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Introduction to the Proceedings

Statistical overview of CERME10


Plenary Lectures

Plenary Lectures


Plenary Panel

Plenary Panel


Thematic Working Groups

TWG01: Argumentation and proof

TWG02: Arithmetic and number systems

TWG03: Algebraic thinking

TWG04: Geometry

TWG05: Probability and statistics education

TWG06: Applications and modelling

TWG08: Affect and mathematical thinking

TWG09: Mathematics and language

TWG10: Diversity and mathematics education

TWG11: Comparative studies in mathematics education

TWG12: History in mathematics education

TWG13: Early years mathematics

TWG14: University mathematics education

TWG15: Teaching mathematics with resources and technology

TWG16: Learning mathematics with technology and other resources

TWG17: Theoretical perspectives and approaches in mathematics education research

TWG18: Mathematics teacher education and professional development

TWG19: Mathematics teachers and classroom practices

TWG20: Mathematics teacher knowledge, beliefs, and identity

TWG21: Assessment in mathematics education

TWG22: Curricular resources and task design in mathematics education

TWG23: Implementation of research findings in mathematics education

TWG24: Representations in mathematics teaching and learning


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