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producedDateY_i : 2020
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A coplanar waveguide tapered slot antenna with beam switching capabilities

D. Abijuru , M.R. Hamid , N. Seman , M. Himdi
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2020, 20 (1), pp.275-280. ⟨10.11591/ijeecs.v20.i1.pp275-280⟩
Journal articles hal-02960185v1
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Coplanar waveguide low pass filter based on square complementary split ring resonator with wide rejection

M. Bendaoued , R. Mandry , L. El Abdellaoui , A. Fouad , Mohamed Latrach et al.
Telkomnika (Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control), 2020, 18 (5), pp.2314-2319. ⟨10.12928/TELKOMNIKA.v18i5.15862⟩
Journal articles hal-02960181v1

Technologies of optically transparent antennas from VHF/UHF to the millimeter-wave band

Mohamed Himdi , Xavier Castel
WITS-2020 “The 6th international conference on WIreless Technologies, embedded and intelligent Systems”, Oct 2020, Fez, Morocco
Conference papers hal-02983883v1

Système antennaire

Maëlle Sergolle , Mohamed Himdi , Xavier Castel , Philippe Besnier
France, N° de brevet: FR20/10521. 2020
Patents hal-02971803v1
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Structural composite laminate materials with low dielectric loss: Theoretical model towards dielectric characterization

Maëlle Sergolle , Xavier Castel , Mohamed Himdi , Philippe Besnier , Patrick Parneix et al.
Composites Part C: Open Access, 2020, 3, pp.100050. ⟨10.1016/j.jcomc.2020.100050⟩
Journal articles hal-02971767v1

Design of a Printed Metamaterial-Inspired Electrically Small Huygens Source Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

Imen Ben Trad , Hatem Rmili , Muntasir Sheikh , Bandar Hakim , Jean Marie Floc’h et al.
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, 2020, 35 (7), pp.837-842
Journal articles hal-02956345v1
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Sub-THz Circularly Polarized Horn Antenna Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining for 6G Wireless Communications

Basem Aqlan , Mohamed Himdi , Laurent Le Coq , Hamsakutty Vettikalladi
IEEE Access, 2020, 8, pp.117245-117252. ⟨10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3003853⟩
Journal articles hal-02927470v1
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Design and Development of a Tunable Ferroelectric Microwave Surface Mounted Device

Caroline Borderon , S. Ginestar , H.W. Gundel , Abdullah Haskou , K. Nadaud et al.
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, 2020, 67 (9), pp.1733-1737. ⟨10.1109/TUFFC.2020.2986227⟩
Journal articles hal-02936738v1
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Thermal oxidation of oxynitride films as a strategy to achieve (Sr2Ta2O7)100-x(La2Ti2O7)x based oxide perovskite films with x = 1.65

L. Le Gendre , C. Le Paven , M. Haydoura , R. Benzerga , Florent Marlec et al.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2020, 40 (16), pp.6293-6300. ⟨10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2019.12.023⟩
Journal articles hal-02421162v1

Design of Frequency-Reconfigurable Triband Dipole Antenna Using Capacitive Loading

Saber Dakhli , M. Smari , Jean Marie Floc'H , F. Choubani
16th IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, IWCMC 2020, Jun 2020, Limassol, Cyprus. pp.1342-1346, ⟨10.1109/IWCMC48107.2020.9148133⟩
Conference papers hal-02931866v1

Beamwidth Control of a Helical Antenna Using Truncated Conical Plasma Reflectors

M. Valipour , F. Sadeghikia , A.K. Horestani , M. Himdi
14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2020, Mar 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark. pp.9135712, ⟨10.23919/EuCAP48036.2020.9135712⟩
Conference papers hal-02931859v1

A Technique for Including Edge Diffraction Effects on RCS Evaluation at Fresnel Region Ranges

I.V. Mihai , R. Tamas , Ala Sharaiha
14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2020, Mar 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark. pp.9135205, ⟨10.23919/EuCAP48036.2020.9135205⟩
Conference papers hal-02931801v1

Dielectric characterization of Borofloat 33 and some classic glasses by the coaxial cable method

Abdoulaye Sissoko , Anne Chousseaud , Tchanguiz Razban , Badié Diourte
International IOT, Electronics and Mechatronics Conference (online conference), Sep 2020, Vancouver, Canada. pp.#1570669201, ⟨10.1109/IEMTRONICS51293.2020.9216429⟩
Conference papers hal-02926148v1

Reconfigurable active transparent antennas

Mohamed Himdi , Xavier Castel
Distinguished Lecture Series, Faculty of Engineering UTM, Jul 2020, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Conference papers hal-02901838v1
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Reconfigurable SIW Antenna for Fixed Frequency Beam Scanning and 5G Applications

Imane Serhsouh , Mohamed Himdi , Hassan Lebbar , Hamsakutty Vettikalladi
IEEE Access, 2020, 8, pp.60084-60089. ⟨10.1109/ACCESS.2020.2983001⟩
Journal articles hal-02537186v1
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Structural and photoelectrochemical properties of SrTaO2N oxynitride thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering

Claire Le Paven-Thivet , A. Ziani , Florent Marlec , Laurent Le Gendre , Franck Tessier et al.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2020, 40 (16), pp.6301-6308. ⟨10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2020.05.011⟩
Journal articles hal-02893601v1

A modified physical optics approach for extrapolating fresnel region RCS measurements at high incidence angles

I.V. Mihai , R.D. Tamas , Ala Sharaiha
2020 International Workshop on Antenna Technology, iWAT 2020, Feb 2020, Bucharest, Romania. pp.9083835, ⟨10.1109/iWAT48004.2020.1570609771⟩
Conference papers hal-02892290v1
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An Improved Fabrication Technique for the 3-D Frequency Selective Surface based on Water Transfer Printing Technology

M. Harnois , M. Himdi , W.Y. Yong , S.K.A. Rahim , K. Tekkouk et al.
Scientific Reports, 2020, 10 (1), pp.1714. ⟨10.1038/s41598-020-58657-5⟩
Journal articles hal-02535374v1

Carbon Fibers Loaded Composites for Microwave Absorbing Application: Effect of Fiber Length and Dispersion Process on Dielectric Properties

R. Benzerga , M. Badard , C. Mejean , A. El Assal , C. Le Paven et al.
Journal of Electronic Materials, 2020, 49 (5), pp.2999-3008. ⟨10.1007/s11664-020-07998-y⟩
Journal articles hal-02530972v1

Antennes à capteurs de type clusters ioniques

Antoine Denis , David Rondeau , Mohamed Himdi , Xavier Castel , Stéphane Cordier et al.
France, N° de brevet: FR20/02272. 2020
Patents hal-02514448v1

Analysis and Design of X-Band LNA Using Parallel Technique

Masoumeh Sabzi , Mahmoud Kamarei , Tchanguiz Razban , Yann Mahé
Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, May 2020, Tabriz, Iran. Paper icee28-01800071
Conference papers hal-02504722v1

Optically transparent antennas technologies works up to the millimeter-wave band

Mohamed Himdi , Xavier Castel
Other publications hal-02485174v1

Caractérisation de thermoplastiques additivés activables par laser pour applications micro-ondes

Gildas Bengloan , Anne Chousseaud , Bruno Froppier , Heba El-Shaarawy , Eduardo Motta Cruz et al.
Journées de Caractérisation et Microondes et Matériaux, Mar 2020, Toulouse, France. pp.jcmm2020:303713
Conference papers hal-02464869v1

Broadband cloverleaf Vivaldi antenna with beam tilt characteristics

Abijuru Delphine , Mohamad Rijal Hamid , Norhudah Seman , Mohamed Himdi
International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, 2020, 30 (5), pp.1-8. ⟨10.1002/mmce.22158⟩
Journal articles hal-02455731v1

Reconfigurable Radiation Pattern of Planar Antenna Using Metamaterial for 5G Applications

A. E. Bashar , B. M. Huda , B. Z. A. Zuhairiah , H. B. D. Samsul , Mohamed Himdi et al.
Materials, 2020, 13, pp.582
Journal articles hal-02455727v1

Design of Coplanar Slotted SIW Antenna Arrays for Beam-Tilting and 5G Applications

Imane Serhsouh , Mohamed Himdi , Hassan Lebbar
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 2020, 19 (1), pp.4-8. ⟨10.1109/LAWP.2019.2948294⟩
Journal articles hal-02455712v1

3D Printed Large Bandwidth New Yagi-UDA Antenna

Asmae Hachi , Hassan Lebbar , Mohamed Himdi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, 2020, 88, pp.129-135
Journal articles hal-02427682v1

New low loss soft thermoplastic blends for microwave applications

Tessnim Sghaier , Mohammed El Gibari , Benoit Guiffard
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2020, 53 (13), pp.135003. ⟨10.1088/1361-6463/ab5756⟩
Journal articles hal-02395125v1

Localization of unknown electromagnetic source using 3D-antenna arrays

S. Pala , S. Palliyani , Mohamed Himdi , O. Lafond , D.G. Kurup et al.
International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 2020, 12 (1), pp.86-94. ⟨10.1017/S1759078719000886⟩
Journal articles hal-02181456v1