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Structure: Internal structure identifier : 301232

Système antennaire agile optiquement transparent

Alexis Martin , Xavier Castel , Mohamed Himdi , Maryline Guilloux-Viry
France, N° de brevet: FR17/59865 2017
Patents hal-01627397v1

Appropriate conventional rectifier topology for low-power RF energy harvesting

Jérôme Tissier , Mohamed Latrach
IEEE Wireless Power Week 2022 (WPW 2022), Jul 2022, Bordeaux, France
Conference papers hal-03681774v1
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A miniaturized printed rectenna for wireless RF energy harvesting around 2.45 GHz

Mohsen Koohestani , Jérôme Tissier , Mohamed Latrach
AEÜ - International Journal of Electronics and Communications / Archiv für Elektronik und Übertragungstechnik, 2020, 127, pp.153478. ⟨10.1016/j.aeue.2020.153478⟩
Journal articles hal-02966554v1

Inorganic Foam Composites for Absorption in X Band Frequency Range

Ratiba Benzerga , Vincent Laur , Ronan Lebullenger , Laurent Le Gendre , Ala Sharaiha et al.
MS&T19 “Materials Science and Technology International Conference”, Synthesis, Characterization, Modeling and Applications of Functional Porous Materials Symposium, Sep 2019, Portland, United States
Conference poster hal-02409015v1

Antenna design for the detection of alive buried victims under thick layers of rubble

Jean-Michel Denoual , Jean Marie Floc'H , J.P. Mutzig , P. Massaloux , F. Ducasse et al.
User Group Meeting CST, Apr 2010, Darmstadt, Germany
Conference papers hal-00507038v1

A Novel Design of a Microstrip Microwave Power Amplifier for DCS Application using Collector-feedback Bias

Amine Rachakh , Larbi El Abdellaoui , Jamal Zbitou , Ahmed Errkik , Abdelali Tajmouati et al.
International Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (2088-8708) , 2018, 8 (3)
Journal articles hal-01845108v1

Processing, crystallization behavior and dielectric performance of perovskite LaTiOxNy thin films

Laurent Le Gendre , Claire Le Paven-Thivet , Yu Lu , Ratiba Benzerga , Viet Hung Nguyen et al.
2nd Workshop NIMS - Université de Rennes 1 ''Materials and Sustainable development : Issues and Challenges of the 21st century'', Oct 2012, Tsukuba, Japan. pp.23
Conference papers hal-00751512v1

Structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures using GPR detection of patch antenna resonance frequency changes

Théo Richard , David Guilbert , Amine Ihamouten , Hartmut W. Gundel , Caroline Borderon et al.
10th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar, Sep 2019, The Hague, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-03023918v1

Réseaux d'antennes à balayage électronique en bande ku avec méthode de calibration des déphaseurs

Thomas Lambard , Olivier Lafond , Mohamed Himdi , Hervé Jeuland , Sylvain Bolioli et al.
17èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, May 2011, Brest, France. pp 164
Conference papers hal-00658209v1

Dual-band Textile Hexagonal Artificial Magnetic Conductor for WiFi Wearable Applications

Mohamad Mantash , M.E. de Cos , Anne-Claude Tarot , Sylvain Collardey , Kouroch Mahdjoubi et al.
EUCAP 2012 (European Conference on Antennas and Propagation), Mar 2012, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.1395-1398
Conference papers hal-00804414v1

Design of dual band printed dipole with compensation of frequency space attenuation

Jean Marie Floc'H , Jean-Michel Denoual , Yvan Kokar
LAPC 2010, Dec 2010, Loughborough, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-00554010v1

Microwave performance of transparent monopole antennas

Xavier Castel , Julien Hautcoeur , Franck Colombel , Mohamed Himdi , Eduardo Motta-Cruz et al.
Séminaire invité devant la "Business & Technology Development Unit" - MURATA Electronics, Nov 2012, Yasu-shi, Japan
Conference papers hal-00749621v1

Compact and Multi-Band Metamaterial-Inspired Dipole Antenna

Saber Dakhli , Jean Marie Floc'H , Kouroch Mahdjoubi , Hatem Rmili , H. Zangar et al.
EUCAP 2013, Apr 2013, Goteborg, Sweden
Conference papers hal-00904445v1

A Planar Reconfigurable Radiation Pattern Dipole Antenna with Reflectors and Directors for Wireless Communication Applications

Imen Ben Trad , Jean Marie Floc'H , Hatem Rmili , M'Hamed Drissi , Fethi Choubani et al.
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2014, pp.593259. ⟨10.1155/2014/593259⟩
Journal articles hal-00949881v1
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Liaison sans fils à 60 GHz et réseau domestique multi-gigabit/s basé sur une infrastructure radio sur fibre bas coût

Anna Pizzinat , Joffray Guillory , Benoit Charbonnier , O. Bouffant , N. Evanno et al.
18èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, May 2013, Paris, France. J2-ST-P8
Conference papers hal-00794874v1

Innovative reinforced foam-glasses designed for building industry

Ratiba Benzerga , Fayrouz Benhaoua , Vincent Laur , Laurent Le Gendre , Azzedine Ayadi et al.
International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Development, May 2013, Algeria
Conference papers hal-00845710v1

Microwave absorber reinforced foam-glasses designed for building industry

Ratiba Benzerga , Fayrouz Benhaoua , Vincent Laur , Laurent Le Gendre , Azzedine Ayadi et al.
International Symposium on Inorganic and Environmental Materials, Oct 2013, France
Conference papers hal-00845773v1

Influence of the sample structure on the corona type poling efficiency of guest-host electo-optics polymers

Kenny Robert Philippe Auguste , Hind Mahé , Abdel Karim Ferchichi , Hong Wu Li , Jean-Pierre Vilcot et al.
18th Telecommunications Forum, Nov 2010, Belgrade, Serbia. pp. 775-778
Conference papers hal-00822536v1

Dielectric properties in radio-frequency and microwave ranges of ferroelectric (Sr2Ta2O7)100-x(La2Ti2O7)x layered perovskite ceramics

Mohamad Haydoura , Florent Marlec , Ratiba Benzerga , Vincent Laur , Claire Le Paven et al.
MMA 2018 10th International Conference on Microwave Materials and their Applications, Oct 2018, Osaka, Japan. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Microwave Materials and their Applications (MMA 2018)
Conference poster hal-01979961v1

Photocatalytic and dielectric properties of Sr2Ta2O7-based oxide and oxynitride perovskite thin films produced by magnetron sputtering

Claire Le Paven , Laurent Le Gendre , Ratiba Benzerga , Simon Jacq , Ala Sharaiha et al.
5th Workshop NIMS – UR1 – CNRS – Saint Gobain, Oct 2015, Rennes, France
Conference papers hal-01588067v1
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Decoupling Approach of Superdirective Antenna Arrays

Abdullah Haskou , Ala Sharaiha , Sylvain Collardey
The 11th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Mar 2017, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01511048v1

A New Dual Band Planar Fractal Antenna for UMTS and ISM Bands

Taoufik Benyetho , Larbi El Abdellaoui , Jamal Zbitou , Hamid Bennis , Abdelwahed Tribak et al.
International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation, 2017
Journal articles hal-01822867v1

Reduction of Mutual Coupling between Closely Spaced Microstrip Antennas Arrays using Electromagnatics Band-gap (2D-EBG)

Ahmed Ghaloua , Jamal Zbitou , L. El Abdellaoui , Mohamed Latrach , Abdelali Tajmouati et al.
Telkomnika (Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control), 2018, 16 (1), pp.151-158
Journal articles hal-01942774v1

GaAs FET Broadband Power Amplifier for L and S Bands Applications

M. Ribate , R. Mandry , Mohamed Latrach , A. Errkik , L. El Abdellaoui et al.
the 2nd International Conference, Nov 2017, Larache, France. ⟨10.1145/3167486.3167530⟩
Conference papers hal-01822595v1

Physical insight into the synthesis of artificial permeability from a periodic array of metallic loop resonators

Divitha Seetharamdoo , Anne-Claude Tarot , Kouroch Mahdjoubi , Ronan Sauleau
European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2006), Nov 2006, Nice, France. 4 p
Conference papers hal-00711183v1

Recycled glass foams for high power microwave terminations

Ratiba Benzerga , Vincent Laur , Ronan Lebullenger , Laurent Le Gendre , Guillaume Lanöe et al.
Pacific Rim Conference 2017 (Pacrim12), May 2017, Waikoloa, Hawaii, United States
Conference papers hal-01588055v1
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Sub-THz Circularly Polarized Horn Antenna Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining for 6G Wireless Communications

Basem Aqlan , Mohamed Himdi , Laurent Le Coq , Hamsakutty Vettikalladi
IEEE Access, 2020, 8, pp.117245-117252. ⟨10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3003853⟩
Journal articles hal-02927470v1

Design of Superdirective and Compact Antenna Array

Saber Dakhli , Jean Marie Floc'H , Hatem Rmili , Fethi Choubani
ICMCS 2016, Oct 2016, Marrakech, Morocco. ⟨10.1109/ICMCS.2016.7905543⟩
Conference papers hal-01403937v1
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Directivity of an antenna embedded inside a Fabry-Perot cavity: Analysis and design

Halim Boutayeb , Kouroch Mahdjoubi , Anne-Claude Tarot , Tayeb Denidni
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 2006, 48, pp. 12-17. ⟨10.1002/mop.21249⟩
Journal articles hal-00133695v1

Internally loaded endfire superdirective array for wideband performance

H. Jaafar , Sylvain Collardey , A. Sharaiha
12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2018, Apr 2018, London, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1049/cp.2018.1019⟩
Conference papers hal-02042756v1