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M. Eng-;-brisbane, . St, Q. Lucia, and . Australia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her research interests concern the design of microwave/millimeter wave devices for biomedical and industrial applications, effects of electromagnetic Mohamed Himdi received the Ph.D. degree in signal processing and telecommunications from the University of Rennes 1, France in 1990. Since 2003, he has been a Professor with the University of Rennes 1, and the Head of the High Frequency and Antenna Department until 2013, of IETR. He has authored or co-authored 130 journal papers and over 270 papers in conference proceedings. He has also co-authored 9 book chapters. He holds 40 patents. His research activities concern passive and active millimeter-wave antennas. His research also includes development of new architectures of antenna arrays, and new three-dimensional (3-D) antenna technologies. He was Laureate of the 2d National Competition for the Creation of Enterprises in Innovative Technologies in 2000 (Ministry of Industry and Education), RF/Microwave, 2005.