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Identification of Outer Membrane Proteins Altered in Response to UVC-Radiation in Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio alginolyticus.

Fethi Ben Abdallah , Rihab Lagha , Ali Ellafi , Abdelkader Namane , Jean-Claude Rousselle , et al.
Indian J Microbiol, 2012, 52 (4), pp.660-5. ⟨10.1007/s12088-012-0299-2⟩
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Identification of 12 new yeast mitochondrial ribosomal proteins including 6 that have no prokaryotic homologues

Cosmin Saveanu , M. Fromont-Racine , A. Harington , F. Ricard , A. Namane , et al.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2001, 276 (19), pp.15861--15867. ⟨10.1074/jbc.M010864200⟩
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Multiple classifier for degraded machine printed character recognition

A. Namane , P. Meyrueis
Colloque International Francophone sur l'Ecrit et le Document, Oct 2008, France. pp.187-192
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The p21-activated protein kinase inhibitor Skb15 and its budding yeast homologue are 60S ribosome assembly factors.

Cosmin Saveanu , Jean-Claude Rousselle , Pascal Lenormand , Abdelkader Namane , Alain Jacquier , et al.
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2007, 27 (8), pp.2897-909. ⟨10.1128/MCB.00064-07⟩
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Actin activates Pseudomonas aeruginosa ExoY nucleotidyl cyclase toxin and ExoY-like effector domains from MARTX toxins

Alexander Belyy , Dorothée Raoux-Barbot , Cosmin Saveanu , Abdelkader Namane , Vasily Ogryzko , et al.
Nature Communications, 2016, 7, pp.13582. ⟨10.1038/ncomms13582⟩
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Sequential protein association with nascent 60S ribosomal particles

Cosmin Saveanu , Abdelkader Namane , Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes , Alice Lebreton , Jean-Claude Rousselle , et al.
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2003, 23 (13), pp.4449-60. ⟨10.1128/MCB.23.13.4449-4460.2003⟩
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A structural inventory of native ribosomal ABCE1‐43S pre‐initiation complexes

Hanna Kratzat , Timur Mackens-Kiani , Michael Ameismeier , Mia Potocnjak , Jingdong Cheng , et al.
EMBO Journal, 2021, 40 (1), pp.e105179. ⟨10.15252/embj.2020105179⟩
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Infection by chikungunya virus modulates the expression of several proteins in Aedes aegypti salivary glands.

Stephane Tchankouo-Nguetcheu , Edouard Bourguet , Pascal Lenormand , Jean-Claude Rousselle , Abdelkader Namane , et al.
Parasites & Vectors, 2012, 5 (1), pp.264. ⟨10.1186/1756-3305-5-264⟩
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Nonsense‐mediated mRNA decay involves two distinct Upf1‐bound complexes

Marine Dehecq , Laurence Decourty , Abdelkader Namane , Caroline Proux , Joanne Kanaan , et al.
EMBO Journal, 2018, 37, pp.e99278. ⟨10.15252/embj.201899278⟩
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The cryo-EM structure of a ribosome–Ski2-Ski3-Ski8 helicase complex

Christian Schmidt , Eva Kowalinski , Vivekanandan Shanmuganathan , Quentin Defenouillère , Katharina Braunger , et al.
Science, 2016, 354 (6318), pp.1431-1433. ⟨10.1126/science.aaf7520⟩
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Staphylococcus aureus RNAIII and the endoribonuclease III coordinately regulate spa gene expression

Eric Huntzinger , Sandrine Boisset , Cosmin Saveanu , Yvonne Benito , Thomas Geissmann , et al.
EMBO Journal, 2005, 24 (4), pp.824 - 835. ⟨10.1038/sj.emboj.7600572⟩
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Comprehensive proteome analysis of Mycobacterium ulcerans and quantitative comparison of mycolactone biosynthesis

Petra Tafelmeyer , Christine Laurent , Pascal Lenormand , Jean-Claude Rousselle , Laurent Marsollier , et al.
Proteomics, 2008, 8 (15), pp.3124 - 3138. ⟨10.1002/pmic.200701018⟩
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Conformational Studies by 1H NMR of the HIV Enhancer: the Transcription Factors NF‐κB and Sp1 Binding Domains

Muriel Delepierre , Patrick Sodano , Catherine Gouyette , Abdelkader Namane , Jean Igolen , et al.
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 1996, 34 (13), pp.S67-S80. ⟨10.1002/(SICI)1097-458X(199612)34:133.0.CO;2-F⟩
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Structural and nucleotide-binding properties of YajQ and YnaF, two Escherichia coli proteins of unknown function

Cosmin Saveanu , Simona Miron , Tudor Borza , Constantin T. Craescu , Gilles Labesse , et al.
Protein Science, 2002, 11 (11), pp.2551--2560. ⟨10.1110/ps.0217502⟩
Journal articles pasteur-01404701v1

Phosphoproteomic analysis ofLeishmania donovani pro- and amastigote stages

Miguel Morales , Reiko Watanabe , Christine Laurent , Pascal Lenormand , Jean-Claude Rousselle , et al.
Proteomics, 2008, 8 (2), pp.350-363. ⟨10.1002/pmic.200700697⟩
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The ribosome-bound quality control complex remains associated to aberrant peptides during their proteasomal targeting and interacts with Tom1 to limit protein aggregation

Quentin Defenouillère , Abdelkader Namane , John Mouaikel , Alain Jacquier , Micheline Fromont-Racine
Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2017, 28 (9), pp.1165-1176. ⟨10.1091/mbc.E16-10-0746⟩
Journal articles pasteur-02861913v1

Enzymatic synthesis of some O-beta-D-digalactosyl glycopeptides, using beta-D-galactosidase.

S. Bay , A. Namane , D. Cantacuzene
Carbohydrate Research, 1993, 248, pp.317-25. ⟨10.1016/0008-6215(93)84137-U⟩
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New fluorescent and photoactivable analogs acting on nucleotide binding enzymes

Robert S. Sarfati , Abdelkader Namane , Hélène Munier , Octavian Barzu
Tetrahedron Letters, 1991, 32 (36), pp.4699-4702. ⟨10.1016/S0040-4039(00)92285-8⟩
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Yeast homolog of a cancer-testis antigen defines a new transcription complex.

Elena Kisseleva-Romanova , Raffaele Lopreiato , Agnès Baudin-Baillieu , Jean-Claude Rousselle , Laila Ilan , et al.
EMBO Journal, 2006, 25 (15), pp.3576-85. ⟨10.1038/sj.emboj.7601235⟩
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Global analysis of the sigma 54 regulon of Listeria monocytogenes

Safia Arous , Carmen Buchrieser , Patrice Folio , Philippe Glaser , Abdelkader Namane , et al.
Joint International Conference on Anaerobic Protists (ICAP)/8. International Workshop on Opportunistic Protists (IWOP), Jul 2003, Hilo, United States. ⟨10.1099/mic.0.6860-0⟩
Conference papers hal-02762863v1
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Structural and functional insights into CWC27/CWC22 heterodimer linking the exon junction complex to spliceosomes

Virginia Busetto , Isabelle Barbosa , Jérôme Basquin , Emélie Marquenet , Rémi Hocq , et al.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2020, 48 (10), pp.5670-5683. ⟨10.1093/nar/gkaa267⟩
Journal articles pasteur-02862504v1

The HcaR regulatory protein of Photorhabdus luminescens affects the production of proteins involved in oxidative stress and toxemia

Sabina Chalabaev , Françoise Turlin , Jean François Charles , Abdelkader Namane , Sylvie Pages , et al.
Proteomics, 2007, 7 (24), pp.4499-4510. ⟨10.1002/pmic.200700609⟩
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Identification of outer membrane proteins of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio alginolyticus altered in response to γ-irradiation or long-term starvation.

Fethi Ben Abdallah , Ali Ellafi , Rihab Lagha , Amina Bakhrouf , Abdelkader Namane , et al.
Research in Microbiology, 2010, 161 (10), pp.869-75. ⟨10.1016/j.resmic.2010.10.009⟩
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Identification of Leishmania-specific protein phosphorylation sites by LC-ESI-MS/MS and comparative genomics analyses

Sonia Hem , Pier Federico Gherardini , José Osorio y Fortéa , Veronique Hourdel , Miguel A. Morales , et al.
Proteomics, 2010, 10 (21), pp.3868-3883. ⟨10.1002/pmic.201000305⟩
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A SKI subcomplex specifically required for the degradation of ribosome-free RNA regions

Elodie Zhang , Varun Khanna , Abdelkader Namane , Antonia Doyen , Estelle Dacheux , et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... pasteur-03440988v1
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Deadenylation rate is not a major determinant of RNA degradation in yeast

Léna Audebert , Frank Feuerbach , Laurence Decourty , Abdelkader Namane , Emmanuelle Permal , et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-04051068v1
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The salivary glands and saliva of Anopheles gambiae as an essential step in the Plasmodium life cycle: a global proteomic study.

Valérie Choumet , Annick Carmi-Leroy , Christine Laurent , Pascal Lenormand , Jean-Claude Rousselle , et al.
Proteomics, 2007, 7 (18), pp.3384-94. ⟨10.1002/pmic.200700334⟩
Journal articles istex pasteur-00527461v1

Phosphoproteome dynamics reveal heat-shock protein complexes specific to the Leishmania donovani infectious stage.

Miguel A Morales , Reiko Watanabe , Mariko Dacher , Philippe Chafey , José Osorio y Fortéa , et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2010, epub ahead of print. ⟨10.1073/pnas.0914768107⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00476914v1
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A critical role for peptidoglycan N-deacetylation in Listeria evasion from the host innate immune system

Ivo G Boneca , Olivier Dussurget , Didier Cabanes , Marie-Anne Nahori , Sandra Sousa , et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2007, 104 (3), pp.997-1002. ⟨10.1073/pnas.0609672104⟩
Journal articles pasteur-00139188v1
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Rqc1 and Ltn1 Prevent C-terminal Alanine-Threonine Tail (CAT-tail)-induced Protein Aggregation by Efficient Recruitment of Cdc48 on Stalled 60S Subunits

Quentin Defenouillère , Elodie Zhang , Abdelkader Namane , John Mouaikel , Alain Jacquier , et al.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2016, 291 (23), pp.12245-12253. ⟨10.1074/jbc.m116.722264⟩
Journal articles pasteur-03431234v1