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Governance of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas

Cecile Pelaudeix , Ellen Margrethe Basse
Routledge, 2017, Global Governance, 9781472471505
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The rise of China and EU vulnerability

Cecile Pelaudeix
Other publications halshs-03323014v1
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The European Union Arctic Policy and National Interests of France and Germany: Internal and External Policy Coherence at Stake?

Cecile Pelaudeix , Thierry Rodon
The Northern Review, 2014, 37, pp.57-85
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Along the Road China in the Arctic

Cecile Pelaudeix
Connectivity and Security Brief, 2018, Along the Road, 13
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What is “Arctic governance”? A critical assessment of the diverse meanings of ‘Arctic governance’

Cecile Pelaudeix
The Yearbook of Polar Law, 2015, The Yearbook of Polar Law, 6 (2014), pp.398-426
Journal articles halshs-01132866v1

Openness, transparency and public participation in the governance of uranium mining in Greenland: a legal and political track record

Cecile Pelaudeix
Polar Record, 2017, 53 (6), pp.603-616
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Transnationalism in the Arctic Ocean: legitimacy strategies of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, the European Union and China

Cecile Pelaudeix
Transnationalisation tendencies and law: legitimacy in question, Routledge, Chapitre 4, In press
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Contemporaneity in Inuit Art Through the XXth and Early XXIst Centuries

Cecile Pelaudeix
Jaynie Anderson. Crossing cultures, Conflict, Migration, Convergence, Melbourne University Publishing, pp.952-956, 2009
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Transnationalisation tendencies and law: legitimacy in question

Bettina Lemann Kristiansen , Kateřina Mitkidis , Louise Munkholm , Lauren Neumann , Cecile Pelaudeix et al.
Routledge, In press
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EU - Greenland relations and sustainable development in the Arctic

Cecile Pelaudeix
Elena Conde; Sara Iglesias Sánchez. Global challenges in the Arctic Region. Sovereignty, Environment and Geopolitical Balance, Routledge, pp.306-322, 2016, 978-1-4724-6325-8
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Art Inuit : Formes de l'Ame et Représentations de l'Etre.

Cecile Pelaudeix
Editions de Pise, pp.245, 2007, 978-2-9527533-1-9
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Towards an integrated and participatory governance of the Arctic marine areas

Cecile Pelaudeix
Cécile Pelaudeix; Ellen Margrethe Basse. Governance of Arctic offshore oil and gas, Routledge, pp.280-292, 2017, Global Governance, 9781472471505
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Gouvernance Inuit : les projets politiques au défi du développement

Cecile Pelaudeix
Chantal Spillemaecker. Nunavik. En Terre Inuit, Musée Dauphinois, pp.127-141, 2016, 978-2-35567-106-7
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Transnationalisation tendencies and law: legitimacy in question

Louise Munkholm , Cecile Pelaudeix , Bettina Lemann Kristiansen
Transnationalisation tendencies and law: legitimacy in question, Routledge, Chapter 17, In press
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Une contribution de l'iconologie de Warburg à l'étude des arts lointains : art inuit et formes de l'âme

Cecile Pelaudeix
Thierry Dufrêne; Anne-Christine Taylor. Cannibalismes disciplinaires : quand l'histoire de l'art et l'anthropologie se rencontrent, INHA, Musée du Quai Branly, pp.193-206, 2010
Book sections halshs-00752272v1

Governance of offshore hydrocarbon activities in the Arctic and energy policies: a comparative approach between Norway, Canada and Greenland/Denmark

Cecile Pelaudeix
Cécile Pelaudeix; Ellen Margrethe Basse. Governance of Arctic offshore oil and gas, Routledge, pp.108-126, 2017, Global Governance, 9781472471505
Book sections hal-01974407v1
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Culture de l'Arctique, identité nationale et enjeux circumpolaires du Canada

Cecile Pelaudeix
Alain Faure, Robert Griffths. La société canadienne en débats. What Holds Canada Together?, L'Harmattan, pp.161-176, 2008, Questions contemporaines, 978-2-296-05930-6
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EU's New Arctic Communication: Towards Understanding of a Greater Role

Cecile Pelaudeix
Arctic Yearbook, 2012, Arctic Yearbook 2012, pp.157-159
Journal articles halshs-00801670v1
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Inuit governance in a changing environment: a scientific or a political project?

Cecile Pelaudeix
Pelaudeix C., Faure A., Griffiths R. What Holds The Arctic Together?, L'Harmattan, pp.67-83, 2012, Logiques Politiques
Book sections halshs-00752302v1

Sustainable development in
the Arctic region: impacts, implementation and governance, in Science plan, French Arctic Initiative, 2015-2020

Cecile Pelaudeix
[Research Report] CNRS; INSU, CNRS. 2015
Reports hal-01974440v1
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EU and Canada Can Grow Arctic Relations

Cecile Pelaudeix
Other publications hal-00681262v1

Inuit Governance and Contemporary Challenges: New Questions for Arctic governance

Cecile Pelaudeix
The Yearbook of Polar Law, 2012, IV, pp.155-188
Journal articles halshs-00751419v1
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Deep Seabed Mining of Critical Metals, Strategic and Governance Challenges

Cecile Pelaudeix
Other publications hal-01974369v1

China’s interests in the Arctic and the EU Arctic policy: towards a proactive EU foreign policy?

Cecile Pelaudeix
The Yearbook of Polar Law, 2015, 7, pp.128-150
Journal articles hal-01974435v1

Governance Inuit : un progetto politico o scientifico

Cecile Pelaudeix
Il Polo, 2011, 1, pp.23-34
Journal articles halshs-00752285v1
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Governance of Arctic Offshore Oil & Gas Activities: Multilevel Governance & Legal Pluralism at Stake

Cecile Pelaudeix
Arctic Yearbook, 2015, Arctic Yearbook 2015
Journal articles halshs-01217805v1

Gouvernance Inuit: un projet politique ou scientifique?

Cecile Pelaudeix
Arctique. Enjeux et équations géopolitiques au 21ème siècle - Arctic. Geopolitical Issues and Equations in 21st the Century, Nov 2010, Lyon, France
Conference papers halshs-00536553v1

What holds the Arctic together?

Cecile Pelaudeix , Alain Faure , Robert Griffiths
L'Harmattan, pp.194, 2012, Logiques Politiques
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