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Au 1er janvier 2007  

You will find here the publications relative to the research group "Modeling" of the Ampère.


Since January 1, 2007, 

have created the center Ampère (UMR 5005 of the CNRS), led by Laurent NICOLAS. 

This new center involves the entire range of electrical engineering research and education with innovative interdisciplinary projects in life sciences.



The list of the Ampère publications is currently being updated from the list of the CEGELY, of the LAI and of the environmental microbiology group. 

The lists presented here are temporarily incomplete.

For further information, please contact Laurent Krähenbühl, who is responsible for the publications of Ampère.

The tabs above give access to the list of publications of the research group "Modeling". 

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Last update : April 12, 2007