⟨10.3390/molecules22071162⟩
Journal articles hal-01578525v1

Antifungal Activity of 10 Guadeloupean Plants.

Murielle Biabiany , Vincent Roumy , Thierry Hennebelle , Nadine François , Boualem Sendid et al.
Phytotherapy Research, 2012, 27 (11), pp.1640-1645. ⟨10.1002/ptr.4906⟩
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Death related to consumption of Rauvolfia sp. powder mislabeled as Tabernanthe iboga

Thomas Gicquel , Chloé Hugbart , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Sylvie Lepage , Alain Baert et al.
Forensic Science International, 2016, 266, pp.e38-e42. ⟨10.1016/j.forsciint.2016.06.014⟩
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Preliminary Studies on the Activity of Mixed Polyphenol-Heterocyclic Systems Against B16-F10 Melanoma Cancer Cells

Duc Duy Vo , Isabelle Rouaud , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Fabien Gautier , Sophie Barillé-Nion et al.
Medicinal Chemistry, 2016
Journal articles inserm-01406309v1

Myriolecis massei, a new species of Lecanoraceae from the coasts of the Armorican Massif in Western Europe

M. Bertrand , J.-Y. Monnat , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat
Bryologist, 2018, 121 (3), pp.253-263. ⟨10.1639/0007-2745-121.3.253⟩
Journal articles hal-01874728v1

Oxidative stress regulation in lichens and its relevance for survival in coastal habitats

Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Holger Thüs , Marie-Laurence Abasq , David Delmail , Joël Boustie et al.
Advances in Botanical Research, 2014, 71, pp.467-503. ⟨10.1016/B978-0-12-408062-1.00016-0⟩
Journal articles hal-01005197v1

Comparative studies on two Sumatran lichens: Sterocaulon halei and S. montagneanum

Friardi Ismed , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Annie Guiller , Amri Bakhtiar , Joël Boustie et al.
International Congress on Natural Products Research, Jul 2012, New York, United States
Conference papers hal-01130260v1

A chemotaxonomic study of the Xanthoparmelia pulla group in Algeria

Sabrina Hellou , Philippe Uriac , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Aurelie Saltvager , Philippe Jehan et al.
Herzogia, 2019, 32 (2), pp.485-502. ⟨10.13158/heia.32.2.2019.485⟩
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Synthesis of an Exhaustive Library of Naturally Occurring Galf-Manp and Galp-Manp Disaccharides. Toward Fingerprinting According to Ring Size by Advanced Mass Spectrometry-Based IM-MS and IRMPD

Bénédicte Favreau , Oznur Yeni , Simon Ollivier , Joël Boustie , Françoise Le Dévéhat et al.
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021, 86 (9), pp.6390-6405. ⟨10.1021/acs.joc.1c00250⟩
Journal articles hal-03223868v1

Lichenic extracts and metabolites as UV filters.

Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Béatrice Legouin , Céline Couteau , Joël Boustie , Laurence Coiffard et al.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 2013, 120, pp.17-28. ⟨10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2013.01.009⟩
Journal articles hal-00865297v1
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New insights into the Van Krevelen diagram: Automated molecular formula determination from HRMS for a large chemical profiling of lichen extracts

Simon Ollivier , Philippe Jehan , Damien Olivier-Jimenez , Fabian Lambert , Joël Boustie et al.
Phytochemical Analysis, In press, ⟨10.1002/pca.3163⟩
Journal articles hal-03772625v1

Dermo-cosmetic products and anti-cancer treatments

Amelie Wairy , Francois Lohezic-Le Devehat , Nolwenn Brandhonneur
Actualités Pharmaceutiques, 2021, 60 (610), pp.42-46. ⟨10.1016/j.actpha.2021.08.016⟩
Journal articles hal-03464728v1
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The genus Ramalina Ach. (Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes, Ramalinaceae) from the Scattered Islands (French Southern and Antarctic Lands), with description of three new species

Rémy Poncet , Francoise Lohezic-Le Dévéhat Le Devehat , Solenn Ferron , Jean Hivert , Christian Fontaine et al.
Plant and Fungal Systematics, 2021, 66 (2), pp.211-224. ⟨10.35535/pfsyst-2021-0019⟩
Journal articles hal-03581814v1
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Chemical fingerprinting of the Brazilian medicinal plant Calea pinnatifida (R. Br.) Less. (Asteraceae) collected at different altitudes

Franciely Vanessa Costa , Alice Gadea , Altamir Rocha Antunes , Solenn Ferron , Álvaro José Back et al.
Natural Product Research, In press, ⟨10.1080/14786419.2022.2044809⟩
Journal articles hal-03581813v1

ASAP-MS and DART-MS as ancillary tools for direct analysis of the lichen metabolome

Simon Ollivier , Philippe Jehan , Fabian Lambert , Damien Olivier-Jimenez , Joël Boustie et al.
Phytochemical Analysis, 2022, ⟨10.1002/pca.3156⟩
Journal articles hal-03715437v1
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Chemical diversity of five coastal Roccella species from mainland France, the Scattered Islands, and São Tomé and Príncipe

Solenn Ferron , Olivier Berry , Damien Olivier-Jimenez , Isabelle Rouaud , Joel Boustie et al.
Plant and Fungal Systematics, 2020, 65 (2), pp.247-260. ⟨10.35535/pfsyst-2020-0021⟩
Journal articles hal-03581819v1
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Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Specialized Metabolites for Predicting Lichen Fitness and Snail Foraging

Alice Gadea , Mathieu Fanuel , Anne-Cécile Le Lamer , Joël Boustie , Hélène Rogniaux et al.
Plants, 2020, 9 (1), pp.70. ⟨10.3390/plants9010070⟩
Journal articles hal-02444002v1
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Spatial mapping of lichen specialized metabolites using LDI-MSI: Chemical ecology issues for Ophioparma ventosa

P. Le Pogam , B. Legouin , A. Geairon , H. Rogniaux , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat et al.
Scientific Reports, 2016, 6 (1), pp.37807. ⟨10.1038/srep37807⟩
Journal articles hal-01416316v1

A novel aryl-hydrazide from the marine lichen Lichina pygmaea: isolation, synthesis of derivatives, and cytotoxicity assays.

Catherine Roullier , Marylene Chollet-Krugler , Pierre van de Weghe , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Joël Boustie et al.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2010, 20 (15), pp.4582-6. ⟨10.1016/j.bmcl.2010.06.013⟩
Journal articles hal-00844454v1

Integrating targeted gene expression and a skin model system to identify functional inhibitors of the UV activated p38 MAP kinase

Amaal Abrahams , Nicolas Mouchet , Nicolas Gouault , Françoise Lohézic-Le Dévéhat , Myriam Le Roch et al.
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences , 2016, 15 (12), pp.1468-1475. ⟨10.1039/c6pp00283h⟩
Journal articles hal-01439371v1