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Following MacroSEC2019, then MacroSEC2022, the Lyon polymer liquid chromatography platform organises a third day dedicated to size exclusion chromatography and its applications. This scientific event aims at gathering academics and manufacturers involved in this topic for a one-day conference on the subject of natural and synthetic polymer characterization thanks to this technique.

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IMP organizes the next joint Polymer Blends / Eurofillers Conference. This biennial conference aims to bring together researchers from academia, research organizations and industry in the very important area of filled systems and polymer blends including polymer-based nanomaterials.

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IMP is pleased to host the Annual European Rheological Conference, Lyon , 14-17 April 2025. This meeting will be organized under the auspices of the European Society of Rheology (ESR). The main focus of our conference is to establish a discussion forum for the community of engineers and scientists in the rheology field. A special symposia will be devoted to highlight the societal value in rheology field, as well as round tables animated by confirmed rheologists and companies involved in rheology developments in different applications domain with a special attention to sustainable approaches.

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IMP organizes the Polycondensation 2024 Conference to be held in Villeurbanne, France on September 15 to 18, 2024. A wide range of application fields will be addressed, including polymers for the development of new materials to answer current societal issues concerning : * Renewable energy : Materials for batteries, fuel cells, redox-flow batteries, supercapacitors * Optoelectronics, Electric and Electronic applications : OLED, smart windows, … * Membrane separation processes : water desalination, gas separation purposes, water purification * (Bio)medical applications : High-tech prothese, anti-bacterial material * Others ( Packaging, automotive applications)

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