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producedDateY_i : 2017

CAM-Infrastructure: a novel solution for service advertise- ment in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems

Badis Hammi , Houda Labiod , Gérard Segarra , Alain Servel , Jean-Philippe Monteuuis
Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 2017, 2 (3), pp.10
Journal articles hal-02287687v1

Securing PKI Requests for C-ITS systems

Jean-Philippe Monteuuis , Badis Hammi , Eduardo Salles Daniel , Houda Labiod , Rémi Blancher , et al.
3rd International Workshop on Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation Systems. Held within the 26th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2017), Aug 2017, Vancouver, Canada
Conference papers hal-02287688v1

Massive Online Analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Albert Bifet
The 6th Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems (BRACIS 2017), Oct 2017, Uberlandia, Brazil
Conference papers hal-02287774v1

Influence of fibre homogeneity on Four Wave Mixing pair generation

Thibault Harlé , Margaux Barbier , Martin Cordier , Adeline Orieux , Eleni Diamanti , et al.
Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics /Europe (CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2017), Jul 2017, Munich, Germany. pp.CD_10_2, ⟨10.1109/CLEOE-EQEC.2017.8086460⟩
Conference papers hal-01591075v1

Analysis of authentication techniques in Internet of Things (IoT)

Mohammed El-Hajj , Maroun Chamoun , Ahmad Fadlallah , Ahmed Serhrouchni
2017 1st Cyber Security in Networking Conference (CSNet), Oct 2017, Rio de Janeiro, France. pp.1-3, ⟨10.1109/CSNET.2017.8242006⟩
Conference papers hal-03289804v1

A Multilingual System for Cyberbullying Detection: Arabic Content Detection using Machine Learning

Batoul Haidar , Maroun Chamoun , Ahmed Serhrouchni
Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 2017, 2 (6), pp.275-284. ⟨10.25046/aj020634⟩
Journal articles hal-03289807v1
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Asymptotic analysis of some point processes

Aurélien Vasseur
Probability [math.PR]. Télécom ParisTech, 2017. English. ⟨NNT : 2017ENST0062⟩
Theses tel-03413164v1
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VICKEY: Mining Conditional Keys on Knowledge Bases

Danai Symeonidou , Luis Galárraga , Nathalie Pernelle , Fatiha Saïs , Fabian Suchanek
International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Oct 2017, Vienne, Austria. pp.661-677
Conference papers hal-01647597v1

Non-interference and local correctness in transactional memory

Petr Kuznetsov , Sathya Peri
Theor. Comput. Sci., 2017, 688, pp.103-116. ⟨10.1016/j.tcs.2016.06.021⟩
Journal articles hal-02287768v1

Secure and Resilient Scheme for Data Protection in Unattanded Wireless Sensor Networks

Katarzyna Kapusta , Gérard Memmi , Hassan Noura
1st IEEE-IFIP CSNet, Oct 2017, Rio de Janero, Brazil
Conference papers hal-02287748v1

Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Predicated Architectures

Florian Brandner , Naji Amine
Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, Jun 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia. pp.1-13, ⟨10.4230/OASIcs.WCET.2017.6⟩
Conference papers hal-02288493v1

Information quantique - Distribution quantique de clés

Romain Alleaume
Observatoire FIC - Cercle des Célestins, Jun 2017, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-02906782v1
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Conversational topic connectedness predicted by Simplicity Theory

Jean-Louis Dessalles
39th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Jul 2017, London, United Kingdom. pp.1914-1919
Conference papers hal-03814068v1
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A Minimax Optimal Algorithm for Crowdsourcing

Thomas Bonald , Richard Combes
Neural Information Processing Systems Conference NIPS, 2017, Los Angeles, United States
Conference papers hal-01592105v1
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Apprentissage distribué dans les jeux pour les réseaux sans fil

Mohammed Shabbir Ali
Réseaux et télécommunications [cs.NI]. Télécom ParisTech, 2017. Français. ⟨NNT : 2017ENST0030⟩
Theses tel-03523335v1
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VersaPen: Exploring Multimodal Interactions with a Programmable Modular Pen

Marc Teyssier , Gilles Bailly , Éric Lecolinet
CHI 2017, May 2017, Denver, United States. pp.377 - 380, ⟨10.1145/3027063.3052964⟩
Conference papers hal-01521566v1

Dynamic Arbitration of Memory Requests with TDM-like Guarantees

Farouk Hebbache , Mathieu Jan , Florian Brandner , Laurent Pautet
Workshop on Compositional Theory and Technology for Real-Time Embedded Systems, Dec 2017, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-02287739v1

The notion of self-aware computing

Samuel Kounev , Peter Lewis , Kirstie Bellman , Nelly Bencomo , Javier Camara , et al.
Self-Aware Computing Systems, S. Kounev, J. O. Kephart, A. Milenkoski, and X. Zhu, pp.3-16, 2017
Book sections hal-02287557v1

Advanced Demand Response Considering Modular and Deferrable Loads Under Time-Variable Rates

Sawsan Al Zahr , Elias Doumith , Philippe Forestier
GLOBECOM 2016, Dec 2017, Singapour, Singapore. ⟨10.1109/GLOCOM.2017.8255068⟩
Conference papers hal-02287644v1

On the uncontended complexity of anonymous agreement

Claire Capdevielle , Colette Johnen , Petr Kuznetsov , Alessia Milani
Distributed Computing, 2017, 30 (6), pp.459-468. ⟨10.1007/s00446-017-0297-z⟩
Journal articles hal-02287767v1

Collapsing the layers: 6Stor, a scalable and IPv6-centric distributed storage system

Guillaume Ruty , André Surcouf , Jean-Louis Rougier
Software Defined Systems (SDS), 2017 Fourth International Conference on, May 2017, Valencia, Spain. ⟨10.1109/SDS.2017.7939145⟩
Conference papers hal-02287782v1
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Composants autocontrôlés pour les services d'interaction homme- machine

Frédéric Lemoine , Tatiana Aubonnet , Noëmie Simoni
29ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, AFIHM, Aug 2017, Poitiers, France. pp.233--241, ⟨10.1145/3132129.3132153⟩
Conference papers hal-01578218v1
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Experimental Energy Profiling of Energy-Critical Embedded Applications

Kameswar Rao Vaddina , Florian Brandner , Gérard Memmi , Pierre Jouvelot
25th international conference SoftCOM 2017, Sep 2017, Radisson Blu Resort Split, Croatia. pp.1-6
Conference papers hal-01625409v2
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Collaborative clustering based on Algorithmic Information Theory

Pierre-Alexandre Murena , Jérémie Sublime , Basarab Matei , Antoine Cornuéjols
CAp ( Conférence sur l'Apprentissage Automatique ) 2017, Jun 2017, Grenoble, France
Conference papers hal-04080050v1

Similarity and Contrast on Conceptual Spaces for Pertinent Description Generation

Giovanni Sileno , Isabelle Bloch , Jamal Atif , Jean-Louis Dessalles
40th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2017, Dortmund, Germany. pp.262-275
Conference papers hal-02288501v1

Experimental demonstration of practical unforgeable quantum money

Mathieu Bozzio , Adeline Orieux , Luis Trigo Vidarte , Isabelle Zaquine , Iordanis Kerenidis , et al.
Qcrypt 2017 - 7th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography, Sep 2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-02412259v1

Adaptive random forests for evolving data stream classification

Albert Bifet , Heitor Gomes , Jesse Read , Jean Paul Barddal , Fabrició Enembreck , et al.
Machine Learning, 2017, 106 (9-10), pp.1469 - 1495. ⟨10.1007/s10994-017-5642-8⟩
Journal articles hal-01689026v1

A study of the impact of merging schemes on cluster stability in VANETs

Mengying Ren , Jun Zhang , Lyes Khoukhi , Houda Labiod , Véronique Vèque
2017 IEEE 28th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Oct 2017, Montreal, Canada. ⟨10.1109/PIMRC.2017.8292558⟩
Conference papers hal-01755721v1

How to Find the Best Rated Items on a Likert Scale and How Many Ratings Are Enough

Qing Liu , Debabrota Basu , Shruti Goel , Talel Abdessalem , Stéphane Bressan
Database and Expert Systems Applications - 28th International Conference, DEXA 2017, Lyon, France, August 28-31, 2017, Proceedings, Part II, 2017, Lyon, France. pp.351-359, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-64471-4_28⟩
Conference papers hal-02412320v1

Impact of CPU load on video conferencing quality

Roman Sorokin , Jean-Louis Rougier , Pastrana-Vidal Ricardo , Tranquart Nicolas
Principles, Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications (IPTComm), Sep 2017, Chicago, IL, United States. ⟨10.1109/IPTCOMM.2017.8169753⟩
Conference papers hal-02287779v1