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Sexing birds using discriminant function analysis: a critical appraisal.

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Karine Monceau , Frank Cézilly
The Auk, 2011, 128 (1), pp.78-86. ⟨10.1525/auk.2011.10129⟩
Journal articles hal-00567415v1

Mate choice based on behavioural type: do convict cichlids prefer similar partners?

Chloé Laubu , Cécile Schweitzer , Sébastien Motreuil , Philippe Louâpre , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont et al.
Animal Behaviour, 2017, 126, pp.281-291. ⟨10.1016/j.anbehav.2017.02.020⟩
Journal articles hal-01496173v1

A farewell to the sum of Akaike weights: the benefits of alternative metrics for variable importance estimations in model selection.

Matthias Galipaud , Mark A. F. Gillingham , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2017, 8 (12), pp.1668-1678 ⟨10.1111/2041-210X.12835⟩
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Butinage collectif chez l'abeille Apis mellifera L.

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
Sciences du Vivant [q-bio]. 2003. Français. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses tel-02833992v1

Le choix du partenaire : une force évolutive sous-estimée.

Chloé Laubu , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
C. Breton. La nature est-elle bien faite ?, Le Cavalier Bleu, pp.49-56, 2016, 979-10-318-0096-7
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Rapid assessment of female preference for male size predicts subsequent choice of spawning partner in a socially monogamous cichlid fish.

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Jérémie H. Cornuau , Ismaël Keddar , Malika Ihle , Sébastien Motreuil et al.
Comptes Rendus Biologies, 2011, 334 (12), pp.906-910. ⟨10.1016/j.crvi.2011.08.004⟩
Journal articles hal-00645650v1

Un prédateur généraliste peut-il être un bon candidat pour le biocontrôle des adventices

Alice Charalabidis , Sandrine Petit , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , David Bohan
Forum des jeunes chercheurs, Jun 2017, Dijon, France
Conference papers hal-02894972v1

Handling stress does not reflect personality in female zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).

Morgan David , Yannick Auclair , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Frank Cézilly
Journal of Comparative Psychology, 2012, 126 (1), pp.10-4. ⟨10.1037/a0024636⟩
Journal articles hal-00678813v1

Speed versus accuracy in decision-making ants: expediting politics and policy implementation.

Nigel R. Franks , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Emma Hanmore , Jocelyn K. Reynolds
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2009, 364 (1518), pp.845-852. ⟨10.1098/rstb.2008.0224⟩
Journal articles hal-00450596v1

Mismatched partners that achieve postpairing behavioral similarity improve their reproductive success.

Chloé Laubu , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Sébastien Motreuil , Cécile Schweitzer
Science Advances , 2016, 2 (3), pp.e1501013. ⟨10.1126/sciadv.1501013⟩
Journal articles hal-01284725v1
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The crustacean Armadillidium vulgare (Latreille, 1804) (Isopoda: Oniscoidea), a new promising model for the study of cellular senescence

Charlotte Depeux , Ascel Samba-Louaka , Thomas Becking , Christine Braquart-Varnier , Jérôme Moreau et al.
Journal of Crustacean Biology, 2020, 40 (2), pp.194-199. ⟨10.1093/jcbiol/ruaa004⟩
Journal articles hal-03060295v1
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The dawn of a golden age in mathematical insect sociobiology

Nigel R. Franks , Anna Dornhaus , James A.R. Marshall , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
J. Gadau & J. Fewell. Organization of Insect Societies: From Genome to Sociocomplexity, Harvard University Press, pp.437-459, 2009
Book sections hal-00492310v1

Hormonal and fitness consequences of behavioral assortative mating in the convict cichlid (Amatitlania siquia).

Cécile Schweitzer , Geoffrey Melot , Chloé Laubu , Maria Teixeira , Sébastien Motreuil et al.
General and Comparative Endocrinology, 2017, 240, pp.153-161. ⟨10.1016/j.ygcen.2016.10.010⟩
Journal articles hal-01397380v1

Fluctuating Dynamics of Mate Availability Promote the Evolution of Flexible Choosiness in Both Sexes

Louise Chevalier , Jacques Labonne , Matthias Galipaud , Francois-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
American Naturalist, 2020, 196 (6), pp.730-742. ⟨10.1086/711417⟩
Journal articles hal-03036294v1

Evolutionarily Stable Strategies.

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
J. Vonk & T. Shackelford. Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior, Springer International Publishing, 2018, 978-3-319-47829-6
Book sections hal-02288943v1
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Distribution and abundance of hematophagous flies (Glossinidae, Stomoxys, and Tabanidae) in two national parks of Gabon.

Paul Yannick Bitome Essono , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Jacques Mavoungou , Régis Obiang Mba , Gérard Duvallet et al.
Parasite, 2015, 22, pp.23. ⟨10.1051/parasite/2015023⟩
Journal articles hal-01184652v1
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Optimal foraging in a changing world: old questions, new perspectives

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
Peer Community in Ecology, 2018, ⟨10.24072/pci.ecology.100005⟩
Journal articles hal-01887216v1

Pairing patterns in relation to body size, genetic similarity and multilocus heterozygosity in a tropical monogamous bird species.

Aurélie Quinard , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Frank Cézilly
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 2014, 68 (10), pp.1723-1731. ⟨10.1007/s00265-014-1780-1⟩
Journal articles hal-01073930v1

Why do house-hunting ants recruit in both directions?

R. Planqué , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Nigel R. Franks , T. Kovacs , James A.R. Marshall et al.
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2007, 94 (11), pp.911-918. ⟨10.1007/s00114-007-0273-8⟩
Journal articles hal-00204033v1

Intra-colonial variation of the sting extension response in the Honey bee Apis mellifera

Lenoir J.C. , D. Laloi , Dechaume-Moncharmont F.-X. , M. Solignac , Pham M.-H. et al.
Insectes Sociaux, 2006, 53, pp.80-85
Journal articles hal-00136275v1

Female mate choice in convict cichlids is transitive and consistent with a self-referent directional preference.

François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Marine Freychet , Sébastien Motreuil , Frank Cézilly
Frontiers in Zoology, 2013, 10, pp.69. ⟨10.1186/1742-9994-10-69⟩
Journal articles hal-00912375v1

Variation between populations and local adaptation in acanthocephalan-induced parasite manipulation.

Nathalie Franceschi , Stéphane Cornet , Loïc Bollache , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Alexandre Bauer et al.
Evolution - International Journal of Organic Evolution, 2010, 64 (8), pp.2417-2430. ⟨10.1111/j.1558-5646.2010.01006.x⟩
Journal articles hal-00509890v1
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Behavioural responses of breeding arctic sandpipers to ground-surface temperature and primary productivity

Nicolas Meyer , Loïc Bollache , Matthias Galipaud , Jérôme Moreau , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont et al.
Science of the Total Environment, 2021, 755 (2), pp.142485. ⟨10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.142485⟩
Journal articles hal-02986001v1

Males do not always switch females when presented with a better reproductive option.

Matthias Galipaud , Loïc Bollache , Abderrahim Oughadou , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
Behavioral Ecology, 2015, 26 (2), pp.359-366. ⟨10.1093/beheco/aru195⟩
Journal articles hal-01136636v1
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A dynamic game theoretical model predicts variance in choosiness when mate availability fluctuates

Louise Chevalier , Jacques Labonne , François Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont
MPDEE'18 Models in Population Dynamics, Ecology and Evolution, Apr 2018, Leicester, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-02184257v1

Les modalités de la communication sociale chez l'abeille domestique Apis mellifera L.

H. Azzouz , F.X. Dechaume-Moncharmont
Bulletin Technique Apicole, 2000, 27 (1), pp.9-19
Journal articles hal-02695895v1
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Do competition and predation risk affect weed seed selectivity in granivorous carabid beetles ?

Alice Charalabidis , David Bohan , Sandrine Petit , F.X. Dechaume-Moncharmont
International Conference of Ecological Sciences Sfécologie-2016, Société France d'Ecologie (FFSPN). FRA., Oct 2016, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-02739560v1

Consistent variations in personality traits and their potential for genetic improvement of biocontrol agents: Trichogramma evanescens as a case study

Lartigue Silène , Yalaoui Myriam , Belliard Jean , Caravel Claire , Jeandroz Louise et al.
Peer Community in Ecology, 2020, pp.257881. ⟨10.1101/2020.08.21.257881⟩
Journal articles hal-03140141v1

Diaeretiella rapae limits Myzus persicae populations after applications of Deltamethrin in oilseed rape

Nicolas Desneux , Xavier Fauvergue , F.X. Dechaume-Moncharmont , Lucien Kerhoas , Y. Ballanger et al.
Journal of Economic Entomology, 2005, 98 (1), pp.9-17
Journal articles hal-02679675v1

Territoriality versus flocking in the Zenaida dove (Zenaida aurita): resource polymorphism revisited using morphological and genetic analyses.

Karine Monceau , Rémi A. Wattier , François-Xavier Dechaume-Moncharmont , Sébastien Motreuil , Frank Cézilly et al.
The Auk, 2011, 128 (1), pp.15-25. ⟨10.1525/auk.2010.09247⟩
Journal articles hal-00567409v1