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Presentation of the research and training center

The Albi Research Center for Process Engineering of Divided Solids, Energy and Environment (RAPSODEE), UMR CNRS 5302 works in the fields of energy and environment, and particle engineering.

Our activities are grouped in two research groups : the Energy and Environment group and the Powders and Processes group. The main focuses are :

  • The transformation and valorization of waste, residues, solids and pastes for the production of energy carriers (energy) and materials with controlled properties, by developing processes with high energy and environmental efficiency.
  • The generation, process analysis, mixing and control of the properties of divided solids, suspensions and pastes, for applications such as pharmaceuticals, food processing and chemistry.
Two research and innovation platforms are attached to the center : the GALA platform (GALénique Avancée) and the VALTHERA platform (VALorisation THErmique des Résidus de transformation des Agroressources).

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