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ParEGO Extensions for Multi-objective Optimization of Expensive Evaluation Function

Joan Davins-Valldaura , Saïd Moussaoui , Franck Plestan , Guillermo Pita Gil
World congress on global optimization, Feb 2015, Gainesville, United States
Conference papers hal-01111695v1

Can the total solar irradiance be reconstructed from solar activity proxies ?

Thierry Dudok de Wit , Matthieu Kretzschmar , Jean Lilensten , Pierre-Olivier Amblard , Saïd Moussaoui et al.
SOHO 20 - Transient Events on the Sun and in the Heliosphere, Aug 2007, Ghent, Belgium
Conference papers insu-00366255v1

Rééchantillonnage de l'échelle dans les algorithmes MCMC pour les problèmes inverses bilinéaires

Thomas Veit , Jérôme Idier , Saïd Moussaoui
Traitement du Signal, 2008, 25 (4/5), pp 329-343
Journal articles hal-01234803v1

Restauration positive d'images hyperspectrales avec préservation des contours

Simon Henrot , Charles Soussen , Saïd Moussaoui , David Brie
XXIVe Colloque GRETSI Traitement du Signal & des Images, GRETSI 2013, Sep 2013, Brest, France. pp.CDROM
Conference papers hal-00905210v1

Estimation of Driver Distraction Using the Prediction Error of a Cybernetic Driver Model

Ablamvi Ameyoe , Franck Mars , Philippe Chevrel , Eric Le Carpentier , Hervé Illy et al.
Driving Simulation Conference and Exhibition, DSC'2015, Sep 2015, Tübingen, Germany. pp. 13-18
Conference papers hal-01164330v1

Joint Bayesian endmember extraction and linear unmixing for hyperspectral imagery

Nicolas Dobigeon , Saïd Moussaoui , Martial Coulon , Jean-Yves Tourneret , Alfred Hero et al.
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2009, 57 (11), pp.4355-4368. ⟨10.1109/TSP.2009.2025797⟩
Journal articles hal-00455585v1

Lane-Level Positioning using Particle Filtering

Ahmed Selloum , David Betaille , Eric Le Carpentier , François Peyret
12th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Oct 2009, France. 6 p
Conference papers hal-00919678v1

MCMC pour la décomposition automatique de signal EMG

Di Ge , Eric Le Carpentier
GRETSI, 2009, Dijon, France
Conference papers hal-00456188v1

Biomedical signal compression with optimized wavelet

Mogens Nielsen , Nlandu Kamavuako , Michael Midtgaard Andersen , Marie F. Lucas , Dario Farina et al.
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 2006, 44 (7), pp.561-568
Journal articles hal-00431669v1

On global and local convergence of half-quadratic algorithms

Marc Allain , Jérôme Idier , Yves Goussard
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2006, 15 (5), pp.1130-1142. ⟨10.1109/TIP.2005.864173⟩
Journal articles hal-00400663v1

2. Digital Signal Processing

Éric Le Carpentier
Digital Spectral Analysis, ISTE-WILEY, pp.23-65, 2011
Book sections hal-00670386v1

Reconstruction of Seismic Impedance from Marine Seismic Data

Boy Raymond Mabuza , S.A. Sofianos , Moritz C. Braun , Jérôme Idier
Alexandra Tolstoy, Er-Chang Shang et Yu-Chiung Teng. Theoretical and Computational Acoustics, World Scientific, pp.Mabuza, 2006
Book sections hal-00408667v1

A Long-term Model of the Glucose-Insulin Dynamics of Type 1 Diabetes

Nicolas Magdelaine , Lucy Chaillous , Isabelle Guilhem , Jean-Yves Poirier , Michel Krempf et al.
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2015, 62 (6), pp.1546-1552. ⟨10.1109/TBME.2015.2394239⟩
Journal articles hal-01103022v1

Decomposition of a Chemical Spectrum using a Marked Point Process and a Constant Dimension Model

Vincent Mazet , David Brie , Jérôme Idier
Jul 2006, pp.113-122
Conference papers hal-00121593v1

Rapid quantification of muscle fat content and subcutaneous adipose tissue in fish using MRI

Guylaine Collewet , Jérôme Bugeon , Jérôme Idier , Stéphane Quellec , Benjamin Quittet et al.
Food Chemistry, 2013, 138 (2-3), pp.2008-2015. ⟨10.1016/j.foodchem.2012.09.131⟩
Journal articles hal-00945541v1

Majorize-minimize linesearch for inversion methods involving barrier function optimization

Emilie Chouzenoux , Saïd Moussaoui , Jérôme Idier
Inverse Problems, 2012, 28 (6), pp.065011. ⟨10.1088/0266-5611/28/6/065011⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00697876v1

Identification of a Linear Parameter Varying Driver Model for the Detection of Distraction

Ablamvi Ameyoe , Philippe Chevrel , Eric Le Carpentier , Franck Mars , Hervé Illy et al.
1st IFAC Workshop on Linear Parameter Varying systems, IFAC, Oct 2015, Grenoble, France
Conference papers hal-01164323v1

Edge-preserving nonnegative hyperspectral image restoration

Simon Henrot , Saïd Moussaoui , Charles Soussen , David Brie
38th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2013, May 2013, Vancouver, Canada. pp.CDROM
Conference papers hal-00905212v1

Solar EUV/FUV irradiance variation: analysis and observational strategy

Matthieu Kretzschmar , Thierry Dudok de Wit , Jean Lilensten , Jean-François Hochedez , Jean Aboudarham et al.
COST 724 final report: Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, modelling and predicting Space Weather, Office des publications officielles des Communautés européennes (OPOCE), pp.56-62, 2008
Book sections insu-00367297v1

Decomposition of the Solar EUV irradiance in spectral sources

Matthieu Kretzschmar , Said Moussaoui , Jean Lilensten , Thierry Dudok de Wit , F. Auchère et al.
Third European Space Weather Week (ESWW3), Nov 2006, Bruxelles, Belgium
Conference papers insu-00366544v1