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Mitigation of PDL in coherent optical communications: how close to the fundamental limit?

Pierre Delesques , Elie Awwad , S. Mumtaz , Gwillerm Froc , Philippe Ciblat et al.
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Sep 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-02411878v1

Influence of guard-band on channel capacity for optical transmission systems

Pierre Delesques , Philippe Ciblat , Gwillerm Froc , Yves Jaouën , Cédric Ware et al.
IPC 2011, Oct 2011, Arlington, United States
Conference papers hal-02411815v1

Feigenbaum route and Lyapunov fractal of a semiconductor Laser with external optical feedback

Qin Zou , Kamel Merghem , Shiyuan Zhao
Optique Dijon 2021, La Société Française d'Optique, Jul 2021, Dijon, France
Conference papers hal-03280518v1

An analysis of linear digital equalization in 50Gbit/s HS-PONs to compensate the combined effect of chirp and chromatic dispersion

Flávio Andre Nogueira Sampaio , Erwan Pincemin , Naveena Genay , Luiz Anet Neto , Raphaël Le Bidan et al.
CLEO/EUROPE-EQEC 2021, Jun 2021, Virtual conference, France
Conference papers hal-03281045v1
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Hybrid and Optical Packet Switching Supporting Different Service Classes in Data Center Network

Artur Minakhmetov , Cédric Ware , Luigi Iannone
23th International IFIP Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM), May 2019, Athens, Greece. pp.516-527, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-38085-4_44⟩
Conference papers hal-03200694v1
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Chaos Bandwidth in Mid-infrared Quantum Cascade Photonic Devices with Interband and Intersubband Transitions

O Spitz , J Wu , P Didier , D A Díaz-Thomas , Laurent Cerutti et al.
CLEO Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics 2021, May 2021, San Jose, United States
Conference papers hal-03363318v1

Effect of Shockley-Read-Hall recombination on the static and dynamical characteristics of epitaxial quantum-dot lasers on silicon

Shiyuan Zhao , Frédéric Grillot
Physical Review A, 2021, 103 (6), ⟨10.1103/PhysRevA.103.063521⟩
Journal articles hal-03363305v1

Modeling of a quantum dot gain chip in an external cavity laser configuration

Jannik Ehlert , Alain Mugnier , Gang He , Frédéric Grillot
Laser Physics, 2021, 31 (8), pp.085002. ⟨10.1088/1555-6611/ac1073⟩
Journal articles hal-03363302v1

A Novel Method for Extracting the Linewidth Broadening Factor of Semiconductor Lasers

Chen Wang , Cheng Wang , Kevin Schires , Marek Osinski , Philip Poole et al.
Frontiers in Optics, Oct 2015, San Jose, United States
Conference papers hal-02288444v1

Modulation Properties of Modulation Properties of Optically Injection-Locked Quantum Cascade Lasers

Cheng Wang , Frédéric Grillot , Vassilios Kovanis , Joshua Bodylfet , Jacky Even et al.
Optics Letters, 2013, 38 (11), pp.1975-1977
Journal articles hal-02286723v1

Interoperability Issues in Optical Transport Networks

Luay Alahdab , Cédric Ware , Esther Le Rouzic , Julien Meuric , Ahmed Triki et al.
2019 21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), Jul 2019, Angers, France. ⟨10.1109/ICTON.2019.8840156⟩
Conference papers hal-02342181v1

Multi-core Erbium/Ytterbium doped fiber amplifier with extended bandwidth for submarine applications

Aurelien Lebreton , Yves Jaouen , Jean-Christophe Antona , Lu Chao
2022 27th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference (OECC) and 2022 International Conference on Photonics in Switching and Computing (PSC), Jul 2022, Toyama, France. pp.1-3, ⟨10.23919/OECC/PSC53152.2022.9850178⟩
Conference papers hal-03860893v1

PDL in Optical Links: a Model Analysis and a Demonstration of a PDL-Resilient Modulation

Arnaud Dumenil , Elie Awwad , Cyril Measson
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2020, pp.1-1. ⟨10.1109/JLT.2020.2998841⟩
Journal articles hal-02923677v1

Les Communications par Fibres Optiques : La Fin de l'Age de Cuivre

Philippe Gallion
La Main à la Pâte, Belin, pp.8, 2017
Books hal-02287343v1

Rectangular microwave photonic filter based on stimulated Brillouin scattering

L. L. Yi , Wei Wei , Yves Jaouën , W. Hu
WOMBAT 2015, Jul 2015, Sydney, Australia
Conference papers hal-02287151v1
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Study of hybrid silicon quantum dot frequency comb laser dynamic for 5G and datacom applications

Bozhang Dong , Jianan Duan , Heming Huang , Geza Kurczveil , Di Liang et al.
European Conference of Integrated Optics (ECIO), Jun 2020, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-02949692v1

Euro-FOS : towards a pan-european laboratory for lightwave communications

Christos Kouloumentas , D. Klonidis , C. Schubert , R. Nejabati , J.A. Lazaro et al.
IEEE Photonics Society News, 2012, 25 (2), pp.4-8
Journal articles hal-02286264v1

Extensive comparisons of optical fast OFDM and conventional optical for local and acces networks

Elias Giacoumidis , A. Tsokanos , C. Mouchos , G. Zarda , J.-L. Wei et al.
J. Optical Communications Networking, 2012, 4 (10), pp.724-733
Journal articles hal-02286339v1

Stimulated Brillouin scattering in specialty optical fibres: importance of material, structure and manufacturing parameters

Yves Jaouën , G. Canat , Yolande Sikali-Mamdem , Renaud Gabet , L. Lombard et al.
CLEO'12, May 2012, San José, United States
Conference papers hal-02286340v1

Evolution of all-optical flip-flops and their applications in optical communications networks

C. Reis , L. Costa , A. Bogoni , Alex Maziotis , A. Teixeira et al.
IET-optoelectronics, 2012, 6 (6), pp.263-276. ⟨10.1049/iet-opt.2012.0012⟩
Journal articles hal-02286462v1

A Mode Multiplexer/De-Multiplexer for Multi-core Fibers Based on Multimode Interference

Junhe Zhou , Philippe Gallion
Photonics Technology. Lett., 2013, 25 (13), pp.1214-1217. ⟨10.1109/PTL.2013.2263376⟩
Journal articles hal-02286466v1

Linewidth enhancement factor in semiconductor lasers subject to various external optical feedback conditions

C.-F. Chuang , Y.-H. Liao , C.-H. Lin , S.-Y. Chen , Frédéric Grillot et al.
Optics Express, 2014, 22 (5), pp.5651-5658
Journal articles hal-02287168v1

100 Gb/s coherent optical polarized multiplexed multi-band OFDM (MB-OFDM) transmission for long-haul application

Elias Giacoumidis , Julie Karaki , E. Pincemin , Christophe Gosset , Raphaël Le Bidan et al.
ICTON 2012, Jul 2012, Coventry, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-02288326v1

Self-Seeded RSOA based WDM-PON Transmission Capacities

Qian Deniel , Fabienne Saliou , Philippe Chanclou , Didier Erasme , M. Forzati et al.
Optical Fiber Communications Conference, OFC'13, Mar 2013, Anaheim, United States
Conference papers hal-02288345v1

8W 1952nm Highly Efficient Brillouin-free Single Clad TDFA

Clément Romano , Robert Tench , Jean-Marc Delavaux
ECOC 2018, Sep 2018, Rome, Italy. paper We2.5
Conference papers hal-02288544v1

Design Criterion of Space-Time Codes for SDM Optical Fiber Systems

El Mehdi Amhoud , Ghaya Rekaya-Ben Othman , Yves Jaouën
International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2016), May 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece
Conference papers hal-02288476v1

Al-doped optical fiber to enhance strain sensitivity of Brillouin based optical fiber sensors

Yolande Sikali-Mamdem , F. Taillade , Yves Jaouën , Renaud Gabet , G. Moreau et al.
OFS 2014, Jun 2014, Santander, Spain
Conference papers hal-02286910v1

Observation of a Random Fiber Laser Induced by Rayleigh Backscattering

Gaël Simon , Fabienne Saliou , Philippe Chanclou , Romain Brenot , A. Maho et al.
IEEE International Semiconductor Laser Conference 2014 (ICSL2014), Sep 2014, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Conference papers hal-02286925v1

Transmission performances of 400 Gbps coherent 16-QAM multi-band OFDM adopting nonlinear mitigation techniques

Mengdi Song , Vassiliki Vgenopoulou , E. Pincemin , El Mehdi Amhoud , Ioannis Roudas et al.
TWIDC 2015, Sep 2015, Florence, Italy. paper P3.5
Conference papers hal-02287154v1

Non-degenerate four-wave mixing in an optically injection-locked InAs/InP quantum dot Fabry–Perot laser

Heming Huang , Kevin Schires , Philip Poole , Frédéric Grillot
Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 106 (14), pp.143501
Journal articles hal-02287164v1