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Enantioselective electrophilic fluorination: a study of the fluorine-transfer from achiral N–F reagents to cinchona alkaloids

Christine Baudequin , Jean-François Loubassou , Jean-Christophe Plaquevent , Dominique Cahard
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 2003, 122 (2), pp.189-193. ⟨10.1016/S0022-1139(03)00085-X⟩
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Synthesis and optical properties of multibranched and C3 symmetrical oligomers with benzene or triphenylamine core and diazines as peripheral groups

Flavia-Adina Martin , Christine Baudequin , Catherine Fiol-Petit , Mircea Darabantu , Yvan Ramondenc , et al.
Tetrahedron, 2014, 70 (15), pp.2546-2555. ⟨10.1016/j.tet.2014.02.044⟩
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Intermolecular Rhodium-Catalysed Hydroamination of Non-Activated Olefins: Effect of Olefin, Amine, Phosphine and Phosphonium Salt

Mireia Rodriguez-Zubiri , Christine Baudequin , Aurélien Béthegnies , Jean-Jacques Brunet
ChemPlusChem, 2012, 77 (6), pp.445-454. ⟨10.1002/cplu.201200017⟩
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Pd(0)-catalyzed direct inter- and intramolecular C2 or C5-H functionalization of 4-carboxyimidazoles

Steven Frippiat , Yvan Ramondenc , Cédric Schneider , Olivier Querolle , Patrick Angibaud , et al.
Journée de l’Ecole doctorale normande de chimie (JEDNC, 2017), Jul 2017, Rouen, France
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Photophysical properties of orthopalladated complexes from substituted imidazolones

Sandra Collado Ruiz , Christine Baudequin , Laurent Bischoff , Christophe Hoarau , Alejandro Pueyo , et al.
Rencontres de chimie organique de Marseille (RCOM, 10, 2018), May 2018, Marseille, France
Poster communications hal-02385446v1

Synthesis and photophysical investigation of a series of push-pull arylvinyldiazine chromophores.

Sylvain Achelle , Alberto Barsella , Christine Baudequin , Bertrand Caro , Françoise Robin-Le Guen
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2012, 77 (8), pp.4087-96. ⟨10.1021/jo3004919⟩
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Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Push-Pull Structures Incorporating Di-azines as Attracting Part with a Fluorene Core

Charline Denneval , Oana Moldovan , Christine Baudequin , Sylvain Achelle , Patrice L. Baldeck , et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013, 2013 (25), pp.5591-5602. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.201300458⟩
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An easy one-pot desilylation/copper-free Sonogashira cross-coupling reaction assisted by tetra-butylammonium fluoride (TBAF): Synthesis of highly π-conjugated porphyrins

Vincent Sol , Stéphanie Leroy-Lhez , Ahmad Jiblaoui , Frédéric Louradour , Guillaume Ducourthial , et al.
Tetrahedron, 2013, 69 (25), pp.5098-5103. ⟨10.1016/j.tet.2013.04.092⟩
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Pd-Catalyzed direct C–H functionalization of imidazolones with aryl-and alkenyl halides

Mickaël Muselli , Christine Baudequin , Christophe Hoarau , Laurent Bischoff
Chemical Communications, 2015, 51 (4), pp.745-748. ⟨10.1039/c4cc07917e⟩
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Rhodium-Catalyzed Hydroamination of Ethylene. Highly Promoting Effect of Iodide Ions

Christine Baudequin , Jean-Jacques Brunet , Mireia Rodriguez-Zubiri
Organometallics, 2007, 26 (22), pp.5264-5266. ⟨10.1021/om7009073⟩
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Formation of Imidazolones by Ring Closure of α-Isocyanoamides: Exploring New Reactivities

Steven Frippiat , Claire Leterrier , Christine Baudequin , Christophe Hoarau , Laurent Bischoff
SYNLETT, 2020, (in press). ⟨10.1055/s-0040-1708015⟩
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Functionalization of 4(2H)-pyrimidones via Pd-catalyzed and copper-assisted C-H arylation

Sandra Collado Ruiz , Christine Baudequin , Laurent Bischoff , Christophe Hoarau
European symposium on organic chemistry (ESOC, 20, 2017), Jul 2017, Cologne, Germany
Poster communications hal-02385466v1

Palladium-catalyzed direct C-H functionalization: a powerful methodology to access tailor-made GFP analogs and biologically-active molecules

Christine Baudequin , Laurent Bischoff , Christophe Hoarau
International Christmas Caparica Congress in Translational Chemistry (IC3TC, 2, 2017), Dec 2017, Lisbonne, Portugal
Conference papers hal-02385435v1

Pd(0)-catalyzed direct inter- and intramolecular C2 or C5-H functionalization of 4-carboxyimidazoles

Steven Frippiat , Yvan Ramondenc , Cédric Schneider , Olivier Querolle , Patrick Angibaud , et al.
Rencontres de chimie organique de Marseille (RCOM, 9, 2016), Jun 2016, Marseille, France
Poster communications hal-02385087v1

Chemoselective Palladium-Catalyzed Direct C–H Arylation of 5-Carboxyimidazoles: Unparalleled Access to Fused Imidazole-Based Tricycles Containing Six-, Seven- or Eight-Membered Rings

Jérémy Thireau , Cédric Schneider , Christine Baudequin , Sandrine Gaurrand , Patrick Angibaud , et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017, 2017 (17), pp.2491-2494. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.201700297⟩
Journal articles hal-02046311v1

Recent advances in pyrimidine derivatives as luminescent, photovoltaic and non-linear optical materials.

Sylvain Achelle , Christine Baudequin
Orazio A. Attanasi e Domenico Spinelli. Targets in Heterocyclic Systems, 17, Italian Society of Chemistry, pp.1-34, 2014, 978-88-86208-72-7
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Ortho-Directed Palladium-Catalyzed Direct C–H Functionalization of 3-Picolinyl- and 3-(2-Cyanoethyl)pyrimidin-4(3H)-ones with Aryl Halides

Sandra Collado Ruiz , Mickaël Muselli , Steven Frippiat , Thierno Mamoudou Diallo , Anissa Mohamed-Cherif , et al.
SYNLETT, 2020, 31 (12), pp.1185-1190. ⟨10.1055/s-0040-1707523⟩
Journal articles hal-03033560v1

Organocatalysis with Chiral Formamides: Asymmetric Allylation and Reduction of Imines

Christine Baudequin , Devdutt Chaturvedi , Svetlana Tsogoeva
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2007, 2007 (16), pp.2623-2629. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.200700058⟩
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Orthopalladation of GFP-Like Fluorophores Through C-H Bond Activation: Scope and Photophysical Properties

Sandra Collado Ruiz , Alejandro Pueyo , Christine Baudequin , Laurent Bischoff , Ana Isabel Jiménez , et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018, Special Issue: C‐H Activation in Organic Synthesis, 2018 (44), pp.6158-6166. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.201800966⟩
Journal articles hal-02024490v1

Pd(0)-Catalyzed Direct C-H Functionalization of 2-H-4-Benzylidene Imidazolones: Friendly and Large-Scale Access to GFP and Kaede Protein Fluorophores

Mickaël Muselli , Christine Baudequin , Cécile Perrio , Christophe Hoarau , Laurent Bischoff
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016, 22 (16), pp.5520-5524. ⟨10.1002/chem.201600602⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01575627v1
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Luminescent materials incorporating pyrazine or quinoxaline moieties

Sylvain Achelle , Christine Baudequin , Nelly Plé
Dyes and Pigments, 2013, 98 (3), pp.575-600. ⟨10.1016/j.dyepig.2013.03.030⟩
Journal articles hal-00879623v1

Chiral ionic liquids, a renewal for the chemistry of chiral solvents? Design, synthesis and applications for chiral recognition and asymmetric synthesis

Christine Baudequin , Delphine Brégeon , Jocelyne Levillain , F. Guillen , Jean-Christophe Plaquevent , et al.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2005, 16 (24), pp.3921. ⟨10.1016/j.tetasy.2005.10.026⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01147043v1

Thiazolinium salt: an efficient catalyst for the Mukaiyama reaction

Guillaume Mercey , Delphine Brégeon , Christine Baudequin , F. Guillen , Jocelyne Levillain , et al.
Tetrahedron Letters, 2009, 50 (52), pp.7239. ⟨10.1016/j.tetlet.2009.09.168⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01147118v1

Highly enantioselective organocatalytic formation of a quaternary carbon center via chiral Brønsted acid catalyzed self-coupling of enamides

Christine Baudequin , Alexandru Zamfir , Svetlana Tsogoeva
Chemical Communications, 2008, 38, pp.4637-4639. ⟨10.1039/B804477E⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02385370v1

Organometallic Fluorophores of d8 Metals (Pd, Pt, Au)

Laurent Bischoff , Christine Baudequin , Christophe Hoarau , E.P. Urriolabeitia
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, 2018, 69, pp.73-134. ⟨10.1016/bs.adomc.2018.03.001⟩
Journal articles hal-02024473v1

Modulation of intermolecular interactions in new pyrimidine–porphyrin system as two-photon absorbing photosensitizers

Ahmad Jiblaoui , Julien Brevier , Guillaume Ducourthial , Hector Gonzalez-Nunez , Christine Baudequin , et al.
Tetrahedron, 2015, 71 (16), pp.2428-2434. ⟨10.1016/j.tet.2015.02.068⟩
Journal articles hal-02381719v1

One Click to Access Push-Triazole-Pull Fluorophores Incorporating a Pyrimidine Moiety: Structure-Photophysical Properties Relationships

Anne-Sophie Cornec , Christine Baudequin , Catherine Fiol-Petit , Nelly Plé , Georges Dupas , et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013, 2013 (10), pp.1908-1915. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.201201033⟩
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Miyaura borylation/Suzuki–Miyaura coupling (MBSC) sequence of 4-bromo-2,4′-bithiazoles with halides: straightforward access to a heterocylic cluster of D-series of thiopeptide GE2270

Pierrik Lassalas , Christophe Berini , Jean-Baptiste Rouchet , Jonathan Hédouin , Francis Marsais , et al.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018, 16 (4), pp.526-530. ⟨10.1039/c7ob02866k⟩
Journal articles hal-02024509v1

Ionic liquids and chirality: opportunities and challenges

Christine Baudequin , Jérôme Baudoux , Jocelyne Levillain , Dominique Cahard , Annie-Claude Gaumont , et al.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2003, 14 (20), pp.3081-3093. ⟨10.1016/S0957-4166(03)00596-2⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02385379v1

Enantioselective electrophilic fluorination in ionic liquids

Christine Baudequin , Jean-Christophe Plaquevent , Christophe C. Audouard , Dominique Cahard
Green Chemistry, 2002, 4 (6), pp.584-586. ⟨10.1039/B208817G⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02385390v1