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5th edition of the World Wide Workshop for Young Environmental Scientists (WWW-YES-2006)

9 - 12 May 2006 at Domaine de Cherioux, Vitry sur Seine, France

Scientific programme with presentation and manuscript files when available



#Session NAME First NameUniversityPresentation title
  First session : Water quality
1 QUAL ALEGUE FEUGO Jean Duclos Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, GERMANY Indicators and standards for assessing and managing water quality
2 QUAL BIANCHI CALERA Beatriz National Institute of Hydraulics Resources & Havana Metropolitan Park, CUBA Water quality control in Almendares river; a challenge in watershed management
3 QUAL HOLGUIN Javier CINARA Univalle Cali, COLOMBIA Environmental impact modelling of discharged urban water in aquatic ecosystems receivers. Case study: City Cali & the Cauca River
4 QUAL BOLUWADE Alaba Civil Engineering Departement, New South Wales University, AUSTRALIA Modelling Opeki river flow for sustainable development in Oyo state Nigeria
5 QUAL DJEDIAI Houria University of Science and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf, Oran, ALGERIA Study and elaboration of surface water resource maps in Tafna river’s basin in the West of Algeria
6 QUAL ROBERT Pauline ENPC, Cereve, FRANCE The impact of roofing materials on metal runoff in urban stormwater
7 QUAL ODOULAMI Léocadie Université d‘Abomey-Calavi, Laboratoire LECREDE, BENIN Water quality and sanitary consequences on the population of Cotonou (Benin)
8 QUAL NGOUTANE PARE Marie-Madeleine University of Yaoundé I, Department of plant Biology and Physiology. Wastewater Research Unit, Faculty of Science, University of Yaounde I, CAMEROON Vulnerability of urban wetland aquatic flora communities to pollution: the case of messa wetlands (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
  Second session: Socio cultural aspects of water use
9 SOCIO SORS Eduard Ecole d‘Architecture de Paris Belleville, Laboratoire IPRAUS-LAIADE (CNRS), FRANCE Urban hydrological shifts in time and space: from hydrophobe to hydrophage interactions and behaviours
10 SOCIO MAGNIANT (Ziba) R. Katia Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, FRANCE Year 2025, drinkable water for all in Ouagadougou : a difficult undertaking
11 SOCIO MENDOZA BOHNE Lourdes Sofìa International Graduate Social Studies, University of Bielefeld, GERMANY & Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y humanidades, Universidad de Guadalajara, MEXICO The culture of the use of the water in everyday life. A social study case of two neighbourhoods in Guadalajara, Mèxico
12 SOCIO BELBEOCH Anne ENPC, Cereve, FRANCE Overview on a sociologic approach to meet the complexity of water supply in the process of decentralization in West Africa, more particularly in the small centres
13 SOCIO AROUA Nadjet Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’urbanisme, Algiers, Research Unit on "Architecture and Environment", ALGERIA Water‘s question in urban area of Algiers: Vulnerability factors and resilience capacity of Algerian urban areas towards hydro climatic risks
14 SOCIO ABRAHAM Ernest Mensah International Water Management Institute, GHANA Maximizing the benefits of urban water resources for improved livelihood of city dwellers in Accra, Ghana
  Third session: Water treatment systems
15 WWT HERNANDEZ BERNAL Norma Angélica Minas Gerais Federal University, Sanitation and Environmental Engineering Department, BRAZIL Rainwater harvesting as an alternative to diminish environmental and social vulnerability in the semiarid region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil
16 WWT MOURA Priscilla INSA de Lyon - Unité de Recherche en Génie Civil, FRANCE Multicriteria procedure for the design and the management of infiltration systems
17 WWT PRANDINI Fausta CeTAmb, University of Brescia, ITALY CeTAmb‘s experiences: drinking water management in India and wastewater treatments for agricultural applications in Senegal
18 WWT MORALES CAMPOS Cristian Technical University of Havana & Havana Metropolitan Park, CUBA Urban constructed wetlands for domestics wastewater treatment in Havana
19 WWT RASOANAND RASANA Emilienne University of Reunion, Department of physique, LRGE2, MADAGASCAR Contribution in the study of domestic and industrial waste water of Mahajanga: application in the management and methanisation of the vinasse distillery of the sugar industry and the slaughterhouse effluents
20 WWT UGARELLI Rita Maria Bologna University, ITALY & NTNU, NORWAY The decision support system CARE-S: pros and cons of the project after one year of application
21 WWT VEERALADINNE Nirmala S.K University, Anantapur (A.P), INDIA Application of low-cost Agricultural wastes/by products in the treatment of water and waste water
22 WWT OPARAJI Bartholomew Udochukwu Federal University of Technology, Owerri, NIGERIA Evaluation of an integrated bio-coagulant-sand filter for domestic water treatment in Nigeria urban cities