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6th edition of the World Wide Workshop for Young Environmental Scientists (WWW-YES-2007)

24- 27 April 2007 at Domaine de Cherioux, Vitry sur Seine, France

Scientific programme with presentation and manuscript files when available

Note: some e-mail addresses of authors may have changed since 2007!

Name Country E-mail Title of oral presentation

AROUA Nadjet Algeria arouanajet[AT] Urban vulnerability and resilience factors face to the hydro climatic risks in Algeria: terms of a problematic WWW-YES-2007-Aroua presentation BALLESTE PAU Elisenda Spain eballeste[AT] Use of the bifidobacteries’ diversity for bacterial source tracking in water fecal pollution WWW-YES-2007-Ballestre-Pau-Presentation BOUSQUET Anne France anne_bousquet[AT] « Centralized decentralization » versus « community privatization » : a new turn of water sector reforms ?WWW-YES-2007-Bousquet presentation CHATZIMPIROS Petros Greece / France petros.chatzimpiros[AT] Water vs. ecological footprint: an approximation WWW-YES-2007-Chatzimpiros presentation ENSINK Jeroen UK jeroen.ensink[AT] Sewage use in agriculture: can risks and benefits be balanced? WWW-YES-2007-Ensink presentationGILLARD Nadia France nadia_rafidimanantsoa[AT] Study of lagoon for waste water treatment system as key element in city design WWW-YES-2007-Gillard presentation HERVE-BAZIN Céline France / Morocco celine.hervebazin[AT] & celinehervebazin[AT] The importance of integrating a gender approach in water supply programs : the case of Lydec in Casablanca WWW-YES-2007-Herve-Bazin presentation ISLAM Shafi Noor Germany / Bangladesh shafinoor[AT] Salinity Intrusion due to Fresh Water Scarcity in the Ganges Catchment : A Challenge for Urban Drinking Water and Mangrove Wetland Ecosystem in the Sundarbans Region, Bangladesh WWW-YES-2007-Islam-Shafi presentation JUNG Sarah France jung[AT] Historical assessment of urban contamination in PCBs and PAHs in Lake Bourget through sediment analysis WWW-YES-2007-Jung presentation LAMPREA MALDONADO Diana Katerine France katerine.lamprea[AT] Hydrologic experimental survey of urban separate catchments (Nantes, France) WWW-YES-2007-Lamprea presentation LIPPONEN Annukka Finland / France a.lipponen[AT] Identification of tunnel sections vulnerable to contaminant transport in a peri-urban setting: case Helsinki metropolitan area WWW-YES-2007-Lipponen presentation LOPEZ Hedia Tunisia trabelsi_hedia[AT] Participative and sustainable management of underground water MEZGEBU MEDHANE Semret Ethiopia / Netherlands smezgebu[AT] The Impact of Water Harvesting in Mitigating Child Malnutrition in Tigray, Ethiopia WWW-YES-2007-Mezgebu presentation MILOT Nicolas Canada milot.nicolas[AT] From public policy to social dynamic in Quebec watershed management WWW-YES-2007-Milot presentation MPAKAM Hernanie Grelle Cameroon / France mhernaniegrelle[AT] Water supply in a sub-Saharan Africa town and socio-economic and sanitary impacts : case of Bafoussam (West-Cameroon) WWW-YES-2007-Mpakam presentation PAMBRUN Vaitea France vaitea.pambrun[AT] Characterization of the toxic effects of Cadmium and 3.5-Dichlorophenol on growth and decay rates of nitrifying bacteria in biological activated sludge systems WWW-YES-2007-Pambrun presentation PERNET-COUDRIER Benoît France pernet-coudrier[AT] Characterization of dissolved organic matter from discharge of a major French wastewater treatment plant and influence on copper toxicity WWW-YES-2007-Pernet-Coudrier presentation SINGH Anu India / Spain anu29feb[AT] & anu29feb[AT] Urban Wastewater Treatment and Pollution Control by Microorganisms: Experiences of Developing Countries WWW-YES-2007-Singh presentation SOU Mariam Burkina Faso / France mariam_sou[A] Treated wastewater recycling in crop irrigation: assessment of their fertilizer value WWW-YES-2007-Sou presentation VERMA Neelam India neelamverma.chem[AT] & neelam_15[AT] Performance evalution of aeration systems in improving water quality of a sewage fed lake WWW-YES-2007-Verma presentation ZEBRACKI Mathilde France zebracki[AT] Short-term sediment dynamics and metallic-particle associated transfer in an urban river watercourse WWW-YES-2007-Zebracki presentation