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Novel capacitor-less 1T-DRAM using MSD effect

M. Bawedin , S. Cristoloveanu , D. Flandre
Com. a 2006 IEEE Int. SOI Conf, 2006, Grenoble, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00146916v1

In-depth Investigation of Hf-based High-k Dielectrics as Storage Layer of Charge-Trap

J. Buckley , Marc Bocquet , G. Molas , M. Gely , P. Brianceau et al.
NVMsIEDM 2006, 2006, San Francisco, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147137v1

Low Frequency Noise Performance in TiN/HfO2 Fully Depleted SOI nMOSFET

L. Zafari , J. Jomaah , G. Ghibaudo , O. Faynot
IEEE Int. SOI Conference, 2006, USA, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147154v1

conférence invitée Integrated optics sensors on glass

P. Benech , I. Schanen , V. Minier
conférence invitée Integrated optics sensors on glass, 2005, SAN JOSE CA, United States
Conference papers hal-00147991v1

Periodically segmented waveguides made by ion exchanged in glass: application to a TE-pass polarizer and to an asymmetric Y-junction wavelength demultiplexer

D. Bucci , J. Grelin , J.E. Broquin , Elise Ghibaudo
Integrated Optoelectronic Devices, SPIE, 2005, SAN JOSE CA, United States. pp.237-245, ⟨10.1117/12.590511⟩
Conference papers hal-00147995v1

Généralités sur le transport balistique dans les transistors à nanofils

M. Bescond
Proceedings du Séminaire Daniel Dautreppe : Phénomènes physiques ultra rapides, 2006, GRENOBLE, France
Conference papers hal-00148257v1

Optical properties of metallic nanostructures fabricated by two-photon induced photoreduction

N. Tosa , J. Bosson , M. Pierre , Ch. Rambaud , M. Bouriau et al.
Photonics Europe, Proc. SPIE 6195, 2006, STRASBOURG, France. pp.619501.1-8
Conference papers hal-00148204v1

Analysis of the intermodulation distortion and nonlinearity of common-base SiGeC HBTs

F. Guillot , P. Garcia , M. Mouis
13th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, 2006, Grenoble, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147942v1

De-embedding technique for S-parameter measurements under high RF power, coupled to thermal imaging

B. Ivira , F. Ndagijimana , R.Y. Fillit
IEEE ARFTG conference 2006 (MTT-S), 2006, San Francisco, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147965v1

Presentation of the activities, results and platforms of the SINANO European Network of Excellence

F. Balestra
Journée ENIAC, 2006, PARIS, France
Conference papers hal-00148236v1

Caractérisation et modélisation entre 40 MHz et 114 GHz de diodes PIN monolithiques sur substrat SOI

E. Duraz , L. Duvillaret , Philippe Ferrari , J.L. Coutaz , J.P. Ghesquiers et al.
14èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, 2005, Grenoble, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00148317v1

Photonic devices for future optical-UWB technology

Yannis Le Guennec , G. Maury , B. Cabon
12th NEFERTITI Workshop "Cost-effective solutions and future applications", 2005, Grenoble, Sweden. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147848v1

Intérêt d'un anneau hybride dans la réalisation d'un déphaseur variable, commandé optiquement

M. El Khaldi , Florence Podevin , A. Vilcot
Telecom'2005 & 4èmes Journées Franco-Maghrébines des Microondes et leurs Applications, 2005, RABAT, Morocco. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147863v1

Room temperature emission at 1.54 µm from Er-doped silicon-rich oxide microcrotoroidal cavities

J. Verbert , F. Mazen , T. Charvolin , E. Picard , V. Calvo et al.
2nd International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 2005, ANVERS, Netherlands. pp.96-98
Conference papers hal-00148021v1

SOI Nanodevices

F. Balestra
Short Course, SNDT Symposium, 2006, Hsinchu, Taiwan. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00148240v1

Net gain demonstration with a glass hybrid optical amplifier made by ion-exchange and wafer bonding

F. Gardillou , J.E. Broquin
Photonic West, Proc. SPIE 6123, 2006, SAN JOSE CA, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00148182v1

Fully Depleted SOI MOSFETs with WSix metal gate on HfO2 gate dielectric

J. Widiez , M. Vinet , B. Guillaumot , T. Poiroux , D. Lafond et al.
2006 International SOI Conference, 2006, Etats-Unis, United States. Actes pp. 161-162
Conference papers hal-00147175v1

Conversion of FM-noise into intensity noise in an interferometric system with RF modulation of 1550 nm DFB Lasers

M. Salehi , B. Cabon
SPIE-05, Optics and Optoelectronics, 2005, Grenoble, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147200v1

Influence de la dispersion chromatique sur le bruit interférométrique

M. Salehi , B. Cabon
OHD'2005, 18ème colloque international " optique hertzienne et diélectrique, 2005, Grenoble, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147202v1

CMOS High Resistivity SOI: a promising technology for the integration of millimeter wave applications on silicon

F. Gianesello , D. Gloria , C. Raynaud , C. Tinella , P. Vincent et al.
International Joint Millimetre Wave Conference, 2006, Grenoble, Finland. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147927v1

Effect of RF Front-End Parameters on UWB-OFDM Receiver Performances in Presence of Adjacent Channel Interferers

P. Lombard , E. Ponthus , E. Novakov , J.M. Fournier
IEEE ICECS2006, 2006, NICE, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147977v1

State of the art 200 GHz passive components and circuits integrated in advanced thin SOI CMOS technology on High Resistivity substrate

F. Gianesello , D. Gloria , C. Raynaud , S. Montusclat , S. Boret et al.
IEEE SOI Conf. 06, Water fall, 2006, NEW YORK, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147881v1

A Coaxial Probe Fixture Used for Extracting Complex Permittivity of Thin Layers

M. Moukanda , F. Ndagijimana , J. Chilo , P. Saguet
WAMICON (IEEE Wireless and Microwave Conférence), 2006, ClearWater FL, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147974v1

Presentation of the activities and results of the SINANO European Network of Excellence

F. Balestra
Presentation of the activities and results of the SINANO European Network of Excellence, May 2006, Arlington, United States
Conference papers hal-00603291v1

Extraction of equivalent electrical models for damascene MIM capacitors in a standard 120~nm CMOS technology for ultra wide band applications

P. Lemoigne , Jean-Daniel Arnould , P.E. Bailly , N. Corrao , Ph. Benech et al.
IEEE IECON Conference, 2006, PARIS, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147864v1

Unified Analysis of Degraded Base Current in SiGe:C HBTs after Reverse and Forward Reliability Stress

M. Ruat , N. Revil , G. Pananakakis , G. Ghibaudo
IEEE Bipolar - BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM2006), 2006, Maastricht, Netherlands. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147125v1

Refined electrical analysis of two charge states transition characteristic of "borderless" silicon nitride

G. Beylier , S. Bruyère , D. Benoit , G. Ghibaudo
WoDIM 2006, 2006, Catania, Italy. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147130v1

New insight on Stress Induced Leakage Current on SiO2/HfO2 stack

M. Rafik , G. Ribes , G. Ghibaudo
XX, 2006, XX, France. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147141v1

Reliability characteristics of 150GHz fT/fmax Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors under reverse, forward and mixed-mode stress

M. Ruat , J. Bourgeat , M. Marin , G. Ghibaudo , N. Revil et al.
Int. Reliability Workshop 2006, 2006, Stanford Sierra, United States. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147143v1

Impact of Film Thickness on LF Noise in SOI Devices

L. Zafari , J. Jomaah , G. Ghibaudo
International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM 2006), 2006, Japan, Japan. pp.XX
Conference papers hal-00147157v1