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Une technique d'assistance par le bruit pour aider l'opérateur de Teager-Kaiser à suivre une composante fréquentielle perturbée.

Stéphane Rossignol
GRETSI, Sep 2015, Lyon, France. pp.1-4
Conference papers hal-01258535v1
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Scaling of Distributed Multi-Simulations on Multi-Core Clusters

Cherifa Dad , Stephane Vialle , Mathieu Caujolle , Jean-Philippe Tavella , Michel Ianotto
25th IEEE International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE-2016), Jun 2016, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01332628v1

A Simple Guideline for Code Optimizations on Modern Architectures with OpenACC and CUDA

Ludomir Oteski , Guillaume Colin-De-Verdière , Sylvain Contassot-Vivier , Stephane Vialle , Juliet Ryan
GPU Technology Conference 2017, NVIDIA, May 2017, San Jose, United States
Conference papers hal-01527684v1

Faut-il minimiser le résidu de Bellman ou maximiser la valeur moyenne ?

Matthieu Geist , Bilal Piot , Olivier Pietquin
Journées Francophones sur la Planification, la Décision et l'Apprentissage pour la conduite de systèmes (JFPDA 2017), Jul 2017, Caen, France
Conference papers hal-01576347v1
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Real time degradation identification of UAV using machine learning techniques

Anush Manukyan , Olivares-Mendez Miguel , Holger Voos , Matthieu Geist
International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), 2017, Miami, United States
Conference papers hal-01629680v1
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Optimism in Active Learning with Gaussian Processes

Timothé Collet , Olivier Pietquin
22nd International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2015), Nov 2015, Istanbul, Turkey
Conference papers hal-01225826v1
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Toward an Accurate and Fast Hybrid Multi-Simulation with the FMI-CS Standard

Jean-Philippe Tavella , Mathieu Caujolle , Stéphane Vialle , Cherifa Dad , Charles Tan , et al.
21 st International Conference on: Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA-2016), Sep 2016, Berlin, Germany
Conference papers hal-01371499v1
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Bayesian Credible Intervals for Online and Active Learning of Classification Trees

Timothé Collet , Olivier Pietquin
ADPRL 2015 - Symposium on Adaptive Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning., Dec 2015, Cape Town, South Africa
Conference papers hal-01225850v1
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Softened approximate policy iteration for Markov games

Julien Pérolat , Bilal Piot , Matthieu Geist , Bruno Scherrer , Olivier Pietquin
ICML 2016 - 33rd International Conference on Machine Learning, Jun 2016, New York City, United States
Conference papers hal-01393328v1
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Score-based Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Layla El Asri , Bilal Piot , Matthieu Geist , Romain Laroche , Olivier Pietquin
International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2016), May 2016, Singapore, Singapore
Conference papers hal-01406886v1
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Scaling FMI-CS Based Multi-Simulation Beyond Thousand FMUs on Infiniband Cluster

Stéphane Vialle , Jean-Philippe Tavella , Cherifa Dad , Remi Corniglion , Mathieu Caujolle , et al.
12th International Modelica Conference 2017, May 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
Conference papers hal-01527682v1

Towards an Efficient CPU-GPU Code Hybridization: a Simple Guideline for Code Optimizations on Modern Architecture with OpenACC and CUDA

Ludomir Oteski , Guillaume Colin de Verdiere , Sylvain Contassot-Vivier , Stephane Vialle , Juliette Ryan
GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Oct 2017, Munich, Germany
Conference papers hal-01651967v1
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In the quest of efficient hardware implementations of dynamic neural fields: an experimental study on the influence of the kernel shape

Benoît Chappet de Vangel , Jérémy Fix
Intemational Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Jul 2016, Vancouver, Canada. ⟨10.1109/IJCNN.2016.7727446⟩
Conference papers hal-01482258v1

Phytoplankton identification by combined methods of morphological processing and fluorescence imaging

Mathieu Lauffer , Frédéric Genty , Jean-Luc Collette , Samuel Margueron
EESMS, Jul 2015, Trento, Italy. pp.131-135, ⟨10.1109/EESMS.2015.7175865⟩
Conference papers hal-01286763v1
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Learning from Demonstrations: Is It Worth Estimating a Reward Function?

Bilal Piot , Matthieu Geist , Olivier Pietquin
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD 2013), Sep 2013, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.17-32, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-40988-2_2⟩
Conference papers hal-00869801v1

Compact and Interpretable Dialogue State Representation with Genetic Sparse Distributed Memory

Layla El Asri , Romain Laroche , Olivier Pietquin
7th International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems (IWSDS 2016), Jan 2016, Saariselka, Finland
Conference papers hal-01406873v1
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A cascaded supervised learning approach to inverse reinforcement learning

Edouard Klein , Bilal Piot , Matthieu Geist , Olivier Pietquin
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD 2013), Sep 2013, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.1-16, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-40988-2_1⟩
Conference papers hal-00869804v1
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A multiplicative UCB strategy for Gamma rewards

Matthieu Geist
European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning, 2015, Lille, France
Conference papers hal-01258820v1
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Imitation Learning Applied to Embodied Conversational Agents

Bilal Piot , Matthieu Geist , Olivier Pietquin
4th Workshop on Machine Learning for Interactive Systems (MLIS 2015), Jul 2015, Lille, France
Conference papers hal-01225816v1
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Random Projections: a Remedy for Overfitting Issues in Time Series Prediction with Echo State Networks

Lucie Daubigney , Matthieu Geist , Olivier Pietquin
ICASSP 2013, May 2013, Vancouver, Canada. pp.3253-3257, ⟨10.1109/ICASSP.2013.6638259⟩
Conference papers hal-00869814v1

Automatic recognition system of aquatic organisms by classical and fluorescence microscopy

Mathieu Lauffer , Frédéric Genty , Samuel Margueron , Jean-Luc Collette , Jean-Claude Pihan
Optical Sensors 2015, Apr 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.1-7, ⟨10.1117/12.2185055⟩
Conference papers hal-01279497v1
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Laugh When You’re Winning

Maurizio Mancini , Laurent Ach , Emeline Bantegnie , Tobias Baur , Nadia Berthouze , et al.
9th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces (eNTERFACE), Jul 2013, Lisbon, Portugal. pp.50-79, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-55143-7_3⟩
Conference papers hal-01350739v1
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Inverse Reinforcement Learning in Relational Domains

Thibaut Munzer , Bilal Piot , Matthieu Geist , Olivier Pietquin , Manuel Lopes
International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, Jul 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Conference papers hal-01154650v1

FMI-Based Distributed Multi-Simulation with DACCOSIM

Virginie Galtier , Stéphane Vialle , Cherifa Dad , Jean-Philippe Tavella , Jean-Philippe Lam-Yee-Mui , et al.
Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation - TMS'15, Apr 2015, Alexandria, VA, United States. pp.804-811
Conference papers hal-01155707v1

Generic algorithmic scheme for 2D stencil applications on hybrid machines

Stéphane Vialle , Sylvain Contassot-Vivier , Patrick Mercier
ARCS 2016 - Architecture of Computing Systems , Apr 2016, Nuremberg, Germany
Conference papers hal-01263242v1

Algorithmic scheme for hybrid computing with CPU, Xeon-Phi/MIC and GPU devices on a single machine

Sylvain Contassot-Vivier , Stéphane Vialle
International Conference on Parallel Computing 2015 (ParCo 2015), Sep 2015, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. pp.1-10
Conference papers hal-01258499v1
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Hybrid Co-simulation of FMUs using DEV&DESS in MECSYCO

Benjamin Camus , Virginie Galtier , Mathieu Caujolle , Vincent Chevrier , Julien Vaubourg , et al.
Symposium on Theory of Modeling & Simulation - DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium, Apr 2016, Pasadena, CA, United States. pp.568-575
Conference papers hal-01307616v1