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1 - Create an account

Since 2019, you can access HAL using the RENATER identity federation. If you don't want to or can't use the federation, you can still create a local HAL account.

Solution 1 : Create a local HAL account

Solution 2 : Authenticate with the RENATER identity federation

Connect to HAL

2 - Set your preferences and research team

The chosen preferences will appear on each new submission and will be editable.

Préférences de dépôt

Research team selection

For more information: Account and profile

3 - Create your IdHAL

IdDHAL is a unique identifier. It allows an authenticated user to link his author forms (e.g. Marie Dupont, M. Dupont, Marie Dupont-Martin, etc) and to choose a default one.

Création d'un IdHAL

Formes auteur

For more information: Author identifier idHAL and CV

4 - Deposit

Deposits are made on a single page in 4 steps:
  1. Upload your file(s)
  2. Complete the document's metadata
  3. Complete the author's data
  4. Validate the submission

Schéma général de dépôt d'une publication

PDF upload & metadata import

Fill out the DOI to automatically import your document metadata pour importer les métadonnées de votre publication.
Display the detailled view to specify an embargo.

For more information: Adding an embargo period

Import de métadonnées à partir d'un DOI

Complete the document's metadata

Cas d'un article de revue

When you fill in a journal name, HAL will display the publisher copyright policy using the SHERPA/RoMEO service. HAL will inform you on which version of the document is allowed to be submitted.

Exemple de polique éditoriale d'une revue

For more information: Legal aspects

Fundings and projects

Display the complete list of metadata to add fundings, an ANR projet or an european project.

For more information: Adding an ANR project, Adding an european project

Champs de formulaire pour les financements et les projets ANR / européens

Complete the author's data

If you filled in the DOI, all authors should already be present in this section.

Best practices:

Ajout d'un auteur

Validate the submission

All deposits with a file are checked manually before they are put online. This process to moderate a paper lasts around a week.
Bibliographic references are put online immediately, without check.

For more information: Why is my deposit not online yet ?, Check of the deposits