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This collection gathers the proceedings of the 10th French Congress of Acoustics, that has been held in Lyon, 12-16 April 2010.

Plenary lectures

Classification of sessions by topic :

Architectural acoustics
Architectural acoustics
Office acoustics
Active room acoustics
Architectural acoustics : measurements
Architectural acoustics : norms
Architectural acoustics : current issues

Aero and hydroacoustics
Aerocoustics and turbulences
Parietal pressure caused by flows
Infrasound : propagation and application to the characterization of atmosphere

Industrial and environmental acoustics
Multicriterion approaches "Acoustics and ..."
Long range outdoor sound propagation
Uncertainties (experimental and numerical)
Acoustic source characterization
Urban Noise
Transportation noise
Noise at work
Low frequency acoustic performance of partition walls

Musical acoustics
Sound synthesis by physical modelling
Gesture and control
Nonlinearities in musical instruments : analysis, methods, simulations
Musical instruments
Musical sound modeling

Speech Acoustics
Speech Acoustics
Speech production : theory, models, experiments
Gunnar Fant : 60 years of speech research, from acoustics to prosody

Physical acoustics and ultrasounds
Physical acoustics and ultrasounds
Ultrasound imaging
Ultrasound therapy
Bones and ultrasounds
Sensors and transducers
Modeling and simulation for Non Destructive Control
NDC of biological and food materials
Structural Health Monitoring
Phononic crystals and metamaterials
Acoustic microsystems
Non linear acoustic modeling
Geophysics and seismics
Acoustics and naval applications
Characterization of natural and growing media


Porous materials
Acoustic porous materials : modeling, characterization and numerical implementation
Porous materials : new materials and applications
Building acoustics : new material and systems

Metrology and Signal processing
Metrology and Signal processing
Numerical simulation of acoustic propagation in heterogeneous media
Time Reversal, Optimization, and Nonlinearity for Imaging  in Sound and Ultrasound
Acoustic signal and measurement

vibro-acoustic modeling
vibro-acoustic modeling
Vibroacoustics : perception/physics, industrial applications

Acoustic perception
Acoustic perception
Perception, identification and characterization of environmental noise
Virtual reality and sound localisation
Physiological acoustics