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Reducing the ionizing radiation background does not significantly affect the evolution of Escherichia coli populations over 500 generations

Nathanael Lampe , Pierre Marin , Marianne Coulon , Pierre Micheau , Lydia Maigne et al.
Scientific Reports, 2019, 9 (1), pp.14891. ⟨10.1038/s41598-019-51519-9⟩
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Editorial: Host Manipulation by Parasites

Marta Sánchez , David Biron
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2019, 7, ⟨10.3389/fevo.2019.00369⟩
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Aphids in focus: unravelling their complex ecology and evolution using genetic and molecular approaches

Hugh D Loxdale , Adalbert Balog , David Biron
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2020, 129 (3), pp.507-531. ⟨10.1093/biolinnean/blz194⟩
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Expression of early and late-emerging phenotypes in both diapausing and non-diapausing Delia radicum L.pupae

David Georges Biron , X. Langlet , G. Boivin , E. Brunel
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 1998, 87, pp.119-124
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Origine géographique des populations néarctiques de Délia radicum L. (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

David Georges Biron , B. Landry , J.P. Nénon , E. Brunel , D. Coderre et al.
SEQ 1997:"Les biopesticides", Nov 1997, Saint-Jean de Richelieu, Canada
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Glia Modulate a Neuronal Circuit for Locomotion Suppression during Sleep in C. elegans

Menachem Katz , Francis Corson , Shachar Iwanir , David Biron , Shai Shaham et al.
Cell Reports, 2018, 22 (10), pp.2575-2583. ⟨10.1016/j.celrep.2018.02.036⟩
Journal articles hal-01744068v1

Editorial: Roles and mechanisms of parasitism in aquatic microbial communities

Télesphore Sime-Ngando , Kevin Lafferty , David Biron
Frontiers in Microbiology, 2015, 6
Journal articles hal-01983946v1
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Imaging and analysis of an apple pest behaviour:MRI and X-ray microtomography comparison

Amidou A. Traore , David Georges Biron , Fanette F. Chevallier , Boris B. Adam , M. Saudreau et al.
MR In Food, Sep 2010, Clermont-Ferrand, France. 2 p
Conference papers hal-00964167v1

Neurological and physiological disorders in Artemia harboring manipulative cestodes.

Marta I. Sánchez , Frédéric Thomas , Marie-Jeanne Perrot-Minnot , David Georges Biron , Justine Bertrand-Michel et al.
The Journal of Parasitology, 2009, 95 (1), pp.20-24. ⟨10.1645/GE-1550.1⟩
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Microsporidian Genomes Harbor a Diverse Array of Transposable Elements that Demonstrate an Ancestry of Horizontal Exchange with Metazoans.

Nicolas Parisot , Adrian Pelin , Cyrielle Gasc , Valérie Polonais , Abdel Belkorchia et al.
Genome Biol Evol, 2014, 6 (9), pp.2289-300. ⟨10.1093/gbe/evu178⟩
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Regards croisés sur les pandémies

Patricia Gilbert , Estelle Baehrel , David Biron , Chloé Bourmaud , Vincent Dubreuil et al.
Patricia Gibert. CNRS Éditions, 128 p., 2021, 978-2-271-13665-7
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Parasite survives predation on its host

Fleur Ponton , Camille Lebarbenchon , Thierry Lefèvre , David Biron , David Duneau et al.
Nature, 2006, 440 (7085), pp.756-756. ⟨10.1038/440756a⟩
Journal articles hal-02992927v1

Parasite survives predation on its host

Fleur Ponton , Camille Lebarbenchon , Thierry Lefevre , David Biron , David Duneau et al.
Nature, 2006, 440 (7085), pp.756-756. ⟨10.1038/440756a⟩
Journal articles hal-02308206v1

Malaria Plasmodium agent induces alteration in the head proteome of their Anopheles mosquito host

Thierry Lefèvre , Frédéric Thomas , Alex Schwartz , Elena Levashina , Stephanie Blandin et al.
Proteomics, 2007, 7 (11), pp.1908-1915. ⟨10.1002/pmic.200601021⟩
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Expression of a bimodal emergence pattern in diapausing and non-diapausing Delia floralis: a phenological survival strategy

David Biron , E. Brunel , K. Tiilikkala , S. Hellqvist , P. Dixon et al.
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 2003, 107 (2), pp.163-166. ⟨10.1046/j.1570-7458.2003.00041.x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02308131v1

Using SILAC strategy to identify protein effectors in the wheat-Fusarium graminearum pathosystem.

Philippe Lecomte , Serge Urbach , Edith Demettre , David Georges Biron , Thierry T. Langin et al.
Effectome Network, Oct 2014, Lauret, France. 2014, Effectome Network
Poster communications hal-02738577v1
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Water-seeking behavior in worm-infected crickets and reversibility of parasitic manipulation.

Fleur Ponton , Fernando Otálora-Luna , Thierry Lefèvre , Patrick M Guerin , Camille Lebarbenchon et al.
Behavioral Ecology, 2011, 22 (2), pp.392-400. ⟨10.1093/beheco/arq215⟩
Journal articles hal-00814753v1
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The effect of natural radioactivity on diatom communities in mineral springs

Fanny Millan , Cheilla Izere , Vincent Breton , Olivier Voldoire , David Biron et al.
Botany Letters, 2020, 167, pp.95-113. ⟨10.1080/23818107.2019.1691051⟩
Journal articles hal-02396650v1

Cross-talk in host–parasite associations: What do past and recent proteomics approaches tell us?

Chérif Chetouhi , Johan Panek , Ludovic Bonhomme , Hicham Elalaoui , Catherine Texier et al.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 2015, 33, pp.84 - 94. ⟨10.1016/j.meegid.2015.04.015⟩
Journal articles hal-01406325v1
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Déclin des colonies d'abeilles et origine multifactorielle : cas de Nosema ceranae et des insecticides

Cyril Vidau , Marie Diogon , Julie Aufauvre , Régis Fontbonne , Bernard Viguès et al.
La Santé de l'Abeille, 2011, 245 (9-10), pp.417-426
Journal articles hal-01115873v2
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Update on the proteomics of major arthropod vectors of human and animal pathogens.

Sirilaksana Patramool , Valérie Choumet , Pornapat Surasombatpattana , Laurence Sabatier , Frédéric Thomas et al.
Proteomics, 2012, 12 (23-24), pp.3510-23. ⟨10.1002/pmic.201200300⟩
Journal articles istex pasteur-01054612v1

Can tree architecture buffer climate change effects on pest? A biophysical approach using virtual plants

M. Saudreau , Mathieu M. Dassot , Boris B. Adam , Sylvain S. Pincebourde , David Georges Biron et al.
6. International Workshop on Functional-Structural Plant Models, Sep 2010, Davis, United States. pp.120-122
Conference papers hal-00964698v1

Phylogenetic character mapping of proteomic diversity shows high correlation with subspecific phylogenetic diversity in Trypanosoma cruzi.

Jenny Telleria , David Georges Biron , Jean-Paul Brizard , Edith Demettre , Martial Séveno et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2010, 107 (47), pp.20411-6. ⟨10.1073/pnas.1015496107⟩
Journal articles hal-00814838v1

Trypanosoma brucei brucei induces alteration in the head proteome of the tsetse fly vector Glossina palpalis gambiensis

T. Lefèvre , S. Ravel , D. Patrel , L. Renault , L. Le Bourligu et al.
Insect Molecular Biology, 2007, 16 (6), pp.651-660. ⟨10.1111/j.1365-2583.2007.00761.x⟩
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Lethal Effects of Microwave Exposures on Eggs and Pupae of the Cabbage Maggot and Cabbage Plants

David Biron , M. Giroux , A. Maire , Vincent Charles
Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy, 2016, 31 (4), pp.228-237. ⟨10.1080/08327823.1996.11688314⟩
Journal articles hal-02308088v1

Parasitic manipulation: where are we and where should we go ?

David Biron , Fleur Ponton , Fréderic Thomas
médecine/sciences, 2005, 21 (12), pp.1022-1023. ⟨10.1051/medsci/200521121022⟩
Journal articles hal-02521311v1

Influence of a bimodal emergence strategy of a Dipteran host on life-history traits of its main parasitoids

Sylvain Fournet , N. Astier , A. Cortesero , David Biron
Ecological Entomology, 2004, 29 (6), pp.685-691. ⟨10.1111/j.0307-6946.2004.00651.x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02308135v1
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Thiago S Alves , M Alice Pinto , Paulo Ventura , Cátia J Neves , David Biron et al.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2020
Journal articles hal-03017457v1
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Thermo-Mineral Springs, Old and Unique Aquatic Ecosystems to Survey and Preserve

Aude Beauger , Lory-Anne Baker , Carlos E Wetzel , Luc Ector , David Biron et al.
Biodiversity Online Journal, 2021, 1 (4)
Journal articles hal-03300137v1

Behavioural manipulation in a grasshopper harbouring hairworm: a proteomics approach

David Biron , D.G Biron , L. Marché , F. Ponton , H.D Loxdale et al.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2005, 272 (1577), pp.2117-2126. ⟨10.1098/rspb.2005.3213⟩
Journal articles hal-02308186v1