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The LEM3 was founded in 2011 by merging two CNRS laboratories located in Metz: the laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Materials and the laboratory for Study of Textures and Application to Materials (LETAM). From this fusion has emerged a centre for transdisciplinary experimental and theoretical research combining mechanics of solids and metallurgy, materials science, chemistry, and physics, to ensure a better visibility of research in Metz and Lorraine and an effective knowledge transfer to industrial partners, while maintaining the balance between basic and applied approaches.

Today, the LEM3 joins the expertise of the LPMM in solid mechanics, from the scale of the material microstructure to that of the structural design and manufacturing processes, and the expertise of the LETAM in the microstructure characterization and materials development, aiming at elaboration of desired microstructures. Incorporation of the laboratory of Biomechanics, Polymers, and Structures in 2017 has brought a new force in biomechanics that will be further reinforced due to incorporation of the research group Mechanics of Materials and Structures localized in Nancy.

In many research areas, such as dynamic behaviour of materials, microstructure and texture in thermomechanical processing, multi-scale modelling, plastic and thermoplastic instabilities, martensitic transformation,... the LEM3 finds itself among the best internationally teams. Its expertise covers a wide range of materials (metals and alloys, smart materials, composites, geo-materials, tissues...) and applications (automotive, aerospace, energy, engineering, health...).


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