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Déficits congénitaux de l'immunité cellulaire et thérapie cellulaire : l'apport de la thérapie cellulaire dans la prévention des complications survenant au décours des allogreffes de cellules souches hématopoïétiques

Danièle Bensoussan-Lejzerowicz
Autre. Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy 1, 2007. Français. ⟨NNT : 2007NAN11305⟩
Theses tel-01747445v1

Impact de la cryopréservation des leucaphérèses de produits de photochimiothérapie extracorporelle : analyse préliminaire des données de production

Mélanie Gauthier , Caroline Laroye , Veronique Decot , Valerie Eschwege , Danièle Bensoussan , et al.
SFGM-TC 2021, Nov 2021, Nancy, France
Poster communications hal-03642100v1

Comprendre l'hétérogénéité des CSM pour des produits de thérapie cellulaire personnalisés

Laurie Targa , Yueying Li , Naceur Charif , Mainard Didier , Danièle Bensoussan , et al.
FR CNRS-UL 3209 Bioingénierie Moléculaire Cellulaire & Thérapeutique "La médecine personnalisée", Dec 2016, Nancy, France
Conference papers hal-02974089v1

Adoptive Immunotherapy of Refractory Viral Infections after Allogeneic HSCT: An Academic Network Framing the use of an Atmp under Hospital Exemption

Yingying Wang , Marcelo de Carvalho-Bittencourt , Typhaine Pierre , Mélanie Gauthier , Veronique Decot , et al.
46th European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) Annual Meeting (Virtual), Aug 2020, Virtual Meeting, France. 55 (S1), pp.181-714, 2020, ⟨10.1038/s41409-020-01120-w⟩
Poster communications hal-03632344v1
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Umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stromal cells: predictive obstetric factors for cell proliferation and chondrogenic differentiation

Léonore Avercenc-Leger , Philippe Guerci , Jean-Marc Virion , Ghislaine Cauchois , Sebastien Hupont , et al.
Stem Cell Research and Therapy, 2017, 8 (1), ⟨10.1186/s13287-017-0609-z⟩
Journal articles hal-01715233v1

Curative or pre-emptive adenovirus-specific T cell transfer from matched unrelated or third party haploidentical donors after HSCT, including UCB transplantations: a successful phase I/II multicenter clinical trial

Chongsheng Qian , Arnaud Campidelli , Yingying Wang , Huili Cai , Véronique Venard , et al.
Journal of Hematology and Oncology, 2017, 10 (1), pp.102. ⟨10.1186/s13045-017-0469-0⟩
Journal articles hal-01720707v1

WHIM syndromes with different genetic anomalies are accounted for by impaired CXCR4 desensitization to CXCL12.

Karl Balabanian , Bernard Lagane , José Luis Pablos , Lysiane Laurent , Thierry Planchenault , et al.
Blood, 2005, 105 (6), pp.2449-57. ⟨10.1182/blood-2004-06-2289⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00166808v1

Surface markers expressed differently according to MSC source and aging reflects MCS heterogeneity and define MSC subset

Laurie Targa , Li, Y , Ye, J , Naceur Charif , Du, W , et al.
6th International Symposium Europe-China, Jul 2016, Nancy, France
Conference papers hal-03033148v1

Chondrogenic induction of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells from Wharton's jelly embedded in alginate hydrogel and without added growth factor: an alternative stem cell source for cartilage tissue engineering

Loïc Reppel , Jessica Schiavi , Naceur Charif , Léonore Leger , Hao Yu , et al.
Stem Cell Research and Therapy, 2015, 6 (1), pp.260. ⟨10.1186/s13287-015-0263-2⟩
Journal articles hal-01451674v1

evaluation of natural killer cell cytotoxicity against medulloblastoma in vitro and in vivo

Melanie Gauthier , Manon Mouginot , Julien Pierson , Danièle Bensoussan , Pascal Chastagner , et al.
Joint Meeting of the German Society of Immunology and the Italian Society, Clinical immunology and Allergology, Sep 2019, munich, Germany
Poster communications hal-02965688v1

Mesenchymal stromal cell production compliant with good manufacturing practice: comparison between bone marrow and Wharton’s Jelly

Caroline Laroye , Mélanie Gauthier , Hélène Antonot , Veronique Decot , Loïc Reppel , et al.
European Bone Marrow Transplantation, Aug 2020, madrid, Spain
Poster communications hal-02980900v1

Mesenchymal stem cells derived from Wharton's jelly: comparative phenotype analysis between tissue and in vitro expansion.

Talar Margossian , Loïc Reppel , Nehman Makdissy , Jean-Francois Stoltz , Danièle Bensoussan , et al.
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2012, pp.243-54. ⟨10.3233/BME-2012-0714⟩
Journal articles hal-01777734v1

Original approach for cartilage tissue engineering with mesenchymal stem cells

Jessica Tritz-Schiavi , Naceur Charif , Christel Henrionnet , Natalia de Isla , Danièle Bensoussan , et al.
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2010, 20 (3-4), pp.167-174. ⟨10.3233/BME-2010-0628⟩
Journal articles hal-03782996v1

Senescence of mesenchymal stem cells and its impact on clinical applications

Natalia De Isla , Laurie Targa , Naceur Charif , Émilie Roeder , Ghislaine Cauchois , et al.
8th InternationalSymposium China-Europe Stem cells and regenerative medicine, Jun 2018, Wuhan, China
Conference papers hal-02973662v1

Is there an influence of obstetric factors on proliferation and chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from wharton's jelly?

Léonore Leger , Loïc Reppel , Philippe Guerci , J. -M. Virion , Sebastien Hupont , et al.
Wound Repair and Regeneration, 2013, 21 (6), pp.A73
Journal articles hal-01431353v1

Hypoxic Culture Conditions for Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells from Wharton's Jelly: A Critical Parameter to Consider in a Therapeutic Context

Loïc Reppel , Talar Margossian , Layale Yaghi , Philippe Moreau , Nathalie Mercier , et al.
Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2014, 9 (4), pp.306-318
Journal articles hal-01452711v1

Clinical-grade mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord improve septic shock in pigs

Caroline Laroye , Jérémie Lemarié , Amir Boufenzer , Pierre Labroca , Lisiane Cunat , et al.
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental, 2018, 6 (1), pp.24. ⟨10.1186/s40635-018-0194-1⟩
Journal articles hal-02906219v1

Adoptive immunotherapy of refractory viral infections after allogeneic HSCT: An academic network framing the use of ATMP under hospital exemption

Yingying Wang , Marcelo de Carvalho-Bittencourt , Typhaine Pierre , Melanie Gauthier , Veronique Decot , et al.
European Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oct 2020, madrid, Spain
Poster communications hal-02983016v1

Evaluation de la cytotoxicité des cellules Natural Killer envers le medulloblastome, in vitro et in vivo

Melanie Gauthier , Manon Mouginot , Lea Carvalho , Danièle Bensoussan , Dominique. Dumas , et al.
Congrès de la Société Francaise de Bioingenierie Tissulaire et Cellulaire, SFBCT, Jun 2019, amiens, France
Conference papers hal-03628158v1
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Human and animal cells as factories for therapeutic molecules

Eric Olmos , Danièle Bensoussan
Bioproduction, 2021, pp.19
Other publications hal-03633916v1

Validation of a single-platform method for hematopoietic CD34+stem cells enumeration according to accreditation procedure

Frédéric Massin , Cai Huili , Véronique Decot , Jean-François Stoltz , Danièle Bensoussan , et al.
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2015, 25 (1), pp.S27-S39. ⟨10.3233/BME-141226⟩
Journal articles hal-01452236v1

Adenovirus-specific T cell subsets in human peripheral blood and after IFN-g immunomagnetic selection

Chongsheng Qian , Yingying Wang , Huili Cai , Caroline Laroye , Marcelo de Carvalho Bittencourt , et al.
Journal of Immunotherapy, 2016, 39 (1), pp.27-35. ⟨10.1097/CJI.0000000000000105⟩
Journal articles hal-01320614v1

Stem cells and vascular regenerative medicine: A mini review

Jean-François Stoltz , Danièle Bensoussan , Natalia de Isla , L. Zhang , Z. Han , et al.
Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, 2017, 64 (4), pp.613 - 633. ⟨10.3233/CH-168036⟩
Journal articles hal-01715476v1

Mesenchymal stromal cells for sepsis and septic shock: Lessons for treatment of COVID ‐19

Caroline Laroye , Sébastien Gibot , Céline Huselstein , Danièle Bensoussan
Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 2020, 9 (12), pp.1488-1494. ⟨10.1002/sctm.20-0239⟩
Journal articles hal-02966851v1
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Natural killer cells and monoclonal antibodies: Two partners for successful antibody dependent cytotoxicity against tumor cells

Mélanie Gauthier , Caroline Laroye , Danièle Bensoussan , Cédric Boura , Veronique Decot
Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology, 2021, 160, pp.103261. ⟨10.1016/j.critrevonc.2021.103261⟩
Journal articles hal-03159101v1

Percutaneous autologous bone marrow injection for treatment of delayed and non-union of long bone: A retrospective study of 45 cases

Jean-Baptiste Gross , Jerome Diligent , Danièle Bensoussan , Laurent Galois , Jean-François Stoltz , et al.
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2015, 25 (1), pp.S187-S197. ⟨10.3233/BME-141235⟩
Journal articles hal-01452237v1

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Human Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue Maintain Their Immunosuppressive Properties After Chondrogenic Differentiation: Role of HLA-G

Wen-Jing Du , Loïc Reppel , Léonore Leger , Chantal Schenowitz , Céline Huselstein , et al.
Stem Cells and Development, 2016, 25 (19), pp.1454 - 1469. ⟨10.1089/scd.2016.0022⟩
Journal articles hal-01777755v1

Combination of Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1, 3 and lytic antigen BZLF1 peptide pools allows fast and efficient stimulation of Epstein-Barr virus-specific T cells for adoptive immunotherapy

Yingying Wang , Lamia Aïssi-Rothe , Jean Marc Virion , Marcelo de Carvalho Bittencourt , Neslihan Ulas , et al.
Cytotherapy, 2014, 16 (1), pp.122-134. ⟨10.1016/j.jcyt.2013.07.008⟩
Journal articles hal-01100009v1

RNM as MCS aging biomarkers : pertinence for regenerative medicine

Naceur Charif , Li, Yy , T Kaoma, , Vallar, L , Li, Yp , et al.
6th International Symposium Europe-China, Jul 2016, Nancy, France
Conference papers hal-03033120v1

Evolution of immunomodulatory effects of Wharton's jelly derived mesenchymal stromal cells during chondrogenic differentiation: effect of IFN-γ/TNF-α stimulation.

Léonore Leger , Huguette Louis , Akim Chayem , Ghislaine Cauchois , Danièle Bensoussan , et al.
First meeting of the CNRS GDRI France-China “Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine”., Jul 2016, Vandoeuvre Lès Nancy, France
Poster communications hal-02983460v1