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Uplink dynamic discrete power control in cellular networks

Eitan Altman , Konstantin Avrachenkov , Gregory Miller , Balakrishna Prabhu
[Research Report] RR-5818, INRIA. 2006, pp.31
Reports inria-00070207v2
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Load balancing in a parallel dynamic programming multi-method applied to the 0-1 knapsack problem

Moussa Elkihel , Didier El Baz
14th International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and network based Processing, Feb 2006, Montbéliard, France. pp. 127-132
Conference papers hal-01152475v1
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Some Solutions for Peer-to-Peer Global Computing

Guillaume Jourjon , Didier El Baz
13th International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network based Processing, Feb 2005, Lugano, Switzerland. pp.49-58
Conference papers hal-01153582v1
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Load balancing methods and parallel dynamic programming algorithm using dominance technique applied to the 0-1 knapsack problem

Didier El Baz , Moussa Elkihel
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2005, 65 (5), pp. 74-84
Journal articles hal-01153786v1
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Optimisation Robuste du Routage IP avec Incertitude sur la Demande

Mohamed Zied Ben Hamouda , Olivier Brun , Jean-Marie Garcia
Algotel, May 2010, Belle Dune, France. 4p
Conference papers inria-00479485v1
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Addressing the Challenge of Distributed Interactive Simulation With Data Distribution Service

Akram Hakiri , Pascal Berthou , Thierry Gayraud
2010 Euro Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Jul 2010, Ottawa, Canada. 9p
Conference papers hal-00510857v1
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Détection d'attaques de « Déni de Services » : ruptures dans les statistiques du trafic

Pierre Borgnat , Nicolas Larrieu , Patrice Abry , Philippe Owezarski
20e Colloque sur le Traitement du Signal et des Images. GRETSI-2005, Association GRETSI, Sep 2005, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique
Conference papers ensl-00175963v1
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A reconfigurable IR-UWB radio interface, with directional antennas and localization capability, for wireless sensor networks

Aubin Lecointre , Daniela Dragomirescu , Pascal Berthou , Robert Plana
14th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Dec 2007, Marrakech, Morocco. p. 1055-1058
Conference papers hal-00356850v1
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SATSIX: A network architecture for next generation DVB-RCS systems

Linghang Fan , C. Baudoin , L. Rodriguez , Aurora Ramos , J.A. Guerra , et al.
International Workshop on IP Networking over Next-generation Satellite Systems (INNSS'07), Jul 2007, Budapest, Hungary. 22p
Conference papers hal-00356861v1
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Robust control tools for traffic monitoring in TCP/AQM networks

Yassine Ariba , Frédéric Gouaisbaut , Sandy Rahme , Yann Labit
3rd IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control (MSC 2009), Jul 2009, St Petersbourg, Russia
Conference papers hal-00357761v1
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QoS et mobilité dans un système DVB-S/RCS

Baptiste Jacquemin , Pascal Berthou , Thierry Gayraud , Cédric Baudoin
Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles (CFIP), Mar 2008, Les Arcs, France
Conference papers hal-00250236v1
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A framework for monitoring and runtime recovery of web service-based applications

René Pegoraro , Riadh Ben Halima , Khalil Drira , Mohammed Karim Guennoun , João Maurício Rosário
10th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Jun 2008, Barcelona, Spain. pp.6
Conference papers hal-00438852v1
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Une approche orientée règle pour la spécification formelle des architectures dynamiquement configurables

Riadh Ben Halima , Mohamed Jmaiel , Khalil Drira
Conférence Internationale sur les NOuvelles TEchnologies de la REpartition, Jun 2007, Marrakech, Maroc. pp.8
Conference papers hal-00438856v1
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An Opportunistic Indoors Positioning Scheme Based on Estimated Positions

Guodong Kang , Tanguy Pérennou , Michel Diaz
IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, 2009. ISCC 2009., Jul 2009, Sousse, Tunisia. pp.844-850, ⟨10.1109/ISCC.2009.5202295⟩
Conference papers hal-00388801v1
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Convergence and Optimal Buffer Sizing for Window Based AIMD Congestion Control

Konstantin Avrachenkov , Urtzi Ayesta , Alexei Piunovskiy
[Research Report] RR-6142, INRIA. 2007, pp.39
Reports inria-00136205v2
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Evaluation of ad-hoc and mobility architectures using satellite communications

Thierry Gayraud , Pascal Berthou
26th AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems (ICSSC 2008), Jun 2008, San Diego, United States. 3p
Conference papers hal-00356844v1
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QoS Architecture over DVB-RCS satellite networks in a NGN framework

Olivier Alphand , Pascal Berthou , Thierry Gayraud , Stéphane Combes
Globecom 2005, Dec 2005, St Louis, United States. 5p
Conference papers hal-00356869v1
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A QoS Architecture for DVB-RCS Next Generation Satellite Networks

Thierry Gayraud , Pascal Berthou
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2007, Volume 2007, pp.Article ID 58484
Journal articles hal-00357203v1
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Détection, classification et identification d'anomalies de trafic

Silvia Farraposo , Philippe Owezarski , Edmundo Monteiro
Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles (CFIP), Mar 2008, Les Arcs, France
Conference papers hal-00250220v1
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Communication Study and Implementation Analysis of Parallel Asynchronous Iterative Algorithms on Message Passing Architectures

Didier El Baz
15th International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and network based Processing, Feb 2007, Naples, Italy. pp.77-83, ⟨10.1109/PDP.2007.31⟩
Conference papers hal-01153612v1
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An Energy-efficient Clock Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Roxana Albu , Yann Labit , Thierry Gayraud , Pascal Berthou
IFIP Wireless Days 2010, Oct 2010, Venise, Italy. 5p
Conference papers hal-00544972v1
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Implementing a rule-driven approach for architectural self configuration in collaborative activities using a graph rewriting formalism

Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez , Mohammed Karim Guennoun , Khalil Drira , Christophe Chassot , Mohamed Jmaiel
5th International Conference on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSTST'2008), Oct 2008, PARIS, France. pp.484-491
Conference papers hal-00345089v1
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W-NINE: A Two-stage Emulation Platform for Mobile and Wireless Systems

Emmanuel Conchon , Tanguy Pérennou , Johan Garcia , Michel Diaz
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2010, 2010, pp.Article ID 149075. ⟨10.1155/2010/149075⟩
Journal articles hal-00452804v1
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A UML based deployment and management modeling for cooperative and distributed applications

Mohamed Nadhmi Miladi , Fatma Krichen , Mohamed Jmaiel , Khalil Drira
ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Management and Applications (SERA 2010), May 2010, Montreal, Canada. 16p
Conference papers hal-00466542v1
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Non-intrusive QoS Monitoring and Analysis for Self-Healing Web Services

Riadh Ben Halima , Mohammed Karim Guennoun , Khalil Drira , Mohamed Jmaiel
The First IEEE International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies, Aug 2008, Ostrava, Czech Republic. pp.6
Conference papers hal-00438851v1
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A QoS-driven reconfiguration management system extending Web services with self-healing properties

Riadh Ben Halima , Khalil Drira , Mohamed Jmaiel
IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE'2007): Workshop on Information Systems & Web Services ISWS, Jun 2007, Evry, France. pp.6
Conference papers hal-00438854v1
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Managing the virtual collision in IEEE 802.11e EDCA

Mohamad El Masri , Slim Abdellatif
8th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbuses and neTworks in industrial and embedded systems, May 2009, Ansan, South Korea
Conference papers hal-00389547v1
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Self-Adaptive Communication for Collaborative Mobile Entities in ERCMS

Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez , Jérôme Lacouture , Khalil Drira
International journal of autonomous and adaptive communications systems, 2005, 8 (1), ⟨10.1504/IJAACS.2015.067696⟩
Journal articles hal-01145312v1
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Modèles et services logiciels pour le travail collaboratif

Thierry Villemur
Réseaux et télécommunications [cs.NI]. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 2006
Habilitation à diriger des recherches tel-00120154v1
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Explicitation des intentions et conception de documents

Saïd Tazi
Interface homme-machine [cs.HC]. Université des Sciences Sociales - Toulouse I, 2005
Habilitation à diriger des recherches tel-00069300v1