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authFullName_s : David Waterman
level0_domain_s : Humanities and Social Sciences

Freshman Composition and the Computer Lab: Using a Magazine Format to Create an Interactive Classroom

David Waterman
Iowa English Bulletin, 1996
Journal articles hal-03849430v1

Reflexive Orientalism in Cantos V and VI of Byron's 'Don Juan

David Waterman
Etudes Anglaises, 1996
Journal articles hal-03835826v1

“Traumatic Experience, Crisis of Survival and Healing: Interconnected Itineraries/Histories in Soniah Kamal’s An Isolated Incident.”

David Waterman
Itineraires / Itineraries., In press
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Itineraires / Itineraries.

David Waterman , Martine Raibaud
A paraître
Books hal-02425816v1

Le miroir de la société: La violence institutionnelle chez Anthony Burgess, Doris Lessing et Pat Barker

David Waterman
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Masters and Pupils : Anglo-Irish Relations in Maria Edgeworth’s Ennui

David Waterman
Alizés : Revue angliciste de La Réunion, 1998, CAPES Curriculum : The Portrait of a Lady, 16, pp.69-81
Journal articles hal-02348391v1
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Karachi's Fragmented Interdependence: Kamila Shamsie's In the City by the Sea (1998)

David Waterman
Alizés : Revue angliciste de La Réunion, 2013, Side Views, 37, pp.194-206
Journal articles hal-02340782v1

Group Allegiance and Coerced Identity: Doris Lessing's "Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire

David Waterman
CEA Critic, 2003
Journal articles hal-03849416v1

Identity in Doris Lessing's Space Fiction

David Waterman
Books hal-03835782v1

I believed my own story': Composite Identity in Pat Barker's 'Border Crossing

David Waterman
Confluences, 2004
Journal articles hal-03835817v1

Le Terrorisme d'Etat and le Contrôle Social: 'One for the Road' et 'Mountain Language' de Harold Pinter

David Waterman
Forum Modernes Theater, 2003
Journal articles hal-03836749v1

Disordered Bodies and Disrupted Borders: Representations of Resistance in Modern British Literature.

David Waterman
Books hal-03835788v1

The 'fear of being irrelevant' in a Time of War: Representing Self and Other in Pat Barker's 'Life Class

David Waterman
Krieg und Literatur Jahrbuch / War and Literature Yearbook, 2008
Book sections hal-03836734v1

Caryl Churchill's 'Cloud Nine: The Fiction of Race and Gender in a System of Power

David Waterman
Forum Modernes Theater, 1999
Journal articles hal-03836752v1

Who am I when the Other Disappears? Identity and Progress in Doris Lessing's 'The Sirian Experiments

David Waterman
Insularités, 2008
Book sections hal-03835813v1

Body / Text / History: Violation of Borders in Assia Djebar's "Fantasia

David Waterman
Studies in Twentieth Century Literature, 1998, ⟨10.4148/2334-4415.1445⟩
Journal articles hal-03849425v1

Olive Schreiner's "The Story of an African Farm": Power, Gender and Age

David Waterman
English Studies in Africa: A Journal of the Humanities, 1997, ⟨10.1080/00138399708691253⟩
Journal articles hal-03849428v1

The Performance of Masculinity and Nationalism: Sean O'Casey's 'The Plough and the Stars' and 'Juno and the Paycock

David Waterman
Études irlandaises, 1998
Journal articles hal-03835823v1

Helpless Ignorance, Helpless Awareness: Social Identit(ies) in Doris Lessing's "The Memoirs of a Survivor

David Waterman
Taiwan Journal of English Literature, 2004
Journal articles hal-03849412v1

Collective Utopia on an Interplanetary Scale: "Shikasta" by Doris Lessing

David Waterman
Collected Essays and Speeches Contributed to The International Conference on European Literature and Literary History at Peking University, 2003, 7-105-05435-2
Book sections hal-03849422v1

Memory and Cultural Identity: Negotiating Modernity in Nadeem Aslam's 'Maps for Lost Lovers

David Waterman
Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies, 2010
Journal articles hal-03836721v1

The Family, Constructed Reality and Collective Traumatic Memory: Pat Barker's 'Another World

David Waterman
Études britanniques contemporaines - Revue de la Société dʼétudes anglaises contemporaines, 2009
Journal articles hal-03835806v1

Identity in Doris Lessing's Space Fiction

David Waterman
Études britanniques contemporaines - Revue de la Société dʼétudes anglaises contemporaines, 2009
Journal articles hal-03835808v1

Improper Heroes: Treating the Contagion of Hysteria, Homosexuality and Pacifism in Pat Barker's World War I Trilogy

David Waterman
Études britanniques contemporaines - Revue de la Société dʼétudes anglaises contemporaines, 2003
Journal articles hal-03835821v1

Le Concept Deleuzien de 'devenir' dans 'Midnight's Children' de Salman Rushdie: Le corps humain comme texte de résistance

David Waterman
Frontières et syncrétisme, 2002
Book sections hal-03835822v1

Imperialism and the Construction of Racial Superiority: George Orwell's 'Burmese Days

David Waterman
In-between : Essays & Studies in Literary Criticism, 1997
Journal articles hal-03836757v1

Unity Among the Stars: Faith and Reason in Doris Lessing's 'Canopus in Argos: Archives

David Waterman
Re-Embroidering the Robe: Faith, Myth and Literary Creation Since 1850, 2008
Book sections hal-03836739v1

Bill the Symbolic Worker: Forced Syndicalism, Opposition and the Self in Anthony Burgess's "1985

David Waterman
Atenea: A Bilingual Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2004
Journal articles hal-03849418v1

Exit West: The Making of a World

David Waterman
Sociétés en mutation: Culture(s) en mouvement dans les espaces littoraux et urbains, 2020
Book sections hal-03836715v1

Pat Barker and the Mediation of Social Reality

David Waterman
Books hal-03835778v1