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Multiband waveform synthesis and detection for a wideband MIMO radar

Oscar Gómez , Pascale Jardin , Florence Nadal , Benoit Poussot , Geneviève Baudoin et al.
2011 IEEE International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronics Systems (COMCAS), Nov 2011, Israel. pp.1-5, ⟨10.1109/COMCAS.2011.6105884⟩
Conference papers hal-00831044v1

Mesures et simulation d'EVM de liaisons optique-microondes pour la transmission de signaux en bande ULB basse

Frédérique Deshours , Philipe Turc , Anne-Laure Billabert , Salim Faci , Catherine Algani et al.
JNM 2013, May 2013, Paris, France. pp.4
Conference papers hal-00907500v1

Co-simulation-based modeling and performance analysis of hybrid fiber-wireless links

Hichem Chettat , L. M. Simohamed , Catherine Algani , Jean-Luc Polleux , Anne-Laure Billabert et al.
International Journal of Communication Systems, 2011, 1002 (10), pp.1361-1372
Journal articles hal-00784030v1

Optically controlled UWB emission in TX/RX system

Najma Guldner , Charlotte Tripon-Canseliet , Georges Alquié , Salim Faci
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 2012, 54 (11), pp.2541 - 2543. ⟨10.1002/mop.27103⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00728981v1

A Wideband Beamformer Extended to MIMO Radar

Sarah Middleton , Anton van Wyk , Pascale Jardin , Florence Nadal , Jacques Cilliers et al.
ICMTMA 2010, IEEE, Mar 2010, Changsha City, China. pp.ISBN :978-1-4244-5001-5
Conference papers hal-00839955v1

On wideband MIMO radar: Detection techniques based on a DFT signal model and performance comparison

Oscar Gómez , Florence Nadal , Pascale Jardin , Geneviève Baudoin , Benoit Poussot et al.
2012 IEEE Radar Conference (RADAR), May 2012, United States. pp.0608 - 0612, ⟨10.1109/RADAR.2012.6212212⟩
Conference papers hal-00831049v1

Low-Cost Transparent Radio-Over-Fiber System for In-Building Distribution of UWB Signals

Yannis Le Guennec , Anna Pizzinat , Sylvain Meyer , Benoit Charbonnier , Philippe Lombard et al.
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2009, 27 (14), pp.2649-2657
Journal articles hal-00783976v1

Front end HPA/antenna for Multi-Radio

Antoine Diet , Nicolas Ribière-Tharaud , Martine Villegas , Geneviève Baudoin
International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 2012, 4 (5), pp.483-493. ⟨10.1017/S1759078712000372⟩
Journal articles hal-00778178v1

On Wideband MIMO Radar : Extended Signal Model and Spectral Beampattern Design

Pascale Jardin , Florence Nadal , Sarah Middleton
EuRAD 2010 (European Microwave Week 2010), IEEE, Sep 2010, Paris, France. pp.ISBN :978-1-4244-7234-5
Conference papers hal-00839964v1

Caractérisation expérimentale des performances d'une liaison WiFi sur fibres optiques

Chettat Hichem , Ali Yalaoui , Anne-Laure Billabert , Catherine Algani
SENALAP'2009, Dec 2009, Algérie. pp.6
Conference papers hal-00907434v1

Microwave On/Off ratio enhancement of GaAs photoconductive switches at nanometer scale

Charlotte Tripon-Canseliet , Salim Faci , Antoine Pagies , Vincent Magnin , Stéphane Formont et al.
IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, 2012, 30 (23), pp.3576 - 3579. ⟨10.1109/JLT.2012.2223196⟩
Journal articles hal-00751429v1

Impact of physical parameters of laser model electrical circuit on gain and IP1dB

Anne-Laure Billabert , Levesque Quentin , Catherine Algani , Chtioui Mourad , Marceaux Alexandre et al.
GROWAN 2011, Jun 2011, Brest, France. pp.4
Conference papers hal-00907416v1

Comparison of theoretical and measured P1dB of a photonic microwave link : influence of some physical parameters of the DFB laser.

Anne-Laure Billabert , Quentin Levesque , Mourad Chtioui , Catherine Algani , Christian Rumelhard et al.
Annals of Telecommunications - annales des télécommunications, 2013, 68 (1-2), pp.73-79
Journal articles hal-00806569v1
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A 60 GHz Wireless Home Area Network With Radio Over Fiber Repeaters

Joffray Guillory , Eric Tanguy , Anna Pizzinat , Benoit Charbonnier , Sylvain Meyer et al.
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2011, 29 (16), pp. 2482-2488
Journal articles hal-00789508v1
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Detecting range and coupling coefficient tradeoff with a multiple loops reader antenna for small size RFID LF tags

Keren Wang , Antoine Diet , Sara Abou Chakra , Christophe Conessa , Marjorie Grzeskowiak et al.
2012 IEEE International Conference on RFID-Technologies and Applications (RFID-TA), Nov 2012, Nice, France. pp.154-159, ⟨10.1109/RFID-TA.2012.6404502⟩
Conference papers hal-00778186v1

An experimental platform for MIMO radar with colocated antennas

Oscar Gómez , Benoit Poussot , Florence Nadal , Pascale Jardin , Geneviève Baudoin et al.
2012 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC), Dec 2012, Taiwan. pp.1085 - 1087, ⟨10.1109/APMC.2012.6421832⟩
Conference papers hal-00831054v1

A new definition of Opto-microwave S Parameters and Noise Figures for the Elements of an Microwave Photonic Link

Amar Bdeoui , Anne-Laure Billabert , Jean-Luc Polleux , Catherine Algani , Christian Rumelhard et al.
Microcall 2007, May 2007, budapest, Hungary. pp.5
Conference papers hal-00907489v1
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Liaison sans fils à 60 GHz et réseau domestique multi-gigabit/s basé sur une infrastructure radio sur fibre bas coût

Anna Pizzinat , Joffray Guillory , Benoit Charbonnier , O. Bouffant , N. Evanno et al.
18èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, May 2013, Paris, France. J2-ST-P8
Conference papers hal-00794874v1
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Radio over fiber tunnel for 60 GHz wireless home network

Joffray Guillory , Eric Tanguy , Anna Pizzinat , Benoit Charbonnier , Sylvain Meyer et al.
Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference, Mar 2011, Los Angeles, United States. pp.2011
Conference papers hal-00795149v1

Low Cost Transparent Radio-over-Fibre System for UWB Based Home Network

Anna Pizzinat , I. Louriki , Benoit Charbonnier , F. Payoux , Sylvain Meyer et al.
ECOC, Sep 2008, Brussels, Belgium
Conference papers hal-00907451v1

Ultra wide band home networks by means of a low cost radio over multimode fibre transparent system

Anna Pizzinat , I. Louriki , Benoit Charbonnier , Sylvain Meyer , C. Sillans et al.
Network and Optical communications, Jul 2008, -, Austria. pp.1
Conference papers hal-00907477v1

Bistatic Radar Polarimetry

Anne-Laure Billabert Germond , Anne-Laure Billabert , Eric Pottier , Joseph Saillard
CRC Press LLC. Ultra-Wideband radar technology, Chapter 14, CRC Press LLC, pp.424, 2001, 0-8493-4267-8
Book sections hal-00845787v1

Electrical Modeling of Semiconductor Laser Diode for Heterodyne RoF System Simulation

Wosen Eshetu Kassa , Anne-Laure Billabert , Salim Faci , Catherine Algani
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2013, 49 (Issue 10), pp.894 - 900
Journal articles hal-00907388v1
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Radio sur fibre pour un réseau local domestique millimétrique

Joffray Guillory , Eric Tanguy , Anna Pizzinat , Benoit Charbonnier , Sylvain Meyer et al.
Journées Nationales Microondes, May 2011, Brest, France. pp.2011
Conference papers hal-00799886v1

Investigation on an RFID planar coil for a wireless communicative aortic stent

Hakeim Talleb , Salim Faci , David Lautru , Victor Fouad Hanna , Joe Wiart et al.
Comptes Rendus. Physique, 2013, 14 (5), pp.438 - 446. ⟨10.1016/j.crhy.2013.02.006⟩
Journal articles hal-00802866v1

New Nonlinear Electrical Modeling of High-Speed Electroabsorption Modulators for 40 Gb/s Optical Networks

Frédérique Deshours , Catherine Algani , Fabrice Blache , Georges Alquié , Christophe Kazmierski et al.
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2011, 29 (6), pp.880-887. ⟨10.1109/JLT.2011.2106110⟩
Journal articles hal-01709237v1

A Differential printed antenna design for multiband Impulse Radio transmitter at 60 GHz

Cherif Hamouda , Jean-Marc Laheurte , M. Villegas , Benoit Poussot , Laurent Cirio et al.
The International Wireless Symposium (IWS), Apr 2013, Pékin, China. pp.4
Conference papers hal-00834378v1

Gallium nitride based plasmonic multilayer operating at 1.55µm

Arnaud Stolz , Laurence Considine , Salim Faci , El Hadj Dogheche , Charlotte Tripon-Canseliet et al.
Optics Letters, 2012, 37 (15), pp.3039 - 3041. ⟨10.1364/OL.37.003039⟩
Journal articles hal-00751481v1

Opto-microwave Experimental Mapping of SiGe/Si Phototransistors at 850nm

Marc Rosales , Frédéric Duport , Julien Schiellein , Jean-Luc Polleux , Catherine Algani et al.
International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 2009, 1 (6), pp.469-473
Journal articles hal-00783994v1

RoF architectures Future MultiGigabit Wireless Systems in the Home-Area Network

Joffray Guillory , Sylvain Meyer , Isabelle Siaud , Benoit Charbonnier , Anna Pizzinat et al.
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, 2010, 5 (3), pp.30-38
Journal articles hal-00783996v1